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  1. Who doesn't, right? I could literally spend hours watching some space footage and pictures.
  2. Here's another composition that I've just finished. This one involved a lot of coloration and balancing the tone of the background to match the model (at the beginning through curves adjustment on a desaturated layers). There's also a great deal of painting on a space suit and background to make it stand out. That's when different brushes and blending modes (such as glow or colour) came in handy. The final result is exactly what I've had in my mind. For reference - I've included an image that served as a basis of my comp. Tell me what you think.
  3. Nice work. It's really awesome that such a powerful app can be used mobile, anywhere, anytime.
  4. Just some quick attempt at sky replacement and color grading. Also, a simple idea for a poster using watercolor brushes.
  5. I appreciate your comments guys
  6. I've wanted to keep all my projects in one topic, but I think it won't hurt if some of them get their own spot. So here's "Vacations in Paradise" - composition that I've just finished for some "Monthly Challenge" (but mostly for fun). I'm actually proud of this one. It was a little tricky to put the dog and a woman into the car (had to remove side mirror, mess with her arms, tinker with the perspective and windshield etc.), but apart from that, it went rather well. Took me about 3-4 hours. Enhanced with Color Efex Pro (Pro Contrast profile).
  7. New composition. I hope you like it. (Moved to another thread)
  8. Very neat. Looking forward to more illustrations How long did it take you, by the way?
  9. Now that you've mentioned it - that would be a great idea. Thanks for kind words. edit: I've seen some Nike/Adidas poster tutorials lately and decided to give it a try with my own, simple concept.
  10. You can download them from here - edit: It was linked above, apologies.