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  1. you guys are so funny biggest takeaway: need better pictures + pay attention to background. having said that, i just can't get my head round how to use the pen tool. is there a video that explains how to select areas + add further selections? i assume it does a lot more - hence why most tutorial videos are 30+ minutes. in regards blurriness... this i get in places where the background is a similar colour. QUESTION: what background should i go for? all white? assuming even if white subject... the cutting out will be more forgiving? thanks
  2. @toltec thanks for the reply - really helpful. are you sure you mean pen? and not freehand selection? the pen tutorials online are like 30+ minutes long. if you say the pen is the way to go... then i'll spend time learning. EDIT: i did try using the pen tool. one problem i found is that once you have made a selection... you cant add again to that selection using the pen tool again - i'm sure i am not seeing what is in front of me... how do i add more areas after selecting one area? regardless... in all tutorials i saw so far... they use refine. when using refine, i get the blurred outlines shown in the picture. what was i doing wrong there? other things mentioned - much more clear now thanks
  3. I'm having trouble removing the background. I've followed a few videos but still need help. Use the selection brush tool? Yes this works great - get's 90% of the job done. After using I get blurriness around the subject. I can't see how I can get rid of these? This is the image I'm working on: https://snag.gy/hLdmIT.jpg. So I use selection tool. How can I then combine this with Freehand Selection Tool? Like there will be a bit sticking out on not being included. The Selection Brush Tool just isn't working. This is where being able to use another tool would help. Refine: I don't get what this does this work? This seems to mess up for me. It's hit and miss. What does Matt exactly do? Some with Foreground, Background and Feather. How to move around the screen? I've zoomed in and am selecting. Now how do I move around the screen? I have to use the Hand tool? If I'm refining, do my selections get removed? I select. I want to paste into a new picture. I press Ctrl N (on Windows) and paste into the new picture. The problem is that the new picture isn't the same size as the selection. Am I doing something wrong here? Surely I don't have to guess the size of the selection and then change width and height when creating? Thanks.
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