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  1. I look forward to checking this out. Thank you so much for sharing!! Ill let you know what I create once I am able to apply the lesson.
  2. very creative and thank you for sharing!
  3. BrokenT

    Rock it!

    Can you share how you created the framing around xxl?
  4. BrokenT

    Rock it!

    I really dig this. And how you created that steel, wow!!
  5. Thank you. I will start sharing some of my work there this weekend. Looking forward to checking it out!
  6. Very imaginative and creative work. I like this a lot.
  7. Thank you for sharing! I will check those sites out. Where can I go and support more of your work? On IG? Thank you for being so forthcoming with information.
  8. You nailed it!! Where do you source your images if you don't mind?
  9. Thank you so much Dan. I will check these out after work! I should hold on my issues till after I watch the videos. But one thing I found, and again it can just be me not doing my research well. I just couldn't find a lot of tutorials on that modual and when I tried just goofing off in it. I felt like I was just making things worse and would get frustrated, then want to take my toys and go home :). Ill keep you posted on how this goes and will share my first work using this tool. I would love to check out your work if you have a place I can go look. Be well my Friend T
  10. I really like them my favorite is the whiskey one. I love how you were able to achieve the feel as if the bottle was under the leaves. Great work
  11. Dan I think I called it the wrong mode for AP. I meant the liquefy mode in AP. Same questions right module now
  12. BrokenT

    A Bit Of Humour

    Thank you so much for sharing. I will have to check this video out later. I would love to see some of your work .
  13. BrokenT

    A Bit Of Humour

    That is very helpful! Thank you so much
  14. Well done. I really dig the colors and vibe of this. Does it have a backstory?
  15. BrokenT

    A Bit Of Humour

    When you decide to work on it again let me know. if I can help. I really liked this. And actually maybe you can help me out. I am dipping my toe into photo composite pieces. How do you go about making sure all the individual assests you use come together to look "real" do you treat each item as its own and make adjustments on each one at a time, and then overall adjustments at the end? I would love to learn from you if you are willing to share. Thanks T