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  1. Your test case don't work for me It does work but, you have to wait a few seconds before it's active. I just made another test document and mine doesn't work.I added another link you your master. Your link works, mine doesn't. Looking at your file there seems to be an empty box on the master page that shows up in the hyperlinks list.
  2. That's what I'm trying for only, on a pdf file to be read on a reader.
  3. Is it possible to have a hyperlink on a master page that works on all pages?
  4. I've attached a screen shot video of a problem I'm having with, what I call, the target area for a hyperlink. This is a video of an exported pdf file. As I move the cursor down you can see that the area that it turns into a hand gets farther away from the correct line. When I click on a link there is a very quick black flash that, I assume, is that target area. On the first line you can see that it pretty well lines up correctly. By the time I get down to the 8th line if you click on it and get the file for the 7th line. The farther you progress down the worse it gets. These are all links to a file but, I get similar results for other types of hyperlinks. The end of the video shows that the area that I highlighted to make the link isn't as long as what I highlighted. Is there some setting that I can change in the hyperlink style editor that I can make for this target area? There are a lot of choices in the style editors that I don't understand what they are. I have also found no way to make links work in a TOC. When I export to pdf some links work but, most do not. Many end up linking to the wrong place. When you export with a link in a TOC you get a popup that says "The index needs updating" I've tried bot options, "Ignore and continue" or "Fix and continue" with pretty much the same results. I do have the box checked for "Include Hyperlinks" I'm trying to figure out if this is a bug or, some setting I don't have correct. HyperlinkProblem.mp4
  5. somewhereinusa

    Affinity Designer crash

    Here's a video Affinity_crash2.mp4
  6. Windows 10 OS, Affinity Publisher build I 2 page document with various links. When I export to PDF some ot the links work properly some go to the wrong place and some don't work at all. One that goes to an anchor works. The second one that goes to an anchor doesn't work. The first one that goes to a file works correctly. The next one doesn't work, there is a target area (where the pointer turns to a hand) below the second one but, it goes to the wrong file. The next one doesn't work, target area is below it and does go to the right file. The next link to an anchor doesn't work, On the second page is the anchor that does work, it goes to the first page. The next one is supposed to go to a file but, it goes to the same anchor as the link just above it. The next one is supposed to go to a file, does nothing. One for email doesn't work. The one that is supposed to go to a URL goes to a file. From what I can tell I have everything correct in the hyperlinks studio. I've attached the file but, not the local files that I linked to. hyperlink test.afpub
  7. Thanks, had to do Crtl run-up, reset studio didn't work. I was in a hurry and didn't explain well enough. Hyperlinks export and work unless it is in a TOC. According to the announcement of version Additionally if you create a TOC or Index and request hyperlinks on export the TOC or Index will be furnished with hyperlinks as appropriate. If you either update TOC or let AP update when you do an export the hyperlink in the TOC goes away. If you export without doing the update it looks like a hyperlink but, doesn't work.
  8. How do you view the hyperlinks studio? If I go to View--Studio--Hyperlinks it won't check. Also how do you request hyperlinks on export? I don't see any option for that.
  9. somewhereinusa

    Affinity Designer crash

    I'm using from what I can tell that's the latest version. Other programs That's what I would expect. Crash happens every time, not just random.
  10. somewhereinusa

    Affinity Designer crash

    Yes, that's correct.
  11. somewhereinusa

    Affinity Designer crash

    I have Affinity Designer running on a Windows 10 machine. I can reproduce this every time. If I save, or export, a document to a usb stick, then remove the stick and try to save or export a document AD crashes. I get an unhandled exception warning (file attached). If I remember to also save the file to an internal hard drive before removing the usb stick it doesn't happen. I've filled out the Crash Reporter a number of times.
  12. Now that I know how it works, I played with it a bit. I'm using version 227. Shift-click on the arrow does nothing, a regular left click turns the cursor into a frame text tool. With that tool make a frame wherever you want it to continue. You can even jump pages. Alternatively, if you already have another frame text box, you can use the frame text tool you got when you clicked on the arrow , place it in the new box and left click. If that text box had anything in it it will be replaced. You have to have a page to go to, it doesn't create a new page. I also discovered the INDEX tool which is very cool too.
  13. Thanks, that did work but, I had to do it a number of times before it did.
  14. How do I make a TOC that is more than one page long? I found this https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/70468-toc-2-pages/&tab=comments#comment-365270 but, either that isn't what I'm trying to do or I just don't understand the answer.
  15. somewhereinusa

    Multi-page table?

    I just ran into this, I too would like this.