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  1. I haven't played with it for a while and I can't find my original post. I'll see if I can reproduce it but, since spring is here I don't have much computer time available. Here's a work in progress that has links like I am talking about. If you export to PDF and click ignore and continue the resulting PDF works as required. If you click fix and continue the page numbers still work but the written links are removed. That means you have to manually link everything and never update links. If you add a page there is no way to update the TOC without loosing all of your work. NewManualDemo.afpub
  2. I have gotten it to do it but, the only way I have gotten it to work is to make every line in the TOC the link. If you update the links or when you export to pdf and check the box that says to update the TOC it all goes away. I posted as a bug many months ago but, no change. Each time a new version comes out I check to see if it has been done.
  3. somewhereinusa

    TOC hyperlinks

    This is still a problem in 257
  4. fde 101 beat me to it. Another way to position things. Select something you want to position relative to. Then select what you want to position, as you drag it around you will see green lines showing what things are aligned to. In the case of text you get left edge of box left edge of text in that box center of box right edge of box This works for pretty much anything. Horizontal lines will show as a red line
  5. somewhereinusa

    Anchors and hyperlinks

    Not sure if there are other ways to do this. This is what works for me. You have to create the anchor first. Highlight the text or object you want to be the anchor. Go to Text>>Interactive>>Insert Anchor. A box will popup with the text that you highlighted, you can change the name if you want. You can also do that later. Next highlight the text you want to be the link. Go to Text>>Interactive>>Insert Hyperlink. A box will popup, for Hyperlink type choose anchor, the next box should have a list of all of the anchors you have created. Choose the one you want. I tend to create a lot of anchors then go back and create the links to them. You can also rename, change type of link and change targets in the Hyperlink studio. You can test to see if your link and anchor are correct by using the two buttons at bottom left of the Hyperlink studio.
  6. What do you need to edit that isn't available? You can change the name, type of link and character style in the Hyperlinks panel. You can modify or make a new character style in the styles panel.
  7. In beta 249 You can't assign a shortcut for Interactive>Insert>Hyperlink. You can however assign Interactive>Insert>Anchor and Interactive>Show>Anchor.
  8. Do the "powers that be" watch these threads or does this need to be reported as a bug?
  9. Unless I haven't found it you can't assign Interactive>Insert>Hyperlink. You can however assign Interactive>Insert>Anchor and Interactive>Show>Anchor.
  10. somewhereinusa

    TOC hyperlinks

    Working with hyperlinks in 249. You can link in the TOC and even use your own style for the link (two step process) however. If you update the table of contents all links disappear. When you export to pdf if you use the "Ignore and continue" option the resulting pdf has the links correct. If you use the "Fix and continue" option it's the same as if you update. The resulting pdf has no links in the TOC. Links in places other than in TOC work properly. This is a pdf with the links working correctly. NewManual239.pdf
  11. I just found out that the page number in a table of contents is already a hyperlink to that page. How cool is that?
  12. This confused me when I first read it. I should have said I just downloaded 249 NOT 239
  13. Just downloaded 239. So far in just a few tests The issues I had been having have all been taken care of. Master page go to works. Table of contents link to anchor works. Target areas are in the correct place.
  14. somewhereinusa

    Frequent crash in

    I did get it to crash but, never on the double click. It crashed for me when I zoomed in with the mouse wheel. It did it every time, I left the file open and was away from the computer for a while, Now nothing seems to make it crash.I
  15. somewhereinusa

    Square icon?

    Mine is square.

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