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  1. SFurniss

    Macro Pack

    Click on the link to the extras in the welcome screen, then follow the prompts under the 'new to Affinity' tab. this will set up an Affinity Store account for you and add the Macro pack to your basket.
  2. As Alfred mentioned, unfortunately we can't transfer orders placed with us across to the Microsoft Store or vice versa. If you are using Windows S then you are limited to only buying apps via Microsoft. If you are still within your 14 day money back guarantee, please contact our returns team by emailing affinityreturns@serif.com
  3. Can I suggest contacting our press team. http://press.affinity.serif.com/
  4. As Walt has said, each OS does require a separate license.
  5. Affinity Publisher should be available in beta by the end of the month. This will be the DTP version of Affinity. In the meantime if you need help with your PagePlus X9 you can contact the Legacy customer service and technical support teams by submitting a ticket here. http://support.serif.com/Main/frmTickets.aspx
  6. SFurniss

    Affinity to somebody as a gift

    The iPad versions can only be bought through iTunes, but if you contact us we can arrange for you to buy a redemption code for either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer. When they set up an account they can choose to receive either the Mac or Windows version.
  7. You would only have an Affinity Store account with us if you had bought one of the programs directly from us. Apple do not share purchase data with the software companies. You can access the iPad version by signing into your iTunes account.
  8. Unfortunately it would not be possible to move orders from the Microsoft Store across to the Apple Store. There are no current plans for a Linux version I'm afraid.
  9. Sorry for the delay. I've merged the two accounts for you.
  10. SFurniss

    Cannot pay with PayPal

    If you give us a call on 800 489 6720 we can manually place the order for you.
  11. The email address you use when to place the order is permanently linked to the download and will need to be entered along with the product key whenever you install the software. This can't be changed. You can however update the email address you use to sign into your Affinity Store account. To do so, sign into your Affinity Store account by clicking here. From the Affinity Account page click Account Details. In the Personal Details section enter your new email address and press Update Details. You should receive the message "Your details were updated". You can now log into the Affinity Store with your updated email address. With regards to your question about the old forum account, are you wanting to merge the two accounts together?
  12. While you don't need an Affinity Store account to view the tutorials, you may still want to set up an account so you can access the free content we offer. You can do this by following the link to the extras in the welcome screen, then following the prompts under the 'new to Affinity' tab.
  13. Yes, you would need to purchase a separate version for each platform but once you have a license for a particular platform you can install on as many machines of that type as you personally control.