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  1. @kahill1918 Welcome to the forums. The 3d secure check is carried out by your bank rather than by us. They usually have a choice of different verification methods including text, and email. Please contact your bank for more information.
  2. @Tony Jennette Welcome to the forums. As Walt says, there's no subscription for our software. It's bought for a one off payment. Also, you don't have an Affinity Store account under the email you used to set up this forum account. It sounds like you may be in touch with the wrong company.
  3. If you bought from us, your license allows you to install on as many machines as you personally control. Other family members can use the software on your devices as long as it is for their personal use. In both cases the same is true, other family members can use the software, but they will need to sign in via the Affinity Store account that was used to buy the app.
  4. @Guy Beckett Welcome to the forum. Family sharing is covered under our license however due to how the three programs interact on the Apple Store it would not be possible for other users to sign into our apps with different email addresses. They would therefore need to use the app under the same account that the software is registered to.
  5. @GDCo The V1 software is permanently linked to the email address that is used when you buy it. This can not be changed I'm afraid.
  6. @Wayne Crofford You would need to buy a separate Windows version to install on Windows or a Mac version to install on the Mac. Each version is purchased independently and each has its own licenses. The same is true for the iPad apps. You can install the Windows version on as many PCs as you personally control. Likewise the Mac version can be installed on as many Macs as you control. The same is again true for the iPad apps. We also offer a universal license. This allows you to buy all three programs for all three operating systems. You can find our more here. https://affinity.serif.com/
  7. @Sandy Swanton Welcome to the forums. It would not be possible to buy a Universal license in stages I'm afraid.
  8. @DaneB Please see the post here by Dan C for advice on what to do if the app isn't seeing your App Store order.
  9. @Solitude Bienvenido a los foros. Si puede enviar un correo electrónico a affinityorders@serif.com, podemos investigarlo por usted.
  10. @René Roessingh Welcome to the forums. The iPad versions are sold exclusively by Apple. If you're having problems ordering, please contact Apple for assistance.
  11. @anthony hogan Here's a link to an article talking you through license activation https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/learn/affinity-licensing-registration-and-activation-guide-mac-app-store/
  12. Affinity Designer is our graphic design program working with vectors. Affinity Photo is our photo editor working with bitmaps. Affinity Publisher is our page layout program. Publisher includes the StudioLink feature which allows you to open the two programs, if you have bought them, from within Affinity Publisher. You can sign up for our 30 day free trial here. https://store.serif.com/get/universal-licence-2/trial/
  13. @Bruce L. Old legacy accounts are now closed. Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide replacement downloads or product keys to software of this age. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  14. @michael6615 Your Affinity ID is just the email address in use on your Affinity Store account.
  15. @StephanP We've not announced an end date just yet, if you keep an eye on our emails and social media pages, we'll let you know there once we announce it.
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