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    Jon1 reacted to Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    I'm really not sure why you're all discussing this. We have never given out ETA on releases / patches / betas, etc (and never will, for obvious reasons). I realise you may be excited to try out the new version as an official retail release (or even get a new beta update), but complaining about slow development is not an accurate thing to say. The Windows version has massively improved performance in the most recent betas, and we continue to add new features, and fix bugs as we go. The time period between releases does not reflect the amount of work that is happening, it merely reflects the time delays between when I make a build, how it gets on with internal testing, and then when I release it to the public. We have builds that are never released onto the forum (which happened last week, build #308 crashes on Windows 7, so it was never released externally).
    And with regards to GPU Compute, yes it's something that's on my roadmap, but the complexities of implementing this on Windows are far greater than macOS. macOS has one GPU manufacturer, and Apple are in control of the drivers (you get the latest ones automatically). Windows has at least 3 GPU manufacturers, and the drivers are in a variety of different states and ages - we see that from bug reports here on the forum (i.e. crashes that are solved by merely uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU drivers).
    Aside from GPU Compute (and ability to load RAW files via Apple RAW engine), there are no feature differences between the macOS and Windows versions.
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    Jon1 reacted to nezumi in Beta update?   
    I also have this desire to have a new version ASAP - specially when I know its packed with some good, new features - just like 1.7 seems to be. But lets keep in mind one really important thing - something that I cant stretch enough. The outstanding level of integration between Affinity software. You can open file from Designer inside of Photo and see no difference - vectors are still vectors, all looks practically the same. I havent used Adobe software for over 2 years now but I remember opening AI file inside of PS was very limited and lot of objects was rasterized loosing ability to be edited and scaled properly. Knowing Adobe it didnt changed. In my opinion Affinity really shines when it comes to integration.
    Now, we are getting whole new software to the Affinity family and I am willing to bet devs are working on similar level of integrity. Can you imagine the complexity of that task? Not only we have lots of new tools in each of the existing programs, the whole new software but also integration between them. It surely needs lot of work, lot of time to be done properly.
    Properly... Thats another thing.
    Affinity is fighting for a position on the market and the fight is (mostly) against massive corporation named Adobe. Affinity just cant afford half-assing their product for the big day of introducing new software to the family. Rushing would be silly and would surely backfire. Publisher might convince many people to jump ship.

    In the meantime Adobe is working hard to help Affinity by threatening owners of old licenses with possible lawsuits if they do not join "The Almighty Cloud". Unbelievable. You bought the license, but they just want to force people into monthly pay no matter what.
    That comes shortly after news that they are "testing" new price for Photography Plan - which is basically "lets double the price, we were too generous. Lets squeeze that $10 more MONTHLY". The geniuses of marketing.
    So while we are watching Adobe shooting their feet repeatedly we need to be patient. Devs need to make it right. I have no doubt that Affinity may become new "industry standard". In fact I already planned on purchasing Publisher solely to support company. I dont really need it all that much. Maybe occasionally for tables. And if I need to wait bit more to get great 1.7 - so be it. Working on current versions just fine for now.
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    Jon1 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Latest Beta works just fine , thanks.
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    Jon1 got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Arrowheads please. . .   
    Not yet , only in the Mac version.
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    Jon1 reacted to InnerPeace in Hue-Saturation-Luminance essential improvements   
    Yesterday I tried to make some ajustments using affinity but unfortunately I wasn't able to get it right. There are two missing features. There isn't something like an eyedropper for selecting the color. Sometimes PS considers something as yellow when it looks green for instance. But much more importantly, there isn't any way to change the range of the color it's trying to affect. This is crucial for a lot of HSL ajustments. A lot of apps do offer the ability to adjust the HSL range. Now you can adjust only parts of an autumn leave for instance, the red channel doesn't cover everything and the yellow channel covers other things too so it's just not possible. 
    Maybe you can work around this issue by using something like color range, but that limits your options to only one color and it's more work and less flexible. 
    Please refer to the attached screenshot to see what I mean. 

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    Jon1 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and Viveza wrong colors   
    A solution that's working , is to export the picture as a 16 bit TIFF - then leave Affinity - then simply drag the 16 bit TIFF file directly into Viveza.

    If You are on Windows - Use Fast Stone Image Viewer , Right click on any picture and choose " Edit in " Viveza
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    Jon1 reacted to firstdefence in Same color on two builings   
    Make a selection of the lighter building at the back using the Brush Selection Tool (W) use a smallish size  Now select the Picker Tool (I) and use Radius: 129x129 Click on the large gable end wall to select sample colour Create a new Pixel Layer and change the blend mode to Soft Light and adjust the Opacity to about 70% Now switch to the Flood Fill Tool (G) and click anywhere in the selection you made in step one. You should have a very close match to the colour of the rest of the buildings.

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    Jon1 reacted to h_d in Same color on two builings   
    Make a careful selection of the walls of the background buildings, leaving out the windows, road signs etc (my selection is fairly rough but gives you an idea of what you might achieve with more care and time.)
    Now add a Recolour Adjustment. My settings are below - it's quite desaturated, and I've set the blend mode to Lighter Colour.

    It's open to experimentation...
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    Jon1 reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    This forum is  not "the right place" and it goes against the guidelines a bit, but we do encourage honest discussion and comparisons so we tend to overlook some gushing about other people's apps, unlike some other forums.
    However  this is a beta thread, and this is certainly not the right place for any more non-beta discussions 
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    Jon1 reacted to R C-R in Problems with Inpainting Brush Tool   
    Hi @Jon1
    I noticed that in both your screenshots, your Background layer is locked (indicated by the lock icon in the Layers panel). This means you cannot select it by clicking on it in the canvas, although of course you can by clicking on it in the Layers panel. To unlock the layer, click on the lock icon in the Layers panel.
    The layer probably was locked because this is the default, but if you want you can change that in the Preferences: