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  1. I find it a bit strange that Agriggio who is making ART ( a fork of Rawtherapee , with advanced local adjustment ) is doing all the job by developing the prog himself, and porting it to Linux. He's getting help from Gaaned92 with porting it to Windows and Carmelo_DrRaw porting it to Mac ... These guys is doing a heck of a good job..... https://bitbucket.org/agriggio/art/wiki/Home https://discuss.pixls.us/t/art-new-releases/16500
  2. If you shoot RAW the best option is DxO Deep PRIME. It's simply in it's own class , much better then the other alternatives. Topaz Denoise AI is also very good. It support both RAW and JPEG. You can also mask selected area for denoising.
  3. Thanks 🙂 But what if I mess it up with the aspect ratio , and I want it back to 100% correct ? 2021-01-12 17-03-27.mp4
  4. As topic ask for , how do I open several pictures at 100% in a document ? in the video I can easy stretch it to 70 or 120%. I know I can check it out later , I just want a quick way of doing it. 2021-01-12_16-46-22.mp4
  5. Thanks and solved, The video made it much easier to understand 👍 When I fully understand how to use it , I will put together 5-6 screenshots and making an animated map tour : ScreenRecorderProject7.mp4
  6. @John Rostron Did you change your post ? Have been doing this , and should Erase the white areas , but failed. So far :
  7. Thanks , I made this short video. I have uploaded the 2 pictures as shown , but after that , I don't know how to place these 2 pictures ... 2020-12-17 10-45-06.mp4
  8. I wanna make a larger map. I have taken 2 screenshots , and want to put them together , thus making it into 1 picture. I guess you understand what I mean , when you see it...
  9. A newbie question. Have been drawing with the pen Tool , and I want the line to be transparent. It's the opposite of what I have done her...
  10. In my opinion yes. DxO is known for it's fantastic PRIME noise reduction. No one out there is even close to it. For high iso - noisy images it can just do miracle. There's been lots of threads in the Dpreview/Retouching forum about this. And there is the Clear View Plus , almost similar to dehaze function , but DxO has just taken it a step further. Here is a list of what's differ the two versions :
  11. Then you have the Essential version. I would not use it ether. It's in the Elite version all the good stuff are.
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