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  1. Hopefully Affinity will get this in the near future. That's one of the reason I can't leave Photoshop for the moment.
  2. Please take a look at this post in Dpreview. Develop Persona has problem with pink tint. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63162325 Lightroom , C1 ,RawTherapee and other RAW editors doesn't have this problem. Download the RAW file , and check it out yourself.
  3. Actually Serif have/had a prog called Draw plus which support arrowheads. Patric Connor from Serif wrote this article 2 months ago. Fortunately for me I already have it. Here is what it can do : About 20 different arrowhead : Line styles :
  4. A solution that's working , is to export the picture as a 16 bit TIFF - then leave Affinity - then simply drag the 16 bit TIFF file directly into Viveza. If You are on Windows - Use Fast Stone Image Viewer , Right click on any picture and choose " Edit in " Viveza
  5. Thanks. I started up with Recolor , and got this result as shown below. I will try the method with color picker later.
  6. How do I make the same color on the buildings next to the one in front ?
  7. In the first post he has drawn a line with arrow. How do I draw a line with arrow in Designer ?
  8. Do Affinity ship to Norway ? ( can't find Norway on the list )
  9. Thanks , I unlocked it in the Preferences. I know how to click on it in the Layers Panels , but how am I doing it in the canvas ? ( English is not my native language )
  10. I think I figured it out : Its working fine now , and thanks for the help.
  11. I'm not shure ...Here is a screenshot I'm using Windows 10
  12. I'm trying to remove something from a picture , and tried Inpainting Brush Tool. It worked fine , but not 100% happy with the result , so then tried the Healing Brush Tool.Result was ok , but when going back to the Inpainting Brush Tool it would not work at all. Returned to the Healing Brush Tool with same problem. After restarting Affinity Photo everything worked fine again.This has happend to me several times. Obviously I'm doing something wrong , but I can't figure out what ?
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