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  1. Actually, my point was that on my machine it does not change with either the click or the hover. What I did wrong [ I knew the pilot was under qualified ] was click AND drag. Click THEN go to the target location and drag the box actually does just what the man said to do. Your patience and the time you put into this is appreciated.
  2. The video is "Linked Text Frames" from the Help menu > Tutorials. Create Text Frames on overflow is at the ~2:49 point. In the video, the icon clearly changes to a Text Frame drawing tool on either hover or click and it changes. Not on my machine.
  3. Closer review showed me that my Master Pages, which were created for the whole document before any data was entered contained some content data. I was trying to change data on the document pages that was in the Master Pages. Returning to the starting line was the better answer - amd numc more care is being taken to properly names the elements on the master pages in the Layers Panel. Thanks to you all.
  4. When I hover over or click on the hollow red triangle, lower right of a text frame, with the Text Frame tool selected, the line with circles on the ends does not change to the Text Frame tool as it does in the video tutorial and will not drag to the next page to define a new text box. I assume this to be a pilot error - but can't see how to correct it.
  5. Well, you got me to double check myself! And it is a Master Page. It's as if the Layers gallery doesn't know it. When I resize an element in the document window I can see the change in the master page.
  6. I need to modify an element on a master page. in Studio > Layers panel the contents of the master page are shown, but the title of the master page does not, making setting "Detached' impossible. What did I break this time?
  7. As I pass from complete newbie status into getting comfortable with Affinity Photo, I find that I have serious trouble with the 3 finger keystroke to bring up the Export window. Since this is something that I do with every picture, so it's a bit unhandy, particularly not being left handed. A simpler sequence of mouse clicks [ a button? ] or a hotkey setup that didn't make my fingers look like a naked tarantula would be appreciated. Even Ctrl-Shift-Z-Alt would be a bit easier.
  8. Book is ongoing series, previously published via InDesign, printed by lulu.com. Previously printed PDFs show only single page layout. Will lulu.com properly print a book from print ready PDF spread layouts produced in Affinity Publisher?
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