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  1. Publisher V1. I need to suppress the page numbers for the last few pages of a book. I've not found it in the tutorials. Help, Please.
  2. As with the suggestion for an animation application, I could use a Serif Website Editor. As with animation it could certainly integrate well with the existing suite. Looking at the market, there seems to me to be a lot of website work being done.
  3. Alas - I saw no popup warning. I thought I had set the document for pictures to be imported not linked. Where do I look for that setting when the document is already started?
  4. Following the insertion of photos in the document, saving at the end of the day and reopening the next day, photos are blurred as if the dpi had been shrunk. Size remains as defined in the insert photo frame. All of these pictures were shot at 96 dpi the document was defined s 300 dpi. This is a second edition of this book; first time I did not have this and the photos were done the same then. MASSC Challenge 2020 Spread.afpub
  5. I am trying to link text frames across pages. When I click in the Blue [or red] arrow on the lower right side of the text box [page 3] I get the icon shown in tutorials, but when I move it toward the target text frame the cursor changes to an i-beam with the callout "0 OBJECTS". MASSC Challenge 2020 Spread.afpub
  6. Is there a tutorial on Affinity Publisher for web page production? Must all the web pages in one file be the same size?
  7. My thanks. Decrepicity has again prevented me from not seeing what is clearly in front of my nose. And I really did look there before posting. Paint me a bit embarrassed.
  8. I probably phrased the question wrong. I know what they do but cannot find the control to make them.
  9. Second Affinity Publisher project - new edition of the same book I've done it - and can't find how: dotted, non printing guide lines which I think go on a master page. How, please, do I make these?
  10. I saw something about font availability and wanted to see what is there to download. I cannot log in, and am not sure what account I should be and am using [same thing?] and it says I have an Affinity ID account, but it doesn't accept the password and when I change it, and it's accepted, it rejects the new password. Which makes me wonder if I am changing the password on the right account. I think I need to know what accounts there are [besides Forum, which works OK] and what to do to make each work. What my records show are accounts for Photo & Designer but not Publisher [though all three are licensed and in use], Forum and Affinity ID, which something wanted me to set up today but which, when setup, didn't accept the password.
  11. Looks as it the answer to my question was, again, outside the box, and already available. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. I went to Noiseware, but had issues with the download. I notice that it is not a new program - is it possible that it's not available any more?
  13. I do not find a tool to free rotate an image. I also need to be able to select one item on a layer and rotate just that element.
  14. IF this is already exists, my apologies - I haven't seen it. I would use a tool to specifically clean up digital noise in under exposed areas, such as dark clouds. I use, by need, not by choice, a cellphone with raw image capability and sunset pictures are often rendered useless by digital noise.
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