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  1. Great, if AD and AP could export many files and file formats in one single step with retrievable settings.
  2. Everything is possible, e.g. with Keyboard Maestro. Great, if AD would make it possible to export many files and formats in one single step with retrievable settings.
  3. Many clients need .ai, many apps import .ai e.g. InDesign and C4D. Will there be a solution (e.g. at least for .ai version 8)?
  4. Sorry, but where is a Return that can be clicked, please? In AD?
  5. FYI https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9378-what-is-the-difference-between-lanczos-seperable-and-non-seperable/?hl=nearest+neighbor&p=45409 Hi iRahz, is your problem solved?
  6. Even in the new Beta, I cannot get rid of the thin lines like this: The objects fit perfectly. Think it is the antialias algorithm. Is it a bug or a ghost? ;)
  7. Yeah, thanks, this is the truth, Hokusai. Everything has its market. And the market for an app that combines all Illustrator capabilities and all InDesign capabilities is very small because there are not many great (vector) illustrators that are great in layout. This is the only reason (in my opinion). InDesign has many Illustrator capabilities, but not all. Adobe could combine them completely but the market is not seen. @Julian23: Of course, layout programs can “hold the content”, e.g. InDesign can embed psds, eps, jpgs, etc. But it makes sense in many cases to store the link.
  8. Great. I would buy it as an in-app!
  9. So, InDesign is not a layout app?! Well, that was not the question: Serif PagePlus does not combine a whole layout and design app. The vector tools are not as large as those in Illustrator or Designer.
  10. Would be an idea to generate more money with In-App Purchase / add-ons (e.g. for CAD or 3D capabilities). PS: There is a reason why there is no app on market that combines a whole layout and design app.
  11. @ TonyB Perhaps this should be closed if the the corner tool will be the only solution after 8 months.
  12. Thank you. That means, we cannot get the internal values for calculating in other fields when the unit is incompatible. Would be great if we could make entries like h=6inch, w=RND*5pt in every field. What do you think? Would be logical, when we make entries with variables in that form, we could do it in any field and the parser would “sort” it. E.g. it would be easier for users if they have many entries to do them all in any field.
  13. You can find them in the help (Expressions for field input Affinity). E.g. still not in the Swiss one and not everything is working expectably: e.g. “s+20” ENTER in the field H does not change anything.
  14. Sorry, we are four and Andrea did not told us, what she had already posted. So sorry, we will fix that. It is very often used for a long time in layout apps to knock out the background of a photo e.g. When we would need to change the file format (jpg), it would be a huge problem for all assets in databases. You wrote “not yet”. Will the import (of those hidden) paths together with the pixel data be a feature in future?
  15. No, Ben, under Bugs, psd files are asked, here: jpgs. We do not know both: Are that bugs or are clipping paths a missing feature for importing from jpgs (and psds)? Why does it work a long time in other apps like PhotoLine, but not in APh? What are the plans, please? An answer would help to decide.
  16. Apps like PhotoLine, PS, InDesign, GraphicConverter, … handle this. A must. And the Curves in PSDs? Ignored? Not on the Common Feature Requests INDEX yet? It is not a problem to program. Give us hope, please.
  17. OK, no answer yet. We all have those issues. And the answer was up to now e.g. “is not a massive time overhead in the big scheme of things“. Well, it is a question of usability if a software wants to kill us. Hoping the software gets less cheap and things get better and better more quickly. Real progress would be e.g.: the input of cu42mm would result in real 42 mm big underlined caps … cu next month? ;-)
  18. Thanks, that helps. Rough concept: Pressing CTRL-ALT-CMD to activate the Snapping Selection tool. (Some help – options to marquee more, etc. – appears.) On releasing, the object (parts) get on the selection list or will be deleted in the list. PS: We hope, the Affinity team will grow with the number of purchasers.
  19. Nobody did that! Does anybody here thinks that “Publisher is launching in 2015” is the truth? Hands up. And does anybody thinks it was a good idea, not informing the purchasers about the reasons of a perhaps 6 or more months delay?! Not really funny to read those painful news accidentally in a forum and having many bug reports. Without any sorry for the first promised availability. Then they told us purchasers: "Our policy is to avoid giving, or even implying, guaranteed release dates.” Hm, “Publisher is launching in 2015” etc. are no release dates? This and "I don't think we ever said Publisher would be launched this year” shows that the people are doing a good job (yes, really, Mr Harris) but perhaps Serif does not secure that the team is informed (marketing materials). “We hope to release in 2016” does not make hope in view of many bugs and unfinished apps. You can read it so often: “When will we get Publisher, can’t wait” etc. The reason is, because many people thought beta will start before September – this year. Sorry, sorry, sorry for a little stand-up comedy! It was needed that we get informed.
  20. No. Cannot believe what you are writing. We just formulated generally what is the best in communication and what is not. It was not the question of how to organize software releases. It is the question how to manage PR and explain delays and “issues”. We were “surprised” hearing that the announced launch was canceled and not communicated in a way that explains the reasons why customers should wait suddenly half a year or more. When something gets implausible, potentially customers fear that something runs in the wrong direction and invest in other solutions. We fear that it will be a too long way for that complex app because Serif communicated suddenly hopes after communicating sharp launching infos. When we would tell our customers that we hope to finalize the software for an exhibition or congress in time … "hope to release in 2016” sounds a bit like “could be in 2017”. It came as a shock.
  21. It is so easy and clever to formulate "I think” etc. but nobody accused you. We just formulated generally what is the best and what is not. The other thing is what we wrote about Serif. We did it like professional journalists. Verifying the facts. Telling the truth. Well, our question still is when. Perhaps 2015 is hexadecimal? PS: We just want to inform now and here: Serif wrote 12 days (!) ago: "hoping to release a free public beta of Affinity Publisher late 2015/early 2016.” We calculate: Maybe Publisher will be available: August 2016? Too late for the big iPad?
  22. Hey, am I the only one who tells the truth?! What Serif told us purchasers: Followed by crazy reactions like this: Best is to be objective and tell the truth. Not to be friendly and lie. Hm, the public beta starts towards the end of this year and "Publisher which we hope to release in 2016“ … so everybody knows that Affinity Publisher will not be available in September 2015 as published by Serif. No release update via email to the clients who purchased the first apps (to get a whole working suite workflow). No excuse. Well, perhaps they can read it somewhere in a forum?! ;) Too many questions that are not answered or seemed to be ignored. Crazy PR. The forum is full with bug reports and missing tools for professionals. And we had experienced extremely slow reactions. Many times no understanding. Too much waisted time for all of that. But is there still hope for the InDes… killer? (PageMaker has never been professional. InDesign was it from the beginning because it had the tools for being. Ask a professional typographer. And I am not discussing betas here.) Designer was and is still promoted as professional. Some essential tools you cannot use professionally. You need to do it in other cheaper (or if you like in more expensive) software. Words are missing. :(
  23. No, it is about communication: They communicate a professional app, but it is a green banana that must get yellow with the help of the purchasers. Yes, it took too much time too explain, what has to be and what is buggy. In 2014 we thought, we will get a trio in 2015 that will work … but we wait and hope that the things we need (and already have with other apps) will be ready to use in 2016 or 2017 or … We never had this situation that an app like Designer is “produced” via a forum! Good idea but not for professionals. Ohmmmmmm, Om, Om …
  24. :( :( :( Really does not sound hopefully. Serif told us even this year we get Publisher this year. Even the Designer is not finished for professional use and a complete CANVAS will start next month. If we get Publisher 2017 it will be finished 2020? …
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