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  1. Willkommen hier im Forum, tzman. Schön, wieder ein neuer Nutzer! :) Elementar wichtig für das Verständnis der Software ist die Hilfe-zu-Affinity-Designer-Funktion. Dort werden auch beispielsweise »Ausdrücke für die Feldeingabe« erklärt, die auch wichtig fürs »Transformieren« sind und mehr Möglichkeiten als andere Apps bieten. Viel Spaß beim Erlernen. Die Affinity-Gemeinschaft freut sich schon wie Bolle auf das nächste, sehr wichtige Update.
  2. We were told that this would happen after completing the suite for the Mac. Which Information is correct, please?
  3. FYI: :) ;) “It won't be before Christmas [2015], but we are aware of how urgently it’s wanted.”
  4. bram, we achieved a sharper result. Perhaps you used separable accidentally?
  5. Welcome here. In Affinity Photo use “Inches” when creating a new document. If you open an image file you have to change "Units”. You can change the unit for text and lines in the prefs. A global default could be asked in ”Feature Requests” (again).
  6. Hopefully we get some improvements, but: • you can add guide lines with alt·click into the rulers area • press V, drag your guide lines and press V again: the nodes are still selected Did you know? :)
  7. “Collect or, at least, Report” Feature Request posted 17 October 2014 “Where are we at with the "package" or collect for output feature?” Posted 15 January 2016
  8. Just one example: Without a multiline compositor it cannot. “beta for this will be available early next year”
  9. Canvas Draw for Mac is very cheap, much younger and already had the 2.0 update. We are still waiting for AD 1.5 and APub. AD still is much more an illustration tool than a design app. Seems that needed text features will not arrive before mid 2017. :( This is a big chance/advantage for other apps.
  10. Callum did not tell you that the curve(s) should be open before joining. Perhaps your curve/s is/are not (a) line segment/s. Have you verified that?
  11. Drag to marquee should select the nodes. Does it not work, Paul?
  12. It was asked before and the answer in 2014 of MattP / in 2015 of MEB was “will be added/is coming soon”. The process how basic features are considered for a future update is not transparent. Perhaps it makes sense to start a new feature request.
  13. Wir konnten Das Problem nicht reproduzieren, Horst. Arbeiten Sie mit einer älteren Version? Wir verstehen nur Bahnhof, Leigh. You are not a computer, are you?
  14. Toolbar already has a context menu … For better consistency and quicker access context(ual) menus for Tools, Context Toolbar, Rulers, (status bar) … would be great. And please, not a “Customize” and a “Customise” in the same language version.
  15. Still not possible with one candidate. Hopefully we will see some light next week …
  16. That is not true, R C-R. The Q was “how do i create a line between the two nodes ?”. Our post was only the A of that Q in #8, not of another Q. Generalizing and everything else often results in more questions and confusion.
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