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  1. Yeah, I know the "overall picture-editing " concepts. I Guess I will wait for the "artistic filters then!!" hope they come soon!!! Thank you for your answer MEB!!!
  2. Yes it's true.... almost every move you make on pixelmator is destructive.... I've had affinity designer for a long time and bought affinity photo just for flexibility: so that I can go from both affinity programs just like that in the file menu: Edit in designer/photo Pixelmator is extremely intuitive, visual and easy to use and that is why I love it. AF photo, maybe looks more professional, but the program looks less intuitive (maybe it's more powerful but the interface is less appealing at first glance in my opinion) I've looked at some tutorials already, not all of them though. it's cool but less exciting for instance in the studio menu, the adjustments effect does not look as nice and cool as the effects browser in pixelmator. Anyway, I've seen some tutorials already and I know how to get around AF photo (the basics, basic effects, color modification, color replacement, distortion pixel tool ect..) but then when you are looking for a "more complex effect" like honeycomb, I have no idea how. I can use Pixelmator and Im really happy doing so but I wanted to know it in af photo also, I think it would be good for Serif to have videos explaining how to go from pixelmator to AFphoto no? what do you think? because when I look on google how to do honeycomb effect with AF photo, i don't have anything...
  3. Hello community! I was always using pixelmator and just bought afphoto as pixelmator is quietly dying. Pixelmator was super easy to use where you can drag an drop effects into the photo. On afphoto, I saw how to do a certain things but not all the effects offered by pixelmator. I was wondering if there were a video tutorial made just for this transition: Pixelmator to affinity photo. How can I achieve the pointilize effect for instance? or the honeycomb effect? Anybody knows? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Cheers :)
  4. Is there something new on this? Hit would be cool if affinity designer does that, it would make sense for UI/UX For the moment I have the Dimensions plugin on chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dimensions/baocaagndhipibgklemoalmkljaimfdj You can place your JPG in chrome, and it'll measure stuff for you, but it'll be nice if Afdesigner does it, and you can leave the measured guides on your canvas, so everything is measured. no?
  5. Hey, thanks for the videos, I posted this somewhere else on the forum but Is there a simple video that explains the different tools in affinity video? All the tutorials I see explain an objective or something someone wishes to accomplish but I just want to understand what each tool is for and how you could use them. does that exist? even a blog post would be helpful, I know it exists for designer: http://shay-smith.com/content/affinity-designer-pixel-persona-tools but is there one for photo?
  6. hi there, Does somebody know if there Is there a simple video that explains the different tools in affinity photo? All the tutorials I see explain an objective or something someone wishes to accomplish with the program but I just want to understand what each tool is for and how you could use them and for what purpose. Thanks
  7. ok @Fixx, but is it possible to go back when you have created an artboard. Like if you don't want to use the artboard tool anymore in a document?
  8. Thanks!! both work, the booleans and the blend mode set to erased!! Thanks for your help!!!
  9. Hi guys, This should be an easy question but it's making me crazy, So I have two rectangular shapes with one smaller than the other. They are on top of each other. And I want the smaller one to be transparent and act like "a hole"in the sense that the bigger rectangle will be empty in the middle if you see what I mean. Anybody understands what I am trying to say? Can you help me?
  10. Still no distortion functionality on AD? I can't find anything.
  11. Hey Guys! Thanks for your answers!!! I wasn't notified by email and so I didn't really saw that you answered until now!! haha. Thanks Jimmy Jack for finding a solution! It's funny that in Preview mode (spacebar on mac) it works fine, and in AD you have to do something... I get it that there is a problem with a layer or curve.... I managed to fix it also. I think we should have the developers have a look at that! I think it's important!! I'm gonna mail them now. Cheers
  12. Hey, I don't understand, this is very curious. There is this PSD file created with photoshop and when using the preview thing of mac, (pressing spacebar) I see it fine; everything is perfect, and when opening it with affinity designer, I see it different; The mockup hand is a different (see attached). Here is the PSD file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ak7ptd1mzv5fdts/BBVA_Cines_mailing.psd?dl=0 And when opening with photoshop, the file is perfect. What is going on??? If somebody can let me know. cheers
  13. Thanks! All clear now!!! Just an opinion: I think you are confusing the user with having so many options and twice a smooth button. Like everything, please keep a minimalist philosophy!!!!
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