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  1. Hallo, again I try to get an answer to my question for a AD-problem. Two separate side-by-side objects without a free-space get a separation line. May be that I have a wrong preference but there is no free space between the two objects. I have to overlap the objects to fix this problem. Is it a bug or can I do something against this problem.
  2. No, I create an object in a group. And if I later modificate it, it "Jumps" out of his position and it is in an other group. I do not know why. It seems to me that it has no reason. So you want to see my design to check up this Problem?
  3. Hope you can see it on the attached file. Bug A: The "Ü" is set in a fixed size ( X pt) and not in a X,X pt size. Bug B: The both wireframes are exactly side by side and structured over magnetic mode but there is a grey line between the (not) freespace.
  4. Hallo, again a small bugreport: If I have a complex layer structure some objects I modificate again their position is switched to to of the art-board in AD.
  5. the guideline with in artboards is still not relative and does not start with 0% in actual artboard. It still depends on width of the primary coordinates and not of the artboard coordinates. This problem I reported some time ago and it was temporary fixed.
  6. Is this white line in the middle a bug? It is part of an Webside-prototype and the top und button parts over and under this grey line are two different (sud-)layers in magnetic mode without a free space. I can place it without this line in magnetic mode off, but I dont understand it. Can this be a bug??? (the objects are side by side without a free space!!! But it is the borderline of this objects.) Ohne Titel.tiff
  7. Ok. Thanks. Yes, Muse is good, and the responsive function is useful but it is A.... . Freeway Pro looks interesting and more DTP-similar. But I have no Idea about the future of this software. (I hoped so much of a Affinity-publishe-like "Muse" ). The reason why I like to work with this Programms is that they arme faster than to Code and ideal for small projects and functional prototypes with "Layout-First". To code takes more time for me as semi-professional.
  8. At the moment I only found Muse and Freeway which work in that way with DTP-similarity and freeform. I can make a HP with Dreamweaver and bootstrap but it takes to much time to me als a not-professional and in smaller projects (small Business homepages).
  9. Hallo. I am Looking for a Web-Development-Software similar to a DTP-program. Affinity Publisher will not function for websides (remember: Indesign and Muse are very similar. I Love to work with Affinity but I need a DTP-like Webeditor. What can you suggest? Muse is with subscription, so it is not my First choice. What is with Freeway Pro???
  10. I tried tho export two slices as ohne Object, for example a Background and a form eine section over this background in the original vielw. But this is not able.
  11. If I use more than 1 artboard (side by side) the definition for X=0 (Or Y=0) for Guidelines is not reset for the new artboard and the Reference ist still the first artboard. In settings for guidelines there f.e. are hundreds of percent showed. In the rulers X and Y is correctly reset to the actual artboard. I think this is a BUG. (I found one more problem, but I think this is no BUG: slices are not union in export-persona und the union is to do in normal-persona. No BUG ???)
  12. hallo, is there a method to give an object exact sizes? I did not find similar thinks like an object inspector für angle, with, high. In addition to that there is no rubber-tool in Designer or Photo. Is this correct or do I not find this tools?
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