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  1. I took the plunge and added Affinity onto my iPad I asked the question about selective sharpening in this version don't think i explained very well.On my mac version you can target a specific area to sharpen . What this means is my background doesn't get noisy is this possible on the iPad .
  2. Hi another question on the iPad version can you load a raw file direct from Photos not iCloud I saw someone online saying there was a problem with this is that true .
  3. Hi thank you both for the replies ,would that be the same as using high pass filter on the desktop version .Sorry if I have not explained myself right but I use the desktop tutorial for selective sharpening .
  4. Hi could anybody tell me if the selective sharpening is available on the iPad app also does it work ok on the iPad Air 2 .I have the iMac version would like the iPad app if it’s ok .
  5. Hi Callum it was from my Affinity photo app on my Mac it was to get an update .Affinity has got back to me apparently I needed to sign in as a new user with new password . I don’t think it was anything dodgy because it put the update straight into the program . Thank you for helping .
  6. Hi I've just tried to log in through the app on my mac and it says not reconising email address despite having numerous emails from Affinity any help appreciated and no I haven't put it in wrong .
  7. Hi DWright you were spot on it was exactly that Scale to fit .Thank you very much
  8. Hi am having a problem printing A4 sheets borderless there is at least an inch and half one side and half inch the other missing .Am I missing something have watched the print vid I think in photoshop there was a process in the print section that I used to make sure it fitted .But that was a few years ago .Any help appreciated .
  9. Hi just a quick question does this take ages to install .Mine seems to be really slow installing I have a three year old iMac thought it was quite fast until I come to install these
  10. Hi I am really liking Affinity on my Mac but would like to know if it is going to be available for iPads ,and if so when .
  11. Hi thanks for your help now understand what I did wrong ,when i clicked on the colour thing I changed both of them {following him a bit too close ;) } all sorted now thanks again for your input .
  12. Im using the same opacity as the video also i am clicking on the layer not sure what I'm doing wrong but think I'm following it exactly :)
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