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  1. libelle

    Some border work

    Loosely inspired by detail from some Art Deco buildings from the 30s in downtown Los Angeles.
  2. I often use guide lines when trying to make symmetric curves. I use them for positioning both nodes, and node handles. It would be nice if, when I have a node selected, I could create new guide lines without having to deselect/lose the node handles.
  3. libelle

    Bidirectional text

    Good to know. Thanks for the update.
  4. libelle

    Newbie / 1st project

    Thanks :)
  5. I have some design assignments that will use mixed text with English and languages that use Right-to-Left scripts. Unless I'm mistaken, I can't switch directions within a Text Frame. This necessitates either layering in text in post (using another program), or laboriously breaking the text into multiple sections and aligning the words manually. Having the ability to switch directions midstream would be very helpful!
  6. libelle

    Newbie / 1st project

    I'm a brand new user, and have been enjoying Affinity Designer. I haven't yet explored beyond the "Draw" Persona, but in many ways, the program hearkens back to the simplicity and power of the MacDraw / Claris Draw programs, but brought into a more modern world. I've been playing around with geometric tilings. This design has hundreds if not thousands of curves and filled areas, and I haven't really run into any performance problems (yet). I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go with this!