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  1. Thank you both kufloyd and snuffleberries :) I had a look at FAA, and it looks interesting. I will investigate it further. Thanks for the idea. I've been trying to post a drawing once a month, and I will try to continue doing it. I'm humbled and pleased that I managed to inspire someone :)
  2. Thank you :) . I'm not sure I'm ready for making tutorials yet, but I will think about it.
  3. Thank you so much for the compliment and info :) :) :) It certainly boosts up my confidence, and I shall start researching for opportunities to sell some of them.
  4. noor

    Bonsai Tree

    Thank you George :)
  5. A Japanese Acer bonsai tree based on a photo I took in a flower show. I used the Geometry Add and Subtract tools for the first time to draw the pot. Nice tools! :)
  6. noor

    Cherry Blossom

    Thanks for the feedback :) What you said makes perfect sense!
  7. noor

    Cherry Blossom

    Thank you Peter :D , I did feel pleased after I finished it. I finished another tree drawing yesterday (attached), but I didn't get quite the same feeling, not sure why... ;)
  8. I have just finished a cherry blossom tree after spending quite some time on it. All the drawings are vectors. However, I had problems with the memory when I add the flowers. Therefore, I had to convert the flowers into png images, and use these images on the tree.
  9. Thank you! :D To be honest, I wasn't sure they are worth selling. As you know, I am new to this. Any ideas on how best to do it? Anyone? The pods of the sunflower are just small brown circles and yellowish rectangles arranged together in spirals. I use the Gaussian Blur tool to make it look a bit more realistic. :)
  10. Thank you :) Spring time inspires me a lot. I am working on a cherry blossom tree, not quite finished yet. But I have done the flowers. I don't know why, I am a bit obsessed with this particular species, called Kanzan. Each flower could have more than 20 petals! I tried my best to illustrate it, and here it is:
  11. Here is another I just finished.