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  1. Yeh, Probably didn't get us still.. if you manage to support arabic, the whole region of Middle east... will start revolting against adobe, And most middle east company and person are less pirating compared to other regions... means, overlooking big beneficial help, if you just keep adding features for the same market.... it wont make difference but adding features so other large market can join in the wagon and start supporting is different level of benefiting. probably my last post also for pushing the RTL points in this forum.
  2. I seriously understand as programmers that features or sprint to accomplish is your priority, But lets take a bigger picture.... RTL Languages are like bread in a dish or meal, Large group of people dont eat rice "AKA LTR Language" and are very accustomed in bread "AKA RTL".... we understand you like to maximize your feature, but leaving a basic feature missing means discarding a target market, designer market that can be evangelizing your software and for companies that deserve your product but just find out its missing a basic ingridients.... In overall, Companies will tag Affinity software everytime we try to talk or evangelize it that they will simply say doesnt support our languages(Bread) and they will just walk away leaving with in their mind that affinity is a bad product but in reality, its just missing a feature... It's like having a ticket for a plane but your dont have a VISA. Hope Serif recognize what they missing here, its not feature.... but necessity and midshare adoption, probably in later years, even if affinity has support to RTL, designer would not even consider it as they might be unupdated still and this will retain in Management mind and designer mind as well for a looong time... The effort to correct this later would be more costly than correcting it now because we are not correcting or adding a feature here by that time, We are correcting mindset of people. Best Wishes,
  3. Dear Affinity, Tried your program and love it.. alsmot bought it if not for inability to support Middle Eastern Language, Withlacking support for RTL Language, Its very hard for Affinity to grow popularity in this region and needs. Regards,
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