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  1. Confirmed as a problem on AD and AP. I have had some luck however if you only adjust the start angle and never touch the end angle.
  2. PMudditt

    Question about Canvas on iPad

    Sounds like you should start by creating a new document large enough to contain what you are trying to do. Then use shapes to mask each photo you place inside the document..
  3. This article just published might help, but the answer is yes you can. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-switch-seamlessly-between-affinity-on-desktop-and-ipad/?fbclid=IwAR3romqYQRk3atlMNl7Zl22rL_F5lmoTsE5TqkbRWyIIKwCN0CjdPwe5cEE
  4. I haven’t tried mechanical engineering drawing but did follow a civil engineering tutorial for making floor plans. Can’t find the link at the moment but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.
  5. I can import direct into the App via preferences from a iCloud files shared folder from my Mac but I would warn against bringing so many fonts in as I’m pretty sure that will have a big performance impact. Be selective. BF718B19-12AC-4F44-BCB9-E4AD2285360B.MP4
  6. Thanks, so that’s a yes you know they’re missing. Thanks for the welcome but actually I’ve been here for a while and yes that’s what I said was the work around.
  7. Can a Serif engineer please just check that in pixel persona in Affinity Designer for iPad that the “Basic” brush set is available? This is after a question on the Affinity Photo and Designer for iPad Facebook group from a member who reported they were missing which does appear to be the case. I know on desktop they are available in both vector and pixel persona but on the iPad I think might have been forgotten on the iPad build. As a work around for those that have AP and AD, exporting the Basic brush set from AP and importing into AD pixel persona corrects the oversight.
  8. Only if you can go back in the history studio to the step where it was rasterised.
  9. The ICONS are missing on the desktop version of PHOTO but are available on the iPad version. The posts above are under Affinity Photo but then the screen shots are only valid for DESIGNER. So team, where are those pesky icons for PHOTO DESKTOP version?
  10. PMudditt

    Stroke by tapping

    Select smart mode.
  11. Ok now I see it, looks to be a resolution problem with the software that draws the grid to me. The actual grid, which is invisible mathematics behind the scenes, is accurate which can be easily checked in the transform studio by drawing a shape snapping to the grid and then measuring its dimensions. It Is the drawing of the visible grid that has a bug when zoomed in very close. My guess is the draw grid function isn’t using the same high precision maths that’s shapes are using, perhaps for speed reasons. If that is the case I guess they risk slowing down the on screen performance by using the same mathematical precision for drawing the visible grid. My twopeneth as a software engineer for 41 years. i guess Serif will step in now and correct me.
  12. PMudditt

    Assets panel not saving symbols

    Assets are supposed to be scalable without loss, to do so they can only contain vector shapes. Pixel shapes are not scalable so are likely excluded for that reason.
  13. I haven’t seen that apart from when I’ve accidentally moved off grid. Have you tried locking the layer to make sure it hasn’t been moved. Isometric grid doesn’t have vertical lines, how is your grid configured? How is your snapping configured? To have a grid that large your doc size must be quite small, maybe 300x300 pts? Can you attach your design file to your post for others to look at?
  14. Have you tried resetting your iPad? Close all task down, press and hold home and power buttons until you see the Apple logo.