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  1. Dear Gabe, OK thank you! Btw, is there any other way to blur or feather a mask like this?
  2. Steps to reproduce: 1) open a photo 2) add a mask layer - works 3) paint on the mask layer with any brush with black/white - works 4) (Let us say you want to blur the shapes of the mask you made.) Add Fx to the mask layer, like gaussian blur - does not work. There is no effect on the mask.
  3. Dear Paul, thank you, yes I have been using your macros V3 for some time now and it is very useful! If you could add painting a pen stroke with a selected brush, that would be super useful, too. But if in the future there will be the smooth StudioLink on iPad with the whole trinity, that will be just amazing. I like what is Serif doing more and more.
  4. Hi, thanks, I have now seen some videos showcasing the StudioLink, very impressive!
  5. As a professional graphic designer who seeks to replace Photoshop and Illustrator by Photo and Designer, I would have these humble suggestions what to add to Affinity Photo for iPad: Possibility to switch off spellcheck in global settings. It is annoying to switch it off in the Text Studio every time after opening a file. Select all visible pixels of a layer by one click. Text on a path (so we can make a curved text). Paint a pen stroke with a selected brush. More filters (like image to sketch etc.). I know some of these features were allready rejected to add
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