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  1. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity designer crashes

    I noticed a strange empty group in layer stack, deleted it then saved a copy without history, closed the file then opened the copy without the empty group and without history and can’t get to to crash anymore (not exhaustive testing).
  2. That’s not normal, have you tried closing all open apps and then performing the power + home reset on your iPad?
  3. The number one source of problems is not making sure the correct layer is selected when using the tools. If you have problems try selecting a different layer and try again. By selecting a different layer, it does not mean simply the tick box but making sure the layer is ‘highlighted’ and try again. Also as DM1 states, make sure you watch as many as possible of James Ritson tutorials which will help you overcome the significant learning curve that newbies to AP are faced with.
  4. Paul Mudditt

    Creating Jagged Edges

    Mind boggling how this works !! Very impressed!
  5. Paul Mudditt

    Creating Jagged Edges

    Sorry missed that you were using AD, can’t think how to do that in AD but AP is inexpensive too.
  6. Paul Mudditt

    Creating Jagged Edges

    I’d suggest ripple filter or use the equations filter. Search on this site for ideas https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/80085-distort-glassfrost/&tab=comments#comment-429810
  7. Paul Mudditt

    Work in mm IPad

  8. Paul Mudditt

    Work in mm IPad

    When creating a new document change to mm and create a custom size work page then units will be set to mm in your work. For ease of use just create copies of your favourite document sizes on your home page then simply duplicate before use.
  9. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity NOT appearing in Photos editing options

    It’s fixed in yesterday’s update to the shortcut app !! Hurrah
  10. Paul Mudditt

    Pie or Donut start & end angle input 30 -> 17.2

    Confirmed as a problem on AD and AP. I have had some luck however if you only adjust the start angle and never touch the end angle.
  11. Paul Mudditt

    Question about Canvas on iPad

    Sounds like you should start by creating a new document large enough to contain what you are trying to do. Then use shapes to mask each photo you place inside the document..
  12. This article just published might help, but the answer is yes you can. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-switch-seamlessly-between-affinity-on-desktop-and-ipad/?fbclid=IwAR3romqYQRk3atlMNl7Zl22rL_F5lmoTsE5TqkbRWyIIKwCN0CjdPwe5cEE
  13. I haven’t tried mechanical engineering drawing but did follow a civil engineering tutorial for making floor plans. Can’t find the link at the moment but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.
  14. Paul Mudditt

    How to install fonts from Mac to iPad

    I can import direct into the App via preferences from a iCloud files shared folder from my Mac but I would warn against bringing so many fonts in as I’m pretty sure that will have a big performance impact. Be selective. BF718B19-12AC-4F44-BCB9-E4AD2285360B.MP4