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    Interior Book Design got a reaction from PaulEC in Need visual clue for applier Master Page in MP & Page panels   
    For me, simple letters like in PagePlus, InDesign or QuarkXPress just do. Letters that can be switched on and off. But I need it, urgently.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to walt.farrell in Drag and Drop into Affinity Photo?   
    My guess is that it's some sort of Windows security measure to protect the system when you try to drop something onto a program that you have specifically run as administrator.
    My recommendtion: Photo should not be crashing. Rather than finding a workaround and ignoring the crash, you should figure out what is causing the crash and fix that. I would start with the hints in this FAQ entry.
    If those don't help, then I suggest you run Photo normally, collect the crash report, and start a new topic in the Photo Bugs forum to describe the problem and provide the crash report to Serif. For assistance in finding the crash report, you can refer to this FAQ entry.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Wosven in Need visual clue for applier Master Page in MP & Page panels   
    We really need a fixed visual clue in the Pages panel to check or search easily which Masper Pages are applied by pages.
    For example, in a book I use 3 MP :
    A - Blank MP (only the main text frames linked, for title, details, etc.) B - Chapter MP (main text frames with huge top margin for chapter title + pages numbers frame) C - Text (main text frames  + pages numbers frame + title/author frame) Once I flowed all the text using the Text MP (=> ± 300 pages), I apply the Chapter MP to each page containing the beginning of a chapter.
    For now, all is OK, it's the first draw.
    Next, I need to add/modify/edit the text: the flow is different, and I need to correct the applied  MP, since the Chapter MP and the Text MP didn't follow the new flow of text.
    It's difficult to check easily where are applied the MP while scrolling through the Pages panel. I can enlarge the thumbnails, but scrolling won't be faster… Waiting for the helptip to show is a pain, and sometimes not accurate or fast.
    Waiting for the tooltip…

    Below, I can visually search for Chapter MP applied to plain text pages, but it's not easy, and it won't be as easy to find if there's no big visual differences in the pages (for example, only a different variable/text line at the top of the page: part + chapter title instead of author's name).

    Another example where the MP are rightly positioned: why does the tooltip show first the right page MP's name, and second the left page MP's name ? I usually read from left to right, and expect the tooltip to show LMP and RMP's names.

    Visual clues could be inside the pages or outside.
    On MP "C", visual clues would show as nothing or "A" or "A+B", etc. if different MP are applied on it, but on the pages it would only display "C" (or "C+D", etc. if there are more than 1 MP applied to the page).

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    Interior Book Design got a reaction from VectorWhiz in nested styles   
    Right you are, for long and highly structured text documents, nested sytes, style groups and so on are a must. Together with the feature to be able to map incoming styles from Word documents to existing styles in the APub file. Is it this, you mean with interactive style management?
    Presently, it's a kind of "evasion strategy". Copy a new Word file into an existing APub file and styles with the same from Word are being renamed. Better than nothing, but not very elegant and not time-saving at all. (Anyway, they even let you import styles from another APub document, very nice feature.)
    So, for a new programme, the style handling of APub already is very good and promising. You are even able to delete the style overrides in one Go! This feature, I could hug the whole Serif community for! :-)
    I think, the future is going to be bright.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Wosven in Wrong Typographical Quotes   
    Yes, but if there're good translations and settings, it shouldn't be a problem.
    And translation should use proper terms, "left/right single/double quote" are HTML entities for me, not the typographical terms for such an application.
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    Interior Book Design got a reaction from A_B_C in Wrong Typographical Quotes   
    But is is not a clever setting, limiting the type of quotes to the boring German ones, Pauls!
    In books we prefer »quotes like this«, similar to the ones used in France or Switzerland, but exactly the other way round and without spaces!
    So, you should review your quote management in Publisher! It is incomplete and partly wrong. See my image.
    My two cents: Do it as you have done in PagePlus, allow the users so choose their individual type of quotes. Some other DTP apps grant you the same choice, for instance InDesign and QuarkXPress. There is only one ignorant word processor that does not care about German preferences at all: Word. Other word processing apps do!

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    Interior Book Design reacted to MikeV in Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year   
    Wow! Again! Congratulations. Richly deserved.
    As exciting as this award is, the absolute killer news is this little gem tucked away in your award announcement:
    'There’s some great stuff coming in our 1.8 update (including IDML import in Affinity Publisher!) which should be with you early in the New Year… '
    I see a very large Adobe rock coming off a lot of shoulders in early 2020.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to jmwellborn in Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year   
    How wonderful!  And how well-deserved!!  And how fortunate we are to have such an incredible group as the Affinities, creating this masterpiece.  The award is a splendid Christmas gift to you all for having created for everybody else the gift of StudioLink.  Smooth as silk and a delight to use!   Onward and upward.   Or as Santa put it: “Up, up and away!!” 
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Joachim_L in 100 K Black converted to Rich Black when changing Colour Profile   
    @Interior Book Design Search for ISO Coated v2 to PSO Coated v3 (DeviceLink). This profile is made for a conversion from ISOcoated v2 to PSOcoated v3. Once converted, you can safely change the profile to PSOcoated v3.
    Nothing unusual here? But you are right, Affinity applications "feel" to behave differently compared to the Adobe products I used beforehand. In Indesign I nearly never had problems with colour profiles. With Affinity you have to be more careful, but once you know not a big obstacle in the workflow I think.
    Here is the link for the profile http://www.eci.org/_media/downloads/icc_profiles_from_eci/iso-coated_v2_to_psocoated_v3_devicelink.zip
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    Interior Book Design reacted to carl123 in Margin values get mixed up   
    Confirmed in the beta (Windows 8.1)
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Sean P in Margin values get mixed up   
    Hi Interior Book Designs,

    Thanks for reporting the issue - I've reproduced it and will pass it on to development.

    However can I ask that you report any further beta issues in the beta forum (below), as opposed to the regular bugs forum please? Thanks  
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    Interior Book Design got a reaction from carl123 in Margin values get mixed up   
    see attached image.
    Win 7. APub

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    Interior Book Design reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta   
    Status: Beta
    Purpose: Stability and General Testing
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Publisher
    Windows Store: Not submitted
    Download: Download
    Auto-update: Not Available
    We are pleased to announce that a new Customer Beta of Affinity Publisher ( is now available as a download from the link above.
    As this is a 'Stability and General Testing' beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 
    We hope you enjoy the beta, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. 
    Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. 
    Many thanks for your continued feedback.
    New Features and Major Improvements
    IDML Import
    This build includes an importer for the IDML ((Adobe) InDesign Markup Language) file format. Many entities, attributes and properties are not currently imported. In general if a feature currently has no native support it is unlikely to be imported entirely successfully. In addition to this, please find below a list highlighting features we know are not currently supported fully.
    - Document User details
    Spread / Page Items
    - Promoted master page items
    - Overprint properties
    - Arrowheads
    - Text on path
    Transparency / FX
    - Directional Feather
    - Gradient Feather
    Text Frames
    - Content transparency / FX for text vs text + frame
    - First baseline offset
    Story Items
    - Text layout can differ due to differences in composition and metric vs optical kerning
    - TOC
    - Index 
    - Page number fields
    - Hyperlinks
    XLSX Import
    This build includes an importer for the XLSX (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) file format. Excel files are placed as tables. The following are not currently supported.
    - Formulae are imported as their calculated result value, which Excel stores in the file alongside the formula
    - Local formatting is imported, but global Table Styles currently are not
    - Overflowing cell content is handled differently in that Excel allows content of an overflowing cell to draw on top of adjacent cell if the cells are empty
    Column Rules
    The facility to add (vertical) rules / lines between columns in a multi-column text frame. The rules can be configured via the Text Frame Panel
    Fixes and Smaller Updates
    (Mac) Unified Toolbar tweaks
    'Edit Document' for Linked Documents now works correctly rather than editing the embedded copy
    Layers Panel should now maintain the expand / collapsed status of objects when switching spreads
    Fixed issue for specific document where placed Designer file prevented Save
    Fixed issue where export was causing application hang for specific document
    (Win) Fixed crash dragging fill layer to bottom of layers stack
    (Win) Fixed freeze editing colour from Swatches Panel
    Master Pages
    Changing size of Master Spread now offers option to update size of spreads it is applied to
    Fixed issue whereby duplicating a Master Page Instance could unlink it
    Blendmode / Opacity not working correctly with Master Page Instances
    Adjustments were not working correctly when used with Master Page Instances
    Picture Frames
    Empty Picture Frames weren't showing in Assets Panel thumbnail previews
    Replacing Master Pages containing Picture Frames with promoted context could distort content
    (Mac) Original Size button wasn't functioning for Picture Frame content
    Paragraph Panel layout fixes
    Fixed crash transposing characters (e.g. <Ctrl>+T on Mac)
    Fixed Drop Cap anomalies
    Leading Override can now be set to Auto in Text Style Editor
    Fixed crash changing capitalization on multiple Text Frames simultaneously
    (Win) Kerning in Base text style is now set to "Auto" 
    (Mac) Custom text style shortcuts were not showing in Text Styles Panel
    (Mac) Spell check not learning words originating from Master Pages
    (Win) Fixed crash adding tab stop in Text Style Editor
    (Mac) Paragraph leading, wrong separator being used with non-uk locale settings
    Importing docx with no Text Frame selected fails to import style
    Importing docx fails to apply 'Normal' style 
    To be notified about all future Windows beta updates, please follow this notification thread 
    To be notified when this Publisher update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Publisher customers, please follow this thread
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    Interior Book Design reacted to SoCalMan in Publisher Bugs   
    Publisher 1.7.3 is a wonderful piece of software, but so buggy it is almost impossible to use.
    - Linking a simple .jpg image works almost 1/3 of the time.
    - Synchronizing defaults from selection doesn't work at all.
    - Linked pictures can suddenly "disappear", i. e. become impossible to select.
    I bought two licenses even though I need only one just to support Serif.
    Is there any near term hope?
    Jim Meketa
    San Diego, California
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    Interior Book Design reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.3   
    Isn't all of that something more for Designer than Photo (which this topic is about)?
    Probably best if you post about that in Feedback for Affinity Designer on Desktop, by the way.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Old Bruce in Colour export question (grayscaling)   
    Not bigger just smarter and faster. Maybe even more handsome.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to walt.farrell in How to insert a comment into a Publisher document   
    So why not create an off-page text frame, write your comment, and Pin it to the word as a floating frame. That's basically what happens in Word, isn't it? You mark the word and write a comment outside the page boundaries.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Old Bruce in How to insert a comment into a Publisher document   
    This is probably not what you want either, use the Fields and document information.

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    Interior Book Design reacted to Seneca in Possible to lock/fix just position of a Frame?   
    On the other hand, if you put your picture frame on a master page, and apply that master page to your working page, then you won't be able to move it but you can replace that picture at will. Effectively, you will have it locked but able to edit.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to walt.farrell in How to insert a comment into a Publisher document   
    Assuming you have View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas turned off, you could put a Text Frame or Artistic Text off the page, to the right or left, and make your comments there.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to Seneca in Possible to lock/fix just position of a Frame?   
    Not possible at the moment. I would file a request for that feature, if I were you.
    As far as I remember people have asked for this option a few times already, but it wouldn't harm if you did the same thing again.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to GarryP in How to insert Number of pages in Publisher   
    Use menu “View → Studio → Fields” to get the Fields Panel, put your text insert point where you want to insert the field and then double-click the “Total Pages” field name (in the Document Statistics section).
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    Interior Book Design reacted to magicdesign__ in Publisher text box issue help   
    paste as plain text should be an option - i am finding that a lot of text boxes some how automatically change settings (like random positioning and transform settings).
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    Interior Book Design reacted to toutou123 in Text Variables   
    They should add running head variables that are based on paragraph/character styles.
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    Interior Book Design reacted to LibreTraining in Export as PDF - Faulty Text Ligatures in MS Edge Browser   
    Something is wrong here inside the PDF.
    I tested the ligatures-for-web.pdf in various applications.
    Old Firefox (Waterfox) viewer (which is PDF.js viewer) - BAD, characters just gone.
    I use this viewer all the time (near daily) and have never noticed an issue before.
    PDF-XChange Viewer (my primary PDF reader) - BAD, but different bad.
    Characters are all there, but the word character spacing is all broken.
    I use this reader every day and have not had any issues before.
    PDF-XChange Editor - OK, looks fine.
    NitroPDF Pro (editor) - OK, looks fine.
    Foxit Reader - OK, looks fine.
    FlexiPDF Pro (editor) - OK, looks fine.
    Oddly all three editors took a long time to render this one line of text.
    It was like they had to think about it real hard.
    FlexiPDF even displayed a non-responding dialog before the text finally appeared.
    It appears that some PDF readers and PDF editors really don't like something in the way this PDF is structured. This would appear to be an APub issue.
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