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  1. Wow! Again! Congratulations. Richly deserved. As exciting as this award is, the absolute killer news is this little gem tucked away in your award announcement: 'There’s some great stuff coming in our 1.8 update (including IDML import in Affinity Publisher!) which should be with you early in the New Year… ' I see a very large Adobe rock coming off a lot of shoulders in early 2020.
  2. MikeV

    Print book layout

    Have been hanging on using InDesign CS6 waiting for Publisher. Very excited by the beta process and purchased Publisher on day one. Have completed several small projects successfully in Publisher but without an indb-style function in Publisher, InDesign has to remain our prime publishing software. Would be good to know if this function is/will not be part of Publisher. If it will be we can hang on a while longer. If not, we need to (holding nose) go to Adobe CC. Even a vague indication would be helpful.
  3. MikeV

    Variable fonts

    Hi JGD, I support the constraints approach. For most projects limits make sense. I also support the idea of an 'anarchy' option for the odd occasion where 'cutting loose' will aid a project. I have a book on graffiti in the works and the ability to do the occasional truly weird heading simply, using variable fonts in extreme mode, would also be great.
  4. Hi garrett, Brilliant! Much better that the ID approach I'm used to. Just need to develop new muscle memories – after twenty years using ID. Well worth the effort though. Thanks m
  5. Hi dominik, Thanks for the heads-up. Found the shortcut – on Mac it's ⌘+⇧+O. Means using both hands on the keyboard so not ideal. Will look at configuration. m
  6. Had a play using Command/numbers to zoom out after a double-click zoom in – zoom out also centres on the page so is an issue – mostly okay for an A4 document – not so great for A2 when the selection is toward a page edge. Still coming to grips with every stroke or line on its own layer. Brought across an A2 ID document (via pdf) and have literally hundreds of layers on a page. However StudioLink more than makes up for the early shortcomings.
  7. Thanks Walt, just learnt a new shortcut. However, not as simple/fast as hitting Command 1 to 4, as it means moving the cursor from the selection to the layers panel then finding/selecting that layer to double click, plus it seems to expand the selection to fill the frame rather than give the choice of one of the four steps of zoom that comes with the command/number shortcut. Is there a way to do the reverse – that's the other strength of the Command/number shortcut that you can just as easily step back?
  8. When working on an element on a large format page and using zoom shortcuts (Command 1 to 4), the view goes to the centre of the page rather than to the selection. Often the selection ends up outside the new, tighter, viewing area requiring a repositioning. Is there a way to lock a zoom to centre on a selection that I have not found? If not my request is to provide that option/ability. It's something I have used constantly in that other software. Thanks
  9. An additional vote for preflight – essential for long-form or element-rich documents.
  10. Great news on several fronts. Making Publisher ready for long-form image-rich print books; and providing those of us who cling to paper-based sources with an printed reference. Will there be a 'book' facility where several individual chapter files can be stitched into one, or are you looking at a single mega file?
  11. MikeV

    Variable fonts

    Hi, Would like to add a request for variable font support too. TT has just released a new font 'Frantz' with variation within the x height that looks really interesting. Thanks
  12. A real nit pick – heading for the kerning/leading section under Character > Positioning and Transform seems a bit strange. Would 'Positioning and Transforming' or 'Position and Transform' be more consistent? Deep into my first commercial project with Publisher and I am blown away by how much better this is compared to InDesign – which I've used professionally since it was replaced PageMaker on my computer.(Nit fixed). Truly well done to every one involved.
  13. MikeV

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Massive congratulations to the Publisher team. Also found great advances in the release version compared to the last beta I worked with. And StudioLink is going to be a dramatic workflow game changer. Just great. Have recommended Publisher to a client and to a colleague. On to 3 million!
  14. Great. Thanks for the prompt response. Something to look forward to first thing on Wednesday.
  15. Hi Patrick, Really looking forward to getting my pre-ordered copy. Currently using a Beta for 'non-critical' tasks. Can't wait to ditch InDesign CS6. Would also like to watch the launch presentation but it starts at 3:15 am down under – I guess that maps the limit of my enthusiasm. Will it be possible to watch a replay of the presentation say the next day? Cheers .

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