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  1. MikeV

    Variable fonts

    Hi, Would like to add a request for variable font support too. TT has just released a new font 'Frantz' with variation within the x height that looks really interesting. Thanks
  2. A real nit pick – heading for the kerning/leading section under Character > Positioning and Transform seems a bit strange. Would 'Positioning and Transforming' or 'Position and Transform' be more consistent? Deep into my first commercial project with Publisher and I am blown away by how much better this is compared to InDesign – which I've used professionally since it was replaced PageMaker on my computer.(Nit fixed). Truly well done to every one involved.
  3. MikeV

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Massive congratulations to the Publisher team. Also found great advances in the release version compared to the last beta I worked with. And StudioLink is going to be a dramatic workflow game changer. Just great. Have recommended Publisher to a client and to a colleague. On to 3 million!
  4. Great. Thanks for the prompt response. Something to look forward to first thing on Wednesday.
  5. Hi Patrick, Really looking forward to getting my pre-ordered copy. Currently using a Beta for 'non-critical' tasks. Can't wait to ditch InDesign CS6. Would also like to watch the launch presentation but it starts at 3:15 am down under – I guess that maps the limit of my enthusiasm. Will it be possible to watch a replay of the presentation say the next day? Cheers .
  6. HI, Was mocking up an invitation with several lines of centred type separated by carriage returns that I copied into a new Piublisher file. The first time I select a line of this copy to adjust the leading in the 'positioning and transform' window under 'character' the current leading value is in brackets and if I tap on the up or down arrows the leading drops to 1 regardless of that current value. Once I have set a new value the up and down keys perform as expected. It's always the first adjustment. It's as if the software can't read the current leading. Once a adjustment is made and the brackets are gone all works fine. Cheers Mike
  7. Hi, Would like to request the function of adding arrowheads to either or both ends of straight and curved lines. Have read that this is function has been on the 'to add' list for Designer since 2014. Would like to add my voice to including this function in the Publisher requested features list. I use lines with arrowheads often in InDesign for notating diagrams, suggesting flow, and to highlight elements within a layout for clients. Thanks
  8. Had an issue with 128 in 'separated mode' – where each document is in it's own window. Closing one of the three open documents caused Publisher to close down all the other open documents and itself (crash). Have just downloaded 133. Appears the problem remains. Opened three windows/documents, resized one, changed a text box in the second then went to close that second document. Was prompted to save the change first. Did that. Change was saved. Then went to close the document. It closed then Publisher crashed. Not sure if it was the second attempt to close or just a delayed reaction to the earlier/ongoing document close instruction. Also when in 'separated mode' – one document per window – dragging one Publisher document window on top of another also causes Publisher to crash. In recovery mode documents can open with random squares of black showing on the screen. Scrolling or zooming to refresh the screen removes the black squares. Screen grab below.
  9. Hi Pauls, As i mentioned in response to Old Bruce I can't reproduce the issue. The original file, when opened in build 128, still displays the incorrect thumbnail page numbers and when adding another page that page is always 'page 7' in thumbnails. But in creating new documents by importing pdfs and adding/moving pages in those new documents all is working 'normally'. It may have been a very specific action of moving a page then adding a page that 'locked' subsequent pages I added into same 'page 7' number. Have created a master to display the page number on each page in the 'weird' document and that works just fine too, but the incorrect and duplicated thumbnail page numbers remain in the Pages panel. I'd put it down as a 'freak' occurrence and ignore it. If I have the same issue again I can always raise it then – and take care to notate the specific steps that led up to the issue. Otherwise really enjoying getting to grips with Publisher.
  10. I've just tried to reproduce the error and I can't in a new document or converted pdf – which is what the original document was – however if I add a new page anywhere in the original document that new page is still labeled as page 7. Weird.
  11. Thanks for the follow-up. It's subtle but I've got it. Click on the link triangle to get the red unlink symbol then click within the source text box to delete the link. The opposite of making a link by clicking on the triangle and then onto the text box you want to link too. Once you know how it is a very neat and simple approach. Thanks Cheers M
  12. Hi mac_heibu, Thanks for the response. The video was really helpful but … How do you get the link symbol next to the move tool to turn red so it unlinks? I've tried the obvious in holding down function, control, option, command, delete even escape but no go. I'm obviously missing something. Cheers M
  13. Hi, Is there a way to select an anchor point – corner, side or top of an image and 'lock' that side or corner so it holds constant while resizing the image? For example, if I want to insert a photo and have its top align with another object can I position the top edge in line with that object then use Command and the bottom corner handle to resize the photo while its top edge remains in line with the chosen object. Have tried selecting edge anchor points in 'transform' but the photos all hold the centre as the fixed point as they resize. The help guide suggests that using the centre as the anchor point is an option but not how to select other/edge anchor points. Cheers M
  14. Is there a way to unlink two linked text boxes in Publisher without deleting one of those boxes? Thanks M
  15. Hi Whitedog and artytr, Add my vote to this his form of linking. As a long-time user of InDesign for large documents I think this approach is really innovative. Cheers M

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