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  1. A HUGE thanks to the team for this upgrade. Have been wrestling with my first large Affinity Publisher book project – since moving from InDesign – for a couple of months. The file is north of 400 MB with hundreds of illustrations across 317 pages. Just moving through the file by scrolling in the Pages panel took several minutes, and threw up more beach balls than a record attempt in Florida. Updated to 1.10 this morning. Completed an author's correction that would have taken several frustrating minutes in less than half-a-minute. This update is a game changer for those of us working with large files. Ten times faster – seems an understatement. So well done. And now we know where all that developer effort has been directed for the last several months. With that work done, can I put my hand up for some developer attention to supporting variable fonts? An increasing number of new fonts, such as through vendors like MyFonts, include a variable option as matter of course. In the works?
  2. The trick is that the tab shortcut to toggle the UI on and off does not work when the cursor is set for 'text', but if it is set for, say, move (v) or node (a) the shortcut works.
  3. Another vote for including SVG support. There is a growing pool of this format of fonts. It's one of the rare things I miss from Illustrator, along with a whole lot I don't.
  4. One can only hope. Or maybe the 'enhanced' elements could be picked up by Serif. Will really miss the iPad preview capability that was just a click, and publishing to Apple Books was also much more streamlined that with Pages.
  5. With iBooks Author you can can create books that are an order of magnitude better in look and interactivity that is possible currently in Pages. There is a suggestion that some iBooks Author 'enhanced' capability may be transferred to Pages, but speaking with an Apple Books team member yesterday they have no idea if that may happen. More may be revealed during WWDC starting on June 22. Having created several titles in iBooks Author for sale on Apple Books, comparing the design/publishing capability of Pages and iBooks Author is a bit like comparing Apple Photo and Aperture. One is essentially a consumer program while the other is geared for professional use – Apple's spin not withstanding.
  6. Hi Paolo, There are 'enhanced' book features in iBooks Author that cannot currently be created in a Pages generated ebook. Those include a fixed layout that can become a flowing read option through 'scrolling', a unique navigation system, higher levels of interactivity, and a powerful glossary function that allows for simple creation of linked pages that can then be applied anywhere through the main text, with glossary entries also being able to be linked. Probably the best way to get a handle on the difference is to look through the Apple Books store for those publications marked with a blue rectangle with 'Made for iBooks'. One I have been involved with is Treason Claus von Stauffenberg and the Plot to Kill Hitler.
  7. With Apple announcing the demise of iBooks Author this morning, and a very unhelpful suggestion to use Pages instead, could a future Publisher roadmap include adding key iBooks Author functions such as widgets, links and the glossary function? I guess this could be part of an ePub capability that is proposed for Publisher? It appears iBooks Author will not be available on the App Store from the 1st of July, but will be supported by at least by MacOS 10.15, so we have at least a year’s grace.
  8. Hi Gabe, Thanks for that advice. I will set a window size that gets me close to 100% when working on these types of projects. Would be great, as garrettm30 has suggested, to separate navigation from zoom so the zoom level remains a last requested/set when navigating through a long document via the pages panel.
  9. Found this thread while looking for an answer to another 'view/zoom' issue I'm having. Experiencing this issue as well – command 1 or command 8 bringing up the same size document, but that document being larger on the screen than the finished print size (custom 155 by 218 mm pages vertical, facing) on my 5K iMac, but not on the companion 4K Dell monitor (older iMac that can only take a 4K second monitor). Followed R C-R's lead. Reset Preview preferences to 'Size on screen equals size on printout', restarted Publisher and now the iMac is also displaying the document at the correct print size when I use either command 1 or command 8 – seems to be no difference between the two. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 – just about to finally dump InDesign and update to 10.15, Yah!
  10. Not sure if this is should be a bug report, a feature request, or there is a control I haven't found. Working with a 130 page book in Publisher – lots of full-page photos that are linked and still the file is north of 200MB – been behaving beautifully. The last time I did the same exercise with InDesign I collected a swimming pool of beach balls. So very happy, and all is looking good in the first printer proof. However, there is one annoying thing. I like to work at actual size when designing and preparing these files. However, with the view/zoom level at 100% when I move to another spread via the pages column that view goes to an arbitrary level of anything from between 90% and 120% depending on the size of the working window I have. Every time I need to hit command 1 to get back to the desired zoom level. Should the zoom level stay at the previous level when navigating via the pages panel? Is there a setting I am missing for this option. If not, it would be a great feature to add. Thanks
  11. Hi, Is anyone else having issues with accessing the Serif tutorials. At best I manage to play a couple then either the video quality drops to a point where the screen is a blur, or the screen becomes a green rectangle while the sound plays okay. Not a speed issue at this end – internet connection is around 60 Mbps at the moment. Been having this issue for several days. The lockdown videos are playing just fine – GREAT series. Big thanks to everyone involved. Bit frustrating trying to follow-up some of the tools/methods shown in the lockdown videos with the relevant Serif videos. Cheers Edit – meant to add that I have the same issue in Firefox and Safari.
  12. Hi Carl, I had tried to work through the Edit detached function but could not find it – I was selecting the actual table rather than the Master table source layer. Duh! All makes sense now. Thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if/how to modify a table set up on a master page on each of the individual pages that use that master page? I am trying to set up a master agenda using a table with four columns and a flexible number of rows. On the master page I have set the table with the maximum number of rows. First pic. Each page is the plan for a particular person and so the number of actions can vary from one to several. The idea is to set up the master page with a client's logo and general information then vary the number of rows on each page to match the number of tasks for that person. A couple of typical pages are attached. Second nd third pics. Adding text is not an issue as the rows on any of the pages will expand as required. The issue is deleting unneeded rows on individual pages. Is there a way? Thanks
  14. Wow! Again! Congratulations. Richly deserved. As exciting as this award is, the absolute killer news is this little gem tucked away in your award announcement: 'There’s some great stuff coming in our 1.8 update (including IDML import in Affinity Publisher!) which should be with you early in the New Year… ' I see a very large Adobe rock coming off a lot of shoulders in early 2020.
  15. Have been hanging on using InDesign CS6 waiting for Publisher. Very excited by the beta process and purchased Publisher on day one. Have completed several small projects successfully in Publisher but without an indb-style function in Publisher, InDesign has to remain our prime publishing software. Would be good to know if this function is/will not be part of Publisher. If it will be we can hang on a while longer. If not, we need to (holding nose) go to Adobe CC. Even a vague indication would be helpful.
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