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  1. Hi there. Is it possible to keep both versions of publisher 1.7 and 1.8 at the same time in a Mac? don't want to fully move to 1.8 until I check all goes smoothly. Thanks Juan
  2. Sorry for the delay! Yes, it is assigned to the tab key...
  3. Yes, what's what I meant... it doesnt hide studio panels... have checked in key mapping... isn't working either
  4. Also in beta 1.8 the tab key isn't going full screen. Have checked key mappings... Any ideas?
  5. Attached what I meant. Would be possible to move horizontally the separation between sections and section detail?
  6. Is it possible to switch between the list view of the 1.8 version and the icon view of the 1.7 version? Attached the 1.7 and 1.8 views of the pages
  7. In the section manager windows, the split panel is not resizeable, is this so? or is it a bug?
  8. Hey Walt! Nothing is selected and tab is the shortcut... just send a capture...
  9. Hey there! Just tried to toggle ui with the tab key and didn't work. Checked Designer and worked. Is it a bug? Thanks Juan
  10. Hey there! Is there any way to hide pages within a publisher document? I have two layouts of the same content and I want to hide one of them when exporting to PDF. Thanks! Juan
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