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  1. Will do with the method #1, although is there any way to export directly from the layer effects menu? just want to apply the fx only Thanks!
  2. Sorry! Yes! its the layer fx
  3. I meant the layer styles to set some shadow...
  4. Hi Walt! I've attached a test file where I've defined a paragraph style with drop caps linked to a character style with red color. Then I select the "N" in the second paragraph and try to change the color to Yellow... but it keeps red. Thanks! Juan DropCapsColorTest.afpub
  5. Hey there! I've defined a paragraph style where Drop Cap is enabled and pointing to a character style which sets the color property of the font to orange. When I select the first character in a new paragraph with the defined style and try to change the color of such selected character (overriding the default Drop Cap font color) it doesn't work. It keeps the color defined in the Drop Cap character style. Any ideas? Thanks! Juan
  6. Hey There! Is there any option to embed layers styles into a document? The idea is to "attach" the text layer styles inside the document so it can be moved to another working station for further processing. Thanks! Juan
  7. The answer is "first paragraph only". Will use suggested method Thanks!
  8. Hi Patrick! The thing is it makes Drop Cap every new paragraph on a text box. That's why I'm asking... or maybe Im not doing it the right way Thanks!
  9. Hey there! Would it be possible to configure how many paragraphs will the drop cap span? Just say I want to have the Drop Cap only in the first paragraph for a whole paragraph style, some kind of "Drop Cap Span 1 paragraph" Thanks you very much for your work! Juan

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