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  1. Your printer should have come with printer profiles bundled with its driver software. These should be selectable from some option of your printer's dialog window (likely labeled something like "Color Management". To "generate a printer profile,' you need color-calibration hardware such as xRite's i1Studio. This will allow you to create custom profiles specific to your individual printer as well as any special brands or types of paper that you regularly use. These will allow you to fine-tune the color-reproduction accuracy of your printer. In this particular case, simply running the p
  2. I have to correct myself (I hate that): Affinity Suite 1.8.6-1.9.1 broke custom printer profile support. 1.9.2 fixed it. 1.9.3 did not break it again. Something else broke. In this case, the most unlikely, bizarre, inkjet issue I’ve ever run in to. Both black ink tank jets blocked up suddenly and completely. All eight of the other Canon Pro-10 tanks were perfectly clean. So when coincident with the 1.9.3 update, my printout just had kind of muddy grays (no lines like you normally get with clogged jets), my first guess was they broke the printer profiles again. This led to much
  3. Publisher 1.9.3 seems to have broken icc profiles, again.
  4. Publisher 1.9.2 seems to be properly finding my custom printer profiles now, at least under Mojave. I no longer have Big Sur or Catalina environments, sorry. I have not tested Designer or Photo yet. Thank you.
  5. First, it is worth noting that article [KNOWN ISSUE] is misleading. It is not just a Big Sur issue. It existed under Mojave from Affinity 1.8.6 on (at least mid-November of 2020). Second, rather than dragging multiple redundant profiles from the depths of ~/Library (that Apple hides from users by default) to each of the three Affinity apps, it's much easier to just load Adobe. Lastly, DO NOT write this into the documentation. FIX IT! Please? (It really shouldn't take much longer than documenting it would.)
  6. This issue has existed across the suite since 1.8.6. How hard can it be to fix something you had working right? I'm glad I haven't deleted Adobe yet.
  7. Now that I have the full Affinity Suite and the full Workbook library, I want to finally dive in. Would you recommend any particular one of the Workbooks as an introduction and overview of how the three apps work together? (I don't find video tutorials helpful. I paid for the books and I'd rather use my time reading them.) If the answer is just pick the app you will use the most, that is a helpful answer, too. Thanks.
  8. Now that I have the full Affinity Suite and the full Workbook library, I want to finally dive in. Would you recommend any particular one of the Workbooks as an introduction and overview of how the three apps work together? Thanks.
  9. Sorry, missed this question. I'm in Colorado, USA. I ordered it 12/12/20. I believe I got a tracking notice? Can't remember for sure, and didn't save it. Can't remember the shipper. Remember noting that it claimed to have shipped out of New York City.
  10. "As far as I know?" (emoji deleted) Sorry, I joined the thread later, and I (and several others) didn't read the earlier part of the thread as closely. Nonetheless, /Users/Me/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/profiles is just wrong. Useful work-around though, thanks.
  11. FWIW, I restored version 1.8.1 of Publisher (overwriting 1.8.6) from Time Machine and it is still fine w/ my Pro-10 profiles under Mojave. And of course, it doesn't play well with the rest of the 1.8.6 suite, but that I can work around. I am guessing you could restore the rest of the suite to 1.8.1, but haven't tried. Also, I haven't tried this under Big Sur. Is anyone using Big Sur that doesn't have to (ie. has "Apple Silcon")?
  12. FWIW, XRite tech support thinks this could be related to the fact that most printers (at least Canon) distributed profiles are version 2; however, current iStudio generated profiles default to v.4.3.0. They say it is still possible to generate version 2 profiles. If I find a round'tuit, I'll try to test this.
  13. Since I posted here, I have found a larger thread on this topic here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/127340-icc-profiles-not-loading-in-186/ Affinity says they are looking in to it.
  14. I am also having printing profile issues in Big Sur (with the entire suite) and my Canon PIXMA PRO-10, but only with my custom iStudio profiles. The suite is alright with the profiles distributed by Canon. Acorn and Preview have no issues with the custom profiles.
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