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    nschall reacted to arial_bold in Canceling a batch job after it's started?   
    I am so used to have a cancel option for batch processing I was a bit surprised it wasn't there. No loss for me as I was testing it on a backup folder.
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    nschall reacted to drphoto in Presets in the Crop Tool with fixed pixel sizes do not work any longer   
    There have been a lot of changes to the crop tool in 1.7 (I lost my presets too, and the presets in 1.7 don't work like I need them to either). The way you (and I) used the presets, the new tool wants to be set to "unconstrained", which in 1.7 wont let you save as a preset.  Hopefully they are working on it, but If you need things to work like before, you may have to roll back to 1.6.5, which I plan on doing for now since I have some jobs coming up and I need it to just work!
    I wish we could install them side by side, because other than this, the performance of 1.7 is quite good.  Note: Any afphoto file you save in 1.7 cant be edited by older versions, keep that in mind if you roll back.
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    nschall reacted to drphoto in User Created Crop Tool Presets have no effect -   
    I think a bug from has returned, I just upgraded from 1.6.5 to 1.7.2, and recreated a few crop presets that arent carried over during the upgrade, but none of them actually do anything.  This is a repeat of the bugs reported in these threads:
    [Fixed] User Created Crop Tool Presets have no effect -
    The user created crop presets dont seem to work properly
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    nschall reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Click here to download the latest beta
    Status: Customer Beta
    Purpose: Fixes
    Requirements: A valid product key (for Affinity Store purchases), or an installation of the full retail version from the Microsoft Store

    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post a new thread in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. 

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Beta icons are back :-) Fixed sporadic crash on user's file Fixed export settings not getting saved Fixed occasional crash when printing Fixed soft hyphen in a word prevents it from being added to the spelling dictionary  Tweaks to Crop tool. 'Absolute Size' has been renamed to 'Resample', and the 'Unconstrained' units defaults to the document units, as well as allowing the user to change the units for the crop creation. Fixed DNG imports with severe chromatic aberration Changed PSD import of background layers to correctly render blend modes Added more lens correction data Re-added support for CRW metadata  Fixed sporadic crash in Batch processing Fixed rendering issues with Live Filters Fixed possibility of Develop Crop resulting in non-whole pixels Fixed help errors release notes
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    nschall reacted to Mark Ingram in Photo and Designer closes at Startup   
    Thanks - I've hidden the update posts and I'll investigate.
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    nschall reacted to Gnobelix in Photo and Designer closes at Startup   
    Hello everybody,
    the updating the new Beta 443, will be completed successfully.
    But the new beta will not start, also no start with administration rights. A complete deinstallation and reinstallation does not solve the problem.
    This applies to photo as well as to designers.
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    nschall reacted to Uwe367 in Photo and Designer closes at Startup   
    Hi @all,
    I downloaded the new Beta Versions of Photo and Designer and if i start them, the Logo will be shown and then the Apps closing by itsself.

    2019-08-03-15-32-02.mp4 I made a Restart of my System, but that doesn´t help.
    I wanted to check out the new Features, but if the App not starts.. i can´t
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    nschall reacted to dmstraker in InAffinity passes 200 videos on YouTube...   
    I also add search tags and put every video into a playlist or two. And I've plans to do a separate web page on one of my sites with a more readable segmentation.
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    nschall reacted to IanSG in Assistant Manager Grayed Out   
    Under 1.6 the Assistant Manager could be started and changes made to the RAW development options before an image was loaded - this can't be done now.
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    nschall reacted to paulie.reklama in Last settings of the used tool etc.   
    Hi Affinity,
    The AF does not remember the last settings of the used tool, it is very tedious to set everything up again. For example.. If I've created the new Crop preset which I use very often, everytime when I click to the Crop tool, the default preset appears (unconstrained). And in addition with the Thirds grid that I have to switch off again and again, becouse its very disturbing. And without Darken border, that I'am switching on again..  Is possible to add some memory to the tools?  If I'll click to the Crop tool next time, the "my preset" without grid and with Darken border will appears automatically as default?
    And my second question is about Stock panel with Shutterstock images. If I drag and drop the image inside my instance from the Stock, its only in thumbnail resolution and without transparency.. Please could you tell me how to improve it?
    Many thanks,
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    nschall reacted to Steve.leach in Crop default   
    And I third this!  Also, having to crop the image after straightening is irritating.  Serif had the option to "Destructive Crop" ... or am I missing something?
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    nschall reacted to Steve.leach in Crop Mode Default   
    Every time I use the Crop Tool it defaults to "Unconstrained".  At least could it not keep my mode selection for the Time I have Affinity Photo open?  Also, the destructive crop was very useful in Serif.   
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    nschall reacted to Steel Rat in Crop default   
    I second this! Very tedious having to constantly re-configure the tools you use all the time.
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    nschall reacted to johneb21945 in Crop default   
    Can we possibly set a default for cropping?  Right now the default is for unconstrained.  I know we can add crop presets, but it would make it so much easier if we didn't have to scroll down to the preset when we are working on a batch of pictures.    Thanks, John B
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    nschall reacted to oztourer in .112: good and bad   
    On point 2, drag/drop: as a new (Mac) user of Affinity Photo I must agree that this omission is highly frustrating, the more so since Photo is dumb in its selection of starting folder in its various dialogues - it insists on presenting the folder last used in that particular dialogue, and ignoring for example the fact that I have just opened an image in a different folder using "open with" from the Finder. Save and export functionality is broken in a similar way, in that I would expect both dialogues to default to the folder from which the edited image was opened but no, once more the program remembers the folder last used by those dialogues even though that folder is generally irrelevant to the image being edited.
    I did notice a 'Recent Places' drop-down in the Open and Save dialogues . Unfortunately opening an image, whether using the Open dialogue or using "open with" from the Finder, does not add that folder to Recent Places, so that is that is of no help with the Save dialogue.
    As I say, I am a new user, so I will be pleased if this is all just lack of familiarity with Photo, but it currently feels as though something as fundamental as opening and saving files is incredibly poorly implemented.
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    nschall reacted to JayH in White Line Around Edge of Zoomed Image   
    I hope that doesn't translate that there isn't anyone qualified to fix it? or perhaps they're indisposed doing something else? All that's gone into the Affinity software and something that seems small in significance can't be fixed?
    You've got to ask, my mind boggles!
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    nschall reacted to JayH in White Line Around Edge of Zoomed Image   
    This has been a bug for a good while in Affinity Photo, I was hoping it might be fixed by now, but it's still hanging around.
    On two different Windows 10 PC, each with different Nvidia graphics card, when you zoom into an image you see what appears to be a transparent edge around the top/side or both. This quite often makes you think that there is in fact a pixel line that hasn't been cropped, when in fact as you zoom in further, you'll see that there isn't anything wrong - the artifact disappears.
    It's more noticeable on darker images with a dark UI.

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    nschall reacted to ostonica in [Affinity Photo] How open above 200 RAW and produce it one by one   
    I think this is a very serious, if not crippling, omission from Affinity Photo.  Applying a set of settings to a set of RAW files from a photo shoot is not, in my opinion, a function of a DAM. 
    It should be a feature of the Develop Persona.  
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    nschall reacted to Chris B in Toolsize not displayed during change via Menue   
    Hey Norbert,

    I'm pretty sure I've raised your first issue. It's a pain because it will add a History entry too. I'll double check and get this logged if it isn't already. The Mac version doesn't do it so it might be a difference in the OS but we'll find out! You can use the [ and ] keys to get a dynamic preview of your desired brush size which might help. 
    I definitely agree with this. You can add your own macro to do this for the time being and run your images through a batch job.
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    nschall reacted to DarkClown in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    Frankly spoken, it seems to me that some of you guys have forgotten that this is an Affinity forum and probably not the right place to discuss, advertise and worship other companies products ...
    Just my 2 cents ...
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    nschall reacted to RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica in Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!   
    Bri-Toon or anyone, I linked through to the link Bri-Toon posted and the link is broken and it won't let me plant it in this post, good reason if it is not reachable. The link was for Beta updates. What I am looking for is just the area where I can check for updates finished. Or how else would we get notified about these when they occur? By the way, I am Desktop. I am not iPad or phone. I like a keyboard and I like a large screen, so if Affinity is not going to continue to serve us desktop users I may have to rethink the photo editor switch from Photoshop. Hoping I won't have to do that, which is why I am asking.
    I do not see a link from inside Affinity Photo to check for updates either. Where do we look for those desktop finished updates, not the betas?
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    nschall reacted to c_moon in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    Total non-tech person here, but when comparing the same photo in 1.5 and this Beta, the colour in Beta has gone weird and there is clear banding- as though its down to very few bit colour. I guess related to the colour problems others have mentioned. The navigator view looks OK, but then that's small.  The histogram has also gone weird.  In 1.5 it's nice and solid - in Beta its like a series of vertical lines as though the depth of colour has gone.
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    nschall reacted to Taluyaq in New Feature Poll   
    I am sure you guys at Serif have some sort of roadmap for the further development of AP. But with any new software there pop up feature requests from users that you deemed not a priority right now or you even might not have thought of at all. At the moment the forums start clogging with requests, some new threads doubling old ones, and, of course, some quite outlandish demands. What about setting up a poll where we may vote for most needed features to implement? That would clear up things a bit and you would not need to plow through this thread jungle to keep up.
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    nschall reacted to TEcHNOpls in Beta policy   
    just wanted you to ask if you could change your policy a bit in regards to beta releases.
    would it be possible to make is to that if there are some serious bugs found, you will release a new version of Beta with such bags fixed ASAP?
    My reasoning is, that I don't do testing on some abstract works but what I'm processing right now, so if I'm stuck with a non-backwards compatible work and I can't work properly.
    I can either stop testing (which is not desirable, I guess) or I can risk getting stuck with highly unusable SW hindering my work.
    (Yes, I know it's not supposed to be used "in production", but I want to verify my workflow is working properly or is it improved. With such bugs like inpaint/healing taking a lot of time it makes really hard to use these tools).
    Also, posting updates on timeplans for next beta releases would be a plus, as much as it can grow anticipation, it can also relief tension in users that feel noting is happening from their point of view.
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    nschall reacted to Max N in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    This problem with the histogram in the 1.6 branch is only me?

    The histogram is recalculated very slowly, which makes it difficult to develop raw.


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