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When are sticky settings for the tools finally coming??? (feature request since 2015)

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Dear developers,

It's unbelievable: since 2015, hundreds of users have asked here in the forum for "sticky settings" for the tools, but it is simply ignored by the Serif developers.
Sorry, but it's just annoying to have to reconfigure the tools again and again after opening each file!!!
...and with the selection brush it's even worse: here you even have to select the mode separately each time.

It can't be that difficult to integrate these functions into the app. Every other image editing app offers this by default.

Please, oh please 🙏 finally provide sticky settings with the next update!


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  • 10 months later...

I find that settings/options on tools do not stick around. For example, I often need to use Flood Select with tolerance at 0 but when I open a file I find it back at 20% rather than the last option I chose, which was 0.

Is there now an option somewhere I need to turn on or is this feature still missing? I even tried Edit > Defaults > Save but when I open a new document the tolerance is back at 20%. But this would not be the solution anyway since I do not want to remember to click through a menu and waste time to save what could be auto saved.

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To my knowledge Serif has never indicated that they will ever implement this, so constantly begging for a timeframe is kind of pointless as it may never happen at all.

Furthermore, this is a duplicate thread now many times over, and if I were Serif having to wade through all of these duplicates, I might be inclined to implement a policy of reducing the priority of any feature request for every duplicate thread that is created for that request, particularly as it violates the forum guidelines.


In fact, according to those guidelines, this thread should technically be deleted...



  • Please search first, it may well be that you have a suggestion that others also want. If so add your feelings to their thread.
  • If you cannot find your idea, make a new post. Try to keep your post as concise as possible, and for the title of your post to describe the request as best you can.
  • Please just do one suggestion per thread. If your post title is “Here’s a few ideas to improve Affinity Publisher” you’ll be asked to split them up.
  • Please understand we can’t possibly do everything which is requested, but we try to make the best calls we can in terms of prioritising our work. Constantly nagging or being overly ranty that we haven’t implemented one of your suggestions will not help your cause, and such posts will be deleted.


(emphasis mine)


Also, you are clearly aware of those other threads, so you have no excuse for having duplicated them:

On 9/17/2021 at 3:44 AM, süppel said:

hundreds of users have asked here in the forum for "sticky settings" for the tools


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  • 1 month later...

> I might be inclined to implement a policy of reducing the priority of any feature request f

Wow.. what a stupid idea that would be. Punish users for indicating they want/need certain features.  🤦‍♂️

We are requesting these things since we want it and want to use Affinity but if they can not provide these things then we simply do not buy the next upgrade. In meanwhile the open source tools are getting better and better.

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On 9/9/2022 at 8:38 AM, plyoung said:

Punish users for indicating they want/need certain features.

No, but for spreading out the conversation in multiple places and making it more difficult to follow, as well as for polluting the forums with a boatload of redundant threads that add nothing of value, but make it much harder to keep up with what people are asking for.  If you need to look at 10 threads to find out what different people are saying about the same basic request, but those threads are spread out among 600 threads that are only actually asking for 150 different things, it is rather easy to get lost.  The time spent on trying to piece together what is being requested is time that could have been spent developing the features.

By constantly begging and adding pointless "+1" posts (and even worse entire threads) that actually need to be read by someone you are putting the developers in a situation where they either need to waste most of their time reading the forum, which is time they can't spend on actually developing, or in which they basically need to ignore the forum, so they have no idea what you are asking for anyway, making it less likely that what you are requesting will actually make it into the product.

In other words, we are shooting ourselves in the foot by not following the guidelines.

It would not be my goal to punish users, but rather to keep the feature request / bug report sections of the forum more organized and thus improve the accessibility of the meaningful parts of the discussions, and to discourage users from constantly breaking the rules and making the information harder to access, to the detriment of the product's development.

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