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  1. +1 ..Game developers need this since we need .ico to upload to Steam for example. If you are going to implement this then you need to support multi-res. That is, I need to be able to include 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, and 256x256 resolutions in the one file. Probably not high priority though since there are a lot of online generators for this. I actually currently use GIMP to export the .ico files. Krita also supports it but does not seem to handle multires (although I did not research this to deeply since Gimp worked).
  2. That did it! Thanks so much. Background, since it seems the way I "made" the shapes is what caused initial problem and might help someone else happening on this thread. I am trying to create some icons which are placed into a font for use in a game as prompts (why I need SVG exports). In this case I needed the R, F, and V keys. I am using the font https://shinmera.github.io/promptfont/ and wanted to do something similar to the F1, F2, etc keys, but for R, F, and V. So the 1st shape, that curved rectangle, is just the "F1" from the font inserted via the Glyph Browser. I then remove the nodes that made up the F1 carving so that it is a solid rectangle. I then create second object/layer, the R or example, and convert that to curves too. Then I select these two layers, R and the curved rect, and hit subtract, expecting the R to carve a hole in the lower layer rectangle. But I ended up with that R nodes inside the rectangle nodes. Not a hole. First selecting a node (or nodes) from the rectangle and doing the Action: Reverse and then doing subtract worked.
  3. Note the second paragraph of my post. I tried the Alternate Fillmode mentioned in another topic but,...... Any other suggestions?
  4. > I might be inclined to implement a policy of reducing the priority of any feature request f Wow.. what a stupid idea that would be. Punish users for indicating they want/need certain features. 🤦‍♂️ We are requesting these things since we want it and want to use Affinity but if they can not provide these things then we simply do not buy the next upgrade. In meanwhile the open source tools are getting better and better.
  5. I do not get it. I select both layers and press subtract but alI I end up with is the one shape in the other one. If I offset the top layer somewhat then it cuts for real. What am i doing wrong? See attached. [EDIT] I tried the Alternate Fillmode mentioned in another topic but, while it looked correct in Designer, that did not help when I exported to SVG - ending up with a solid where i wanted the transparency. I finally used Inkscape where I created the same shapes but going to menu: Path > Difference and then exporting as SVG gave the expected result. Would like to know how to do this correctly in Designer though.
  6. I find that settings/options on tools do not stick around. For example, I often need to use Flood Select with tolerance at 0 but when I open a file I find it back at 20% rather than the last option I chose, which was 0. Is there now an option somewhere I need to turn on or is this feature still missing? I even tried Edit > Defaults > Save but when I open a new document the tolerance is back at 20%. But this would not be the solution anyway since I do not want to remember to click through a menu and waste time to save what could be auto saved.
  7. One could and those of us who have purchased probably already started remapping binds and then saving it to a backup. But I imagine someone trying out a trial version to quickly see if Affinity could be a viable replacement might not want to go through the effort to rebind and maybe even decide it is not worth the switch when they seem to work slower just because of the rebinds tweaks that are needed. Adding official remaps would show how much they care and know people are coming from other tools.
  8. It would be nice if one could enter a word to filter the Keyboard Shortcuts list. For ex to find all the marquee related tools in the list. Secondly, it is hard to rebind when something else is already bound to that key and you have no idea in which menu that something is to go remove it. Ex. I want to use the F key which is bound to something called "Toggle Frequency Layer" by default. I have no idea what this is and where in the menus it is located so I do not know how to navigate to it in the shortcut prefs to remove the bind from it. If one could filter/search then I could perhaps find it or there where you show the X icon to unbind you could add another icon button which allows me to jump to that bind to unbind or change it.
  9. Wait, this is not available? Well +1 to requesting the feature. I do not care about destructiveness or whatever. I just want to quickly select an area with Flood Select, Invert the selection, crop to it, and save; as I was able to in PaintShopPro - which I'm now forced to use again for this since it is a slower process in Affinity [edit] Hang on, Clip Canvas does what I need if I delete the selection (to create transparent area) rather than trying to invert and crop to it.
  10. Coming from PaintShopPro I miss the ability to quickly see an image or selection's (marquee's) size in the status bar. I did notice that you can see the selection info in the Transform panel and even edit the values there, which is very nice.
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