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  1. Just made a recording the curves are not shown TinyTake_by_MangoApps-13-08-2020-12-43-38.mp4
  2. Walt, thank you very much for your help an patience I managed to get it where I want it. But while the results are as I expected the usage of "PX" and "CM" etc. in a dimensionless ratio ist still a strange thing. Anyway it works - thank to your help Norbert
  3. in 1.jpg I want to get rid of "own", "3:2", "aaown" and "a4" because theesen entries are empty -> i cannot delete it in 2.jpg I want to change the name "AAA" to something else > no chance I think I will delete the whole program and reinstall it and then make sure that I name the settings properly. Thanks a lot for your patience
  4. Walt , I do not want to change contents of the "AAA" collection but I want to change the name "AAA" into something reconizable and for this I did not find a way. Some of the others (collections) are 'leftovers' from other version and these 'containers ' are empty - so I wanted to delete the empty collection.
  5. Thanks Walt, Of cause I tried that but it is grayed out Norbert
  6. Sorry , but the cropping -menue is a miracle I was not able to crack . I managed to create some own crop-definitions -headlines-settings but I could not enter the the data and futher more I cannot delete it anymore . So consequently I crop my pictures with 'faststone' ( free ).
  7. Hey Chris Thanks for the explanation - got it now ;-)) Norbert
  8. Cropping in Photo seems to be very special - I am lost ☹️ Norbert
  9. If cropping to a ratio "PX" any unit and DPI make no sense at least it is very confusing . Norbert
  10. Can we expect that tool-settings (last used) will be sticky so that you not have to reconfigurate everything when working on a serias of picture? In some cases it already exists - but on others like crop , perpective etc. I have to set it every time I use it because I want to use a different setting that I like to use. Norbert
  11. The crop menue of PHOTO is still quite confusing , a crop RATIO should not have any "PX" or other dimensions
  12. Is it planned to store the last settings of the tools so that for the next session you will be able to work with your configurated tools? It is allways annoying having to reset the tools to your preference.
  13. Sorry I do no have a list I just deleted fonts which I would not use, like arabic,india and fonts I never used in the past.
  14. Mark, I just deleted some 80 fonts from my PC and now I can open 1.7 and 1.8 beta versions.
  15. Sorry , I realized just after I uploaded it . I have uploaded the 1.8 Version with the next entry - sorry for that. Norbert 7b1c507c-3f00-4787-806a-1fff0cd313ea.dmp 5f89cead-e2f0-4848-a8d2-157c390ccaf1.dmp
  16. some more reports dmp's from the todays version. Norbert 899dd1ad-c411-44c1-8f32-51aa11f7252a.dmp 1b3ff8a-e745-474f-81dd-2759aba2dcd8.dmp
  17. Similar problem, Version 1.8xx program does not start anymore, 1.7 version runs OK. 0db3e801-c1c9-4473-9872-01d2913b78e5.dmp 34a1e3b-506e-46b6-b850-f019fcd2c1c9.dmp
  18. same thing here , APhoto starts showing empty APoto screen and after 10 to 30 seconds just closes without any message. I installed V 1.73 again - NO PROBLEM
  19. Same effect here. Yesterday I could start it with "--no-hw-ui" . Today no success at all . Win10 16 G ram Norbert 20c02631-769d-402f-95da-82b6581a1155.dmp 9252813b-5ea7-476f-9938-5578e9ac7d52.dmp
  20. 1) Pipette does not work anymore 2) the 'pinkish' effect was also noticed in the last Beta Best regards Norbert
  21. - a Pink marker appears arround lighted spots. - The eyedropper on the gradiation panel only selects highlights. - Changing the size of working tool via the status bar the new size is not showing (dashed) until clicking on an empty space or on the picture (have a look at GIMP and others how it should work [lost focus]) - there is no chance to keep a tool setting like crop and many others as a default for the session (e.g.working on a series of pictures that should have the same aspect ratios) Norbert
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