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  1. Looks like I've figured it out why it won't work. When you click on the layer you want to flip you first have to click on the move arrow in the toolbar. Then Arrange>Flip Horizontal (or Vertical) then it works. Shame the instructions in the Help Menu are not precise enough to tell you this. Affinity Photo would be a great program if it consistently worked correctly. I have had to reload it several times to sort out various problems that have occurred.
  2. Cannot use the flip tool to flip a layer as it is always greyed out even when I have a layer selected. Using Windows 10. I have restarted the program several times but it still doesn't work. I also tried other images and the same problem occurs.
  3. Yes that is one of the main problems with the histogram in the Levels Adjustment. I just go away and make a cup of coffee and then by the time I get back it has appeared. It was working fine after a Windows upgrade, but it has reoccurred again on a couple of occasions. This usually happens after I make a levels adjustment. If I go back into that levels adjustment the histogram sometimes doesn't appear at all. The solution I have found is to save the file and close it and then reopen it and then it works OK (bit of a pain). I am using the default colour space SRGB in Affinity. It seems to be an intermittent fault which no one can pin down (c'es la vie).
  4. I was not using Tiny Take when It happened and didn't have it open. I was just using Affinity Photo at the time. I only use Tiny Take to try and demonstrate what was happening and that it was in the preferences menu. I have tried Affinity Photo again without anything else open and it still doesn't work.
  5. After selecting an image I tried to use the Cntrl + D key to deselect the image. I ended up having to use the menu option instead. I checked the preferences menu and the Cntrl + D is there but it doesn't work. I have tried it on several images and the same problem occurs. I am using Windows 10 latest upgrade. I could not show me trying to use the Cntrl +D on the enclosed video as it kept closing the video but it clearly shows that it is in the preferences menu. TinyTake_by_MangoApps-19-08-2020-11-39-40.mp4
  6. I have just added the latest Windows update and the levels seems to be working again, so far so good so I will see if the problem occurs again. While doing the videos I another slight problem with the crop tool after using the dodge and burn tool. I tried to apply the crop but it wouldn't do it and had to cancel and retry again. TinyTake_by_MangoApps-14-08-2020-12-25-57.mp4 TinyTake_by_MangoApps-14-08-2020-12-14-52.mp4 TinyTake_by_MangoApps-14-08-2020-12-06-57.mp4
  7. I am using the Affinity Store version running on my Windows laptop using Windows 10. I am not using a graphics tablet only a mouse.
  8. Histogram does not show sometimes in the histogram window when the image has been loaded in the program. When I do a levels adjustment to the image the histogram does not show in the levels window. I have to export the image, close the program and then restart the program and then it works again. When it does work it take up to two minutes to show the histogram. The program is now running really slow since the latest upgrade to 1.84.693. I am on Windows 10.
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