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  1. Thanks, Callum, I have just checked and it is enabled.
  2. Do I need to tell Affinity Photo to use the Graphics card on my desktop? Seems a silly question, however, yesterday I found out for the very first time that it is necessary to do so with Lightroom. I have now fixed this after years using Lightroom, so looking forward to increased performance from that program. So, the question remains, do I need to do so with Affinity Photo?
  3. I've stuffed up. I want to end up with an image of 2160 pixels in depth (2547 in width) - however I currently have an image sized 993 pixels deep (2567 wide) at 240dpi. This happened because I was playing around with a base image that I had sized for the internet. Meant to stop at an early stage and restart, but forgot and now I have processed the image to just as I, and others, like. The image is to be projected and is not for print. Now it is easy to go in and resize, but then am sure I would get pixelation, or at least, less definition. What should I do, I have all the layers, so I know mostly how I arrived at the final image. Could I somehow transfer all layers except the background layer to a new background image the size I want?
  4. The money was taken out of my account on 5 Nov. Hoping to know very soon, what Product Code we should use. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. On page 399 the author says in item 9 "Select the Smudge layer, and from the Toolbar, select Insert behind the selection. I have looked all over the place and have also gone to View>Customise tools, it is possible I have missed but had a good look. It would have been handy if the the Help said something more about it than just -
  6. Greetings I hope I have got my facts right. It seems that there is a new version out, whilst I am still on version How do I get the upgrade please?
  7. Great so far, Steven, Carol Simpson in your Accounts Dept, should any day now, if she hasn't already, use my credit card details to charge the agreed amount. Next question is, when do we get the Product Code to use? - we have one member who has joined us and is waiting.
  8. This question has been bugging me for some time, so it is time for me to ask. Say you have made a selection - eg of the right eye, then later a selection of the left eye. Rather than using one eye and doing and redoing the selection of the other eye, is there any way you can tell Affinity to add the two separate selections to make one new selection? I know that you could save one as a spare channel and likewise the other, then add them in this way, but is there a simpler way? Likewise, is it possible to subtract one selection from the another?
  9. Hi Walt - but that's the best way I have found to move the selection outline, by using "new". Got that from the learning I did in Photoshop and transferred that knowledge to Affinity Photo. It works fine. Using the Move tool does not move the selection outline, Walt. When I have got the selection outline to the area I want, I do a Ctrl+j to copy -- and then use the Move tool to move the copied area back to cover the initial selection area. Job done!
  10. But, Walt & Carl, this has nothing to do with select/deselect, it is about moving a selection to put it into another area, without copying the underlying data in the initial area. Maybe you don't know that this is possible?
  11. Am not sure why the rectangular marquee has a "New" option, but the selection brush hasn't. It is not a big deal to choose new by changing to the rectangular marquee when you want to move a selection area (but not the content), however would be simpler if it could all be done from the selection brush.
  12. Am confused, because when I go new and end up with a white page, it is not a layer. I then paste something onto it which is then a layer, but I would have expected two layers to be present, ie - the white page as one and the paste as another. Is there some workaround perhaps?
  13. Many thanks for getting things moving again, Steven.
  14. Greetings Way back in June/July we (Glenfield SeniorNet, Glenfield, Auckland) placed an order for educational yearly licences (we are now using these). Am not sure offhand how many, as I am currently at home. We want to make payment, but have received no bill. James Baker, who has been terrifically helpful, advises that he has sent the information to your accounts dept and followed up a number of times, however the months drag on. We do like to keep our accounts in order and bills paid, so if someone can follow through, we would be most grateful.