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  1. Hi DM1, very grateful thanks from across "The Ditch"! We are a small group, here on the North Shore, Auckland, who are part of SeniorNet and have been meeting weekly (even at times twice weekly) initially to learn Photoshop Elements, then for the past few years moved on to Affinity Photo. Three of us take turns in tutoring our group, who attend, of about 11. We usually use a video tutorial, which we enhance with a prepared written procedure sheet, then each have "a go" to try to replicate the procedure and outcome. Additionally, three of us are members of the local Photographic Society and have convinced some members to use Affinity Photo. I have sent a copy, or in some cases a link to seventeen current users of Affinity Photo (plus an additional two interested parties) to your manual. Thank you indeed ! Jim
  2. Greetings This apprehensive student has asked me how she terminates her student (Subscription? Membership?), to then install a fully paid up subscription (which she intends to do right away). I have tried to "search" and not having much luck, tried FAQ' s. The one by Leigh Posted April 23, 2020, says to go to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\{APPNAME}\1.0\licence.xml or C:\Program Files\Affinity\{APPNAME}\licence.xml. However, I tried that on my desktop (I am a long term user and devotee) and was consistently advised that there is no such file (nowadays?) I guess, that things have moved on since Leigh's post and that particular FAQ is defunct. Who can help me please? 🙁
  3. Hi Vishal, I have the same problem, which I have been wrestling with for an hour and more. I have the Swatches panel open and have chosen a strong colour. The Opacity of the panel is 100%. The colour replacement brush is set to Opacity 100%; Flow 100%; Hardness 100%; Tolerance - have tried 10%, 30% and 100% . Have ticked "Sample continuously". When I apply the brush nothing happens!! 😫 ***************************** I wonder Vishal, if you have ticked Sample continuously? Tolerance, say 30%? Just a thought.
  4. Has anyone else experienced this? I have completed my image and go to Export, leave it on the JPEG choice, then when I go through the rest of the process, am told that it is being exported as "Affinity files", with no other choices. Fortunately I went ahead and found that my file was actually saved as a JPEG, just as I wanted. This has happened twice to me now on two different days.
  5. I have been following this video about a different way to Dodge and Burn. EASY Dodge & Burn Trick - Affinity Photo Tutorial - YouTube The narrator says at one point "open an empty pixel layer", however when I try to do this I always end up with a black pixel layer! This may be because the default has changed, though, if that is the case, I see no option to change it to empty? Have also thought that it may be in my "Edit > Preferences" to choose that ........... but am still searching for an solution. Hoping somebody can help! 🙂
  6. Have just counted through the posts above and, by my arithmetic, I can pretty confidently say that my additional support makes me +21, so the next person who responds should (hopefully) say +23 ☺️ In the meantime, I have just got into the habit of having what I call a "journal" which sits on my real desktop and I note down things, which will in future, include which brush I used. 🤗 Happy New Year to all from New Zealand.
  7. Suppose, then, I will have to disappointed, Walt. I won't be incorporating it into the learning, although seemingly a good idea. Some of our group struggle enough as it is (though they do persevere in coming and trying! 😀 ). Thanks anyway.
  8. I really would like to see this happen. Am mystified as to why Select All and Deselect have shortcuts but Reselect does not. I use Reselect a lot. Could go presumably into Edit > Preferences and make one of my own. Nevertheless, I have been tutoring a group of people (seniors) here over the past few years and it would be great to have a universal keyboard Shortcut, so that I can incorporate it into the learning. Leave you with that thought.
  9. Hi Cacophonix Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but have been busier than normal. Since Murfee's suggestion works for you, then you might not need this. First, I make a selection, in this instance would be the peacock. Save the selection as a spare channel Next, choose - Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Blur > Gaussian Blur Add the gradient on this adjustment layer from white at top stop to black at bottom stop. Adjust as necessary with the slider. With the Adjustment Layer only still selected, I load the selection from the spare channel Make sure that the primary colour is black Paint the selection by using either the Flood Fill Tool or the Paint brush Tool (the latter seems to work best - using a big brush). Voila! The Blur Filter has its own mask, which ensures that the peacock is not affected! Depending on the number and type of layers, I may not even need to save the selection as a spare channel, because I can conjure it up by either "Reselect" or in another way.
  10. Personally I use the old stand-alone, fully paid, Lightroom 6, which works fine for me at present, Richard. However, I recognise that at some point in the future, I will need to change. To get better answers, you should detail more of what you are looking for, apart from organising -- eg, Batch processing, key-word tags, cost, etc.
  11. What I do, Cacophonix, is to make the gradient on a new layer (any adjustment layer) first. Then I add the selection to that layer. Finally I paint in black over the selection. Works a treat.
  12. Ah, just to expand a bit. There are a group of 8/9 of us meet every Thursday to practice Affinity Photo, here in Auckland, three of us take turns in tutoring. However, the few I mention are not able to attend and therefore have to take responsibility for their own learning. Nevertheless, in saying I am trying to "help" them, this is by way of guiding them, not tutoring. I have viewed the great majority of the 92 videos in my earlier days, but that was quite a while ago. Having a lot of commitments, I am not keen to view all 92 again, for this purpose, but just seeing if anyone knows how useful they are in the present, given that Affinity Photo is constantly evolving. Paul's comment is that the "basic concepts don't really change that much" helps. In addition, I am keen to know whether there are any areas where there has been appreciable change? By areas I mean the likes of "Selections and Masking"; "Corrections"; "Retouching"; "RAW developing"; etc. I can't recall any, but then with the constant evolving, I find it hard to remember. My best guess is that things have been added or corrected, rather than replaced. Does this summary seem right to you?
  13. Greetings I am very experienced in Affinity Photo, but now am trying to give remote help to a few people who have recently purchased AP. They have varying amounts of experience with Adobe products, but basically need to start at the beginning. My query is mainly about - the 92 videos, which at one point were renamed the Legacy videos and are found in a few places, including Affinity PHOTO: Video Tutorials (miguelboto.com) Are all of them still valid, eg some things will have changed and presumably some of the originals are no longer as useful (or indeed valid?) for use in Version 1.8.5. ? How much confidence can I have in getting these newbies to access and learn from these particular videos?
  14. A very helpful thread, especially as I am tutoring and Affinity Photo class in three days time on the InAffinity Photo - "A Quick and Easy Raggedy Border" by InAffinity and needed the Drawing Brushes for this. Many thanks, Callum.
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