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  1. You are exactly right, Walt, thanks. I should have checked the forum, before I spent quite a lot of time this afternoon figuring it out. Funnily enough, when I tried today, I kept getting it all correct and it took me ages to duplicate the problem. Mind you, sometimes you learn a lot more from errors than from always getting things right, I find.
  2. A group of us, here in New Zealand, were using the “Affinity Revolution” video tutorial yesterday (on Windows). Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK4HVcWLcS8&t=85s However, things did not work out, which seems not to be a fault in the process. However the makers were using an earlier version of Affinity Photo (and on an Apple Mac). All of us had the same problem, when we had selected both the Average Selection and the Target Skin Tone, we then chose the Picker and started to move the values of the right hand of the Info Panel. However, seemingly because we are using V 1.7.2 it seems to be a flaw (bug) that the values on both sides of the Info Panel move. This did not happen with just one of our members, but seemingly all of them. Later in the day, I further checked this and it happens on our home PC too.
  3. That's great news, Walt! Just after I posted, I had the thought that I should experiment and find out if that was the case. I am presuming that it carries over even to the next time you reboot your desktop.
  4. I, more and more, frequently am using PNG files with transparent backgrounds. If I want a transparent background then I tick accordingly. However, is it possible to change this to be my default?
  5. I have just been working at the very initial stages with a pixel layer and duplicate. I have found often both at home and at our tutoring sessions (where we can have up to eight desktops and two laptops working) that Affinity Photo frequently shows the layers, in the Layers Panel, completely black or completely transparent, when they patently are not! Sometimes this comes right later ................... and sometimes not. Attached is an example from today. My suggestion is to have a refresh option for the layers panel to prompt Affinity to do the job again and fix.
  6. I have an image (ie not pixel and not therefore rasterized). I selected a part of the image and did a Cntrl + j. Affinity Photo did not duplicate the part selected, but instead duplicated the whole image. The assistant did not step in and rasterize. Seems clear that you have to rasterize before you can do what I attempted. Am I correct please?
  7. OOps! Just noticed that the feather is set to 200 - Duh!!
  8. I have a selection made with the Selection Brush Tool. Went to add a bit to the selection using the Freehand Selection Tool and it refuses to do anything. Tried multiple times in different ways, even tried subtracting (whereas I really want to add). The Tool refuses to do anything! I have the background layer in blue in the Layers Panel. Things I have tried 1. In Customise Tools, I have done a re-set. 2. I have closed down Affinity Photo and restarted. 3. Shut down the desktop and left for a while then rebooted Windows. 4. Have deleted all adjustment and other layers, so only left with the Background Layer. 5. I have saved the (incomplete) selection as a Spare Channel and done "Load to Pixel Selection". That works but the Freehand Tool is still on strike. It is hard to see what else I could try.
  9. Glad to hear sorted. The history is also very good for going back a step or steps.
  10. No, First Defence, both Lightroom and Irfanview, for example, work fine.
  11. Thanks Hubert, but I have sorted out this particular problem, but not the other two. I had not rasterized the background layer, which was a 'new' file with a paste. Appreciate your responding.
  12. For whatever reason, this afternoon, my Affinity Photo misbehaves in all kinds of ways. I have rebooted my desktop with Windows 10. Keep having all kinds of problems. Two have been posted slightly earlier. On this occasion I have an image, made a selection then went Ctrl + j, but instead of just the selection appearing in the layer above, the whole image appeared. Additionally, whilst making my selection an area that was too unclear did not work with the selection brush, so I thought, aha, just use the freehand selection tool, which I made sure was on add. Nothing happened! I tried all kinds of ways and checks, but still the same. I rebooted my desktop, but again the same problems. Disastrous afternoon!
  13. I have also tried shutting down the whole desktop and after booting up Windows 10, had another try, but still the same result.
  14. I have changed my thumbnails in the Layers Panel in Affinity Photo to show as Large. More and more I have layers that appear transparent, but are not, because when I switch off the other layers, there is the content. Now, through experience, I have found that sometimes you need the program to catch up. However a recent layer remained transparent for about ten mins. I had to go back for it eventually to work. Lost time and work. Prior to this I did try shutting down and starting Affinity again, but that did not work.
  15. Have never had a problem with this before. I have a single base layer, took a selection, then duplicated the selection, Chose "Arrange" - Flip layer horizontally, however all four options to do vertical, etc, are greyed out. At one point I thought the problem was that I had not deselected, but not to be, still did not work. As an experiment, I duplicated the base layer, because the one I was using had transparency in it, however using a full duplicate layer did not work. Have shut down Affinity Photo and tried again with the same results.

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