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  1. Many thanks, Carl, that has sorted his problem. Sorry for the delay in responding! 😌
  2. One of our local group of learners is using the focus merge function regularly at the moment. After several uses the functionality changes. In the beginning after adding several photos and getting the Focus merged image - then clicking on the clicking toggle source image "eye icon" the cursor changes to a brush circle and he can paint on the image in the selected clarity. At some point several operations on, the brush icon does not materialize. Instead a cross hair icon appears. In the background the brush function could still be functioning, but you cannot see the proportions of the brush. In the brush width box. the tool bar shows the max brush size available, but you cannot reduce it to have any effect. Is this a glitch in the software or has he bumped a switch somewhere.
  3. I have an image where I want to have three lights. I set up my first light, then *added* a light and then *added* a third. Each one I set up the Ambient light and other features separately thinking that each would remain as set up. However, then when I looked back discovered that they had all ended up with my last settings for the third light, Ambient 40% etc. Why do they not keep the settings individually? I then thought of trying using Copy, but the same thing happens. Naively, I then thought that I would add an extra Lighting Layer, but as you will know that does not work, because only the top Lighting layer has effect. I could separate the image into three and have Live Lighting Child layers, but do not want to do that. How can I have three lights which have individual settings please? 😬
  4. I have Affinity Photo on a desktop (modern high spec machine) running Windows 10. On checking Preferences in Affinity I see that although I have 16 Gigs of RAM, only 8 Gigs of RAM are allocated for Affinity usage. I believe at the moment that I could safely increase the allocation to, say, 12 Gigs of RAM? My SSD drive (C) has 392 Gigs free, so quite a bit could be used as a scratch disc - do I have to do anything for that to happen. I think that probably not, that it just happens? Additionally, I have another SSD drive that has quite a bit of free space, but guess that there would be no benefit in allocating any of that as a scratch drive? What suggestions do you have please?
  5. Yes, I know already that there is no need to rasterize a pixel layer. The need often exists to rasterize an image layer. However, in checking something else out I did rasterize a pixel layer, which was locked. As a result, the lock then disappeared. Hence my query, why would this happen? by design - or is it something which should not happen?
  6. I have been using the processes shown in a video tutorial by David Straker and one thing that is supposed to happen according to the video is different. The Move Tool in Affinity Photo - YouTube Query - at about 4 mins 52 secs into the video you double-click on the rectangle and show that the selected tool is the Move Tool. However when I do that it goes straight to the Node Tool. Is that a change in Version 1.9 (or even earlier) please? ..... or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Hi Carl You say that Affinity saves the last exported settings, but it certainly does not for the Affinity Photo File (or Document). Does it do this in case you want to export it from the Photo Persona again? How often would you do this? It is so bizarre because it is essentially asking about changes to your Affinity File.
  8. Greetings I notice that approx 90% of the time, when I have made many changes (including using layers, etc) I save the image with a title. Next, I "export" the image in the Photo Persona, giving parameters, all goes well. Then, when I go to close down, I get a message do you want to "save changes". Well, I have not made changes, because exporting from the Photo Persona, do not encapsulate such changes, so that the query does not mean anything. As I said above, this is approx 90% of the time, the other, approx 10% of the time, I am not asked, which is completely logical.
  9. Hi DM1, very grateful thanks from across "The Ditch"! We are a small group, here on the North Shore, Auckland, who are part of SeniorNet and have been meeting weekly (even at times twice weekly) initially to learn Photoshop Elements, then for the past few years moved on to Affinity Photo. Three of us take turns in tutoring our group, who attend, of about 11. We usually use a video tutorial, which we enhance with a prepared written procedure sheet, then each have "a go" to try to replicate the procedure and outcome. Additionally, three of us are members of the local Photographic Society and have convinced some members to use Affinity Photo. I have sent a copy, or in some cases a link to seventeen current users of Affinity Photo (plus an additional two interested parties) to your manual. Thank you indeed ! Jim
  10. Greetings This apprehensive student has asked me how she terminates her student (Subscription? Membership?), to then install a fully paid up subscription (which she intends to do right away). I have tried to "search" and not having much luck, tried FAQ' s. The one by Leigh Posted April 23, 2020, says to go to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\{APPNAME}\1.0\licence.xml or C:\Program Files\Affinity\{APPNAME}\licence.xml. However, I tried that on my desktop (I am a long term user and devotee) and was consistently advised that there is no such file (nowadays?) I guess, that things have moved on since Leigh's post and that particular FAQ is defunct. Who can help me please? 🙁
  11. Hi Vishal, I have the same problem, which I have been wrestling with for an hour and more. I have the Swatches panel open and have chosen a strong colour. The Opacity of the panel is 100%. The colour replacement brush is set to Opacity 100%; Flow 100%; Hardness 100%; Tolerance - have tried 10%, 30% and 100% . Have ticked "Sample continuously". When I apply the brush nothing happens!! 😫 ***************************** I wonder Vishal, if you have ticked Sample continuously? Tolerance, say 30%? Just a thought.
  12. Has anyone else experienced this? I have completed my image and go to Export, leave it on the JPEG choice, then when I go through the rest of the process, am told that it is being exported as "Affinity files", with no other choices. Fortunately I went ahead and found that my file was actually saved as a JPEG, just as I wanted. This has happened twice to me now on two different days.
  13. I have been following this video about a different way to Dodge and Burn. EASY Dodge & Burn Trick - Affinity Photo Tutorial - YouTube The narrator says at one point "open an empty pixel layer", however when I try to do this I always end up with a black pixel layer! This may be because the default has changed, though, if that is the case, I see no option to change it to empty? Have also thought that it may be in my "Edit > Preferences" to choose that ........... but am still searching for an solution. Hoping somebody can help! 🙂
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