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  1. Noticed this thread had come up. I really don't seem to have the problem now. Not too long ago, I upgraded my tower to an Intel i7 9th Generation chip (8 core and 8 threads), with 16 Gig of DDR4 RAM and kept my older graphics card. The i7 chip has a lot of graphics capability, even on its own. So, my guess is that it needs a lot of 'oomph' to get and keep the thumbnails in the Layers Panel. Before that my older AMD 6 core chip, even though very fit for all other software uses, did struggle to keep up with my demands on it when using Affinity Photo - I registered 100% usage at times. I use layers in virtually everything I do, etc.
  2. In the Hitchhikers Guide it was certainly 42, but didn't they find out later on that a mistake had been made and the answer was actually 84? A few decades since I read it! 🧐😁
  3. Thanks for the comment on the threads, Ian. About hyperthreading, in my research I came across this comment "Yes, Photoshop uses hyperthreading when it would be faster. But in many cases we can only use physical cores and not logical (hyperthreaded) cores because hyperthreading would make the process slower." Okay, we are talking about Affinity Photo, but I guess that whilst the comment is about Photoshop, a similar thing would apply to Affinity?
  4. At present I am looking to upgrade my desktop so that it can handle my high end needs using Affinity Photo. Can Affinity Photo use a CPU with 8 cores and 8 threads, or is that more than necessary please?
  5. Just to add more detail, the model I am thinking of, at the moment, is described as " Intel 9th Gen Core i7 9700 8 Core 3.0Ghz, 16GB RAM ,480GB SSD , Mid-Tower with 500W Power Supply "
  6. Whilst we have a pretty high spec desktop, I demand so much of it using Affinity Photo, that sometimes CPU usage is 100%. I use layers a lot. My RAM memory usage has been up to 94%, though not at the same time. It went into the spinning ball frequently and otherwise indicated that too much was being asked of it. Attached are the specs of my current desktop. Am thinking of getting an Intel i7 (or equiv) plus 16 Gigs RAM. Do you think that will suffice please?
  7. Yes, as you say firstdefence, there does not seem to be much difference between the two methods. This apart from two instances in the upper image, one of which the line is not present briefly and in the second case, where the line is fainter (third dip from the right hand side). Did you use soft edges in the former image (ie masks created individually) please?
  8. Have just watched James Ritson's very recently published official video on the Selection Brush, when used with Soft Edges. As usual, he does an excellent presentation, thorough and easy to follow. Nevertheless, I note that in the video at the beginning he makes a selection of the sky. Later on, he makes a separate selection of the foreground. No mention is made of why he did not invert the selection. My guess is that an inverted selection would not work as well because of the anti-aliasing done. Am I correct in thinking this please? Am not certain at all.
  9. Am just trying to take on board the new improvements in Version 1.8 (and convey them to my pupils). As you can see my title says "Reimplemented the HSL filter's HSV option". From this I gather that Affinity Photo used to have this, but took it off because it did not work as well as expected at that time? Nevertheless. I may well be completely wrong in assuming this. Can anyone elucidate for me please? Much appreciated!
  10. Thanks Fixx, that gives me the info I need. I was aware that repeated opening of Jpegs can lose quality. When I have finished my editing, then I export my image at 100% using Resampling as Lanczos 3 Non-Separable.
  11. Just got back to this, Walt. Very much appreciate your clarifying. I suppose in view of my updated understanding, I should take anything to be printed as a TIFF, since presumably a TIFF will retain more of what I have spent time on, in improving the image.
  12. My understanding is a RAW file is processed in 16 bit in Affinity Photo Develop Persons by default (32 bit also available). Then, that file is then processed by default in 8 bit in Photo Persona, unless you have chosen under Document to use 16 bit instead (during that current session). What I have done with my imaginary document is to choose 16 bit to use to process in Photo Persona. Once this document is finalised , when I then choose to Export as a JPEG, my understanding is that converts it to 8 bit. Is my understanding correct please?
  13. Yes, RC-R Point taken. Nevertheless, when you press tab and they disappear, then when you press tab again they should reappear. On that occasion they didn't. Just tested tabbing again and this time worked fine.
  14. So, you are saying that the IR Baboon, under your name is correct and that you are located at Castle Grayskull is correct - that seems eminently suitable . I will try elsewhere!
  15. Hi Callum - show a screenshot of my tools not showing at the left? That is going to demonstrate, what?
  16. Very shortly after I posted this I went back to 'View' - noticed that 'Show tools' not ticked. I had certainly NOT unticked. So I clicked to turn on again. The tools reappeared, but despite the fact that an image and layers were showing, they are all greyed out. So, I am not better off. Help please!!
  17. Was working on an image. Hit 'tab' so gain more workspace. However, later decided I needed to see everything. I pressed on tab again, got back the panels - but not the tools (to the left). I went to Studio and clicked on "Show Toolbar". Nothing happened. Am stuck?? Have closed down Affinity Photo and re-opened, but keeps happening. Wish that I had never hit tab!
  18. Hi RC-R, well if I have open File > New it shows by default as white 'photo'. Then I say, go File > Place and place a lizard onto it, then it does become a layer, which shows in the Layers Panel as a lizard on a transparent background. Let us just say that I have finished, then export as a Jpeg, then it does have a white background, (unless I export as a png) -- which I suppose answers my question. Appears that I have become too hung up about my expectations from Microsoft Word, where the white page is just that - so if I type, say, the word Affinity then the document in whatever way used, remains the word on a white page. I suppose having New as a transparent background is just something I will have to get used to. RNKLN has shown, above, a keyword sequence which I will have to follow in those cases where I need it. Thanks, anyway! - I will trouble the forum no more with this query.
  19. So there is no way to have a 'New' blank document like you would have say, in Microsoft Word? Affinity Photo's 'New' is a different animal altogether! What is the best way to achieve what I want to do then, Walt?
  20. No, that is correct, I do not have any document open, Walt. What I want is to easily achieve is a white pixel layer as my starting point (nothing I have said contradicts that).
  21. Yes, RNKLN, that does work thanks. It is rather more convoluted that I would hope for!
  22. No, dutchshader, I pointed out the problem in my initial query, it does not become a layer. Certainly not, in the procedure that I follow, unless I am missing something?
  23. Thanks Walt and Dutchshader, for responding. However, I think we are at cross purposes. When I am working on a project and have layers on screen, then I do know to click on 'Add Pixel Layer. What I am trying to convey is a situation where there is nothing on screen at all. In that circumstance, the options you suggest are greyed out and not available.
  24. When I take steps to get a new document to start on, it does not show as a layer. It cannot, at that point be rasterized. I find myself wasting time going through a protracted procedure. Am I missing something perhaps, is there some simple way to do this?
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