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  1. Maybe it'd be nice if the dropdown said "LibRaw" for clarity. Oh well.. Also, color interpretation for my OP5 files looks more balanced in the latest beta. So, thanks to the developers for that.
  2. Well, Affinity Photo does call it the "Serif Labs Raw Engine" in the preferences, so I wasn't aware until this thread that it was based on LibRaw. But darktable uses LibRaw as well and gets the white balance right on these files when using the same WB setting ("as shot"/"camera").
  3. Thanks, great. I tried it out with some of my own OP5 DNGs and for most of them I have to adjust both temperature and tint (mostly around 40-50% towards magenta) to get close to an OK white balance for further work outside the Develop Persona. EDIT: If you want to compare results with another editor that uses libraw for development, look at darktable. Without any adjustments, it gives me results that have a fairly neutral white balance. To be fair, I have to mention that other than the Serif RAW engine, I'm happy with where Affinity Photo is going so far.
  4. Hi Chris, I guess Photography Blog blocks hotlinking. Here's the article with links to the samples: https://www.photographyblog.com/previews/oneplus_5_photos The photos are ordered from left to right, top to bottom, and organized into JPEG and RAW sections, so the specific files shouldn't be too difficult to find. If you use libraw, that might explain it, found this thread on the libraw forums: https://www.libraw.org/node/2334 If you look into this I'd be very interested in the results.
  5. I was excited to see that the OnePlus A5000 (aka OnePlus 5) has been added to the Affinity RAW engine in 1.7. However I can't really see a difference between how the engine interprets the images now compared to before, when it was not officially supported. The images still come out extremely flat and heavily tinted some towards green and some towards magenta, and the Affinity RAW engine doesn't seem to agree with other RAW processors like Lightroom or RawTherapee on the white balance of the images. Even if I enter the same values for temperature, the results in Affinity doesn't reflect the results in Lightroom or RawTherapee. I'm not sure what's going wrong here, as I've also tested DNGs out of a Nexus 5 and had no issues whatsoever with them in either editor, while the OnePlus DNGs come out rather differently across these three programs. To see what I mean, here are two example images from PhotographyBlog, it's the same image but the first is a DNG and the second is the out-of-camera JPEG of the same image. https://img.photographyblog.com/reviews/oneplus_5/photos/oneplus_5_15.dng https://img.photographyblog.com/reviews/oneplus_5/photos/oneplus_5_48.jpg Another pair of DNG/JPEG images for comparison: https://img.photographyblog.com/reviews/oneplus_5/photos/oneplus_5_01.dng https://img.photographyblog.com/reviews/oneplus_5/photos/oneplus_5_27.jpg I'd be interested in hearing the Affinity teams thoughts on this.