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  1. Thanks for your reply on the other thread. I played with batches a little bit. I also tried this suggestion of yours (created the png file and so on), but I am not sure how to tell Affinity photo, when creating the macro, to place the signature in the same corner of the photo, regardless of the resolution or portrait vs landscape mode. I have photos both in landscape mode and in portrait mode in the same batch, and when I created the macro in which I placed the signature in the lower right corner of a photo in portrait mode, for the ones in landscape mode it must have placed them outside the photo - so it didn't actually place a signature on the photo. Also if some photos were cropped previously (in Digital Photo Professional) it placed the signature at a wrong place. I assume it placed them at the same coordinates, in pixels, as in the photo used to create the macro, which did not correspond to the right placement for other photos. Is here a tutorial for this? Can you maybe elaborate your answer on how to do this right? Thanks in advance! Octavian
  2. Hello, I just tried to create a macro with the watermark text. When I press record, it tells me that macros can't handle adding text... I tried to search the internet, but I can't find any solution. What I need is a macro that will just write my name on the corner of the photos, hopefully at the same position and same relative text size to photo size after recognising by itself the portrait or landscape mode. How can I do that? Thanks in advance for enlightening me.
  3. So, everyone seems to direct people towards these links, and that works. My question is different: Is there a way to just get Affinity Photo to watermark your images when exporting them? You know... like Lightroom does. Sometimes take pics at some events and going through them photo by photo is not something I wanna do, just to add a watermark.
  4. I am trying Affinity for 10 days (to see if I like it) and I have a question: is the option of easily adding a watermark when exporting photos available now? I saw that the last post here was almost a year ago.
  5. Hi, I would like to know if there is a possibility tweak multiple RAW images with a workflow similar to the one offered by Canon's Digital Photo Professional or Lightroom. I know it is not generally ok to mention competing solutions, but this is the simplest way of explaining. So, what I want to do is the following: import a batch of photos in the Develop Module, create a recipe for one photo, copy -> paste it to al photos in the batch, and after those general adjustments are done go to each photo and make some finer adjustments, then export the files (as JPG or whatever format I want to use later maybe for some more post processing). Importing and exporting file by file takes a lot of time, while importing a batch of RAWs and only applying the same recipe to all does not allow fine tuning them separately. This workflow, described above, saves a lot of time and I cannot figure out how it can be done using the Affinity software. Basically this is the only thing that keeps me from switching as of now. Thanks in advance! P.S. I know some may say that Affinity is not an alternative to other packages so that one would switch, but I really don't wanna go through multiple things retouch a photo. This is just a hobby for me.
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