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    Rick G got a reaction from Mithferion in Beta .243 to .350 - Glitches opening and .AFPHOTO file   
    That gives the same results as you have
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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Designer Embded İmage Problem   
    It would help to have the .afdesign file that you used to create your .eps file.
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    Rick G got a reaction from Max N in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    I have noticed that too
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    Rick G reacted to Max N in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    When working with a large number of documents, the focus does not shift to active document management. There is no possibility to close the document by clicking on the cross.
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    Rick G reacted to MEB in CTL+ALT   
    Hi RedSnapper,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Press and hold ALT and click and hold both the left and right mouse buttons - drag a little and you should see the double-circle on canvas to adjust the width and hardness (not the opacity) of the brush (you can release the right mouse button at this point if you want, but not the left one). Drag horizontally to set the width and vertically to set the hardness.
    To adjust the opacity of the brush use the number keys on your keyboard (from 1 up to 0): 1 set the opacity to 10%, 0 (zero) sets it to 100%. If you press two numbers consecutively - for example 2 and 3 - the opacity will be set to 23%.
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    Rick G reacted to fde101 in Continuation information when flowing across multiple frames   
    This has been discussed in other threads; a more proper implementation of this functionality is expected to be added in some unknown future version.
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    Rick G reacted to jc4d in Loving New and Improved HSL Adjustment in, But I Have Suggestions   
    Yeah, I have been wondering the same, the software should be smart enough to "know" what color range the user is picking.
    If I may add one more bit here is that the picker should work with a modifier key, for example Alt will enable the picker so the user relieve from extra redundant clicks. Just remember one thing... the less clicks the better.
    The current workflow is first creating the Adjustment layer, then selecting the color in the color bubble?, then enabling Picker and finally clicking on the image, there are total of 4 clicks. Now the new proposal is, first creating the Adjustment layer then holding Alt and click on the image, the total clicks have been reduced to two only, by doing this we reduce by 50% the amount of clicks and the program will become more ergonomic.
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    Rick G reacted to Gunny in Back to Basic Product Needs   
    I guess Serif just did not care about Wikipedia at all so the article is still free to edit. That means you can fix the misleading article yourself. =)
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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in Previous problems on Photo Beta build and on the new Beta 243   
    It might help if you would attach a TIFF file that exhibits this problem, so Serif or other users could examine it.
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    Rick G got a reaction from dmstraker in Develop making image 'whiter'   
    There is a bug and the conversation is here (Also a work around)
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    Rick G reacted to myclay in Back to Basic Product Needs   
    I agree with the macros being limited thus far.

    while technically true, It appears that its sometimes quoted and linked to outside reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other official Affinity accounts.
    an example how it looks like on Facebook;

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    Rick G reacted to Dan C in Photo does not release closed graphics   
    Many thanks for letting me know, I'll update this info with our QA team and have them test this against the latest beta build!
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Cropping still snaps even when snapping is turned off   
    We had to re-open this on Mac and was properly fixed in the Mac build 109 so we should see this make its way to Windows in the next beta. I'll double check though. Thanks Rick.
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    Rick G got a reaction from Chris B in Cropping still snaps even when snapping is turned off   
    When you try to crop an image it is difficult to set the corners to a precise location. The movements are snapped even with snapping turned off. Even with Whole Pixel and  force alignment turned off, it still snaps
    Yes you can hold down ALT to get a precise location but this is still apparently broken
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    Rick G got a reaction from maryaustin in Photo has stopped responding   
    There are some performance issues. There is currently another thread where this is being discussed
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    Rick G reacted to Danielcz in Workflow - Selection Brush Tool   
    Will try to be more useful now:
    What about to default into ADD mode (Selection Brush Tool) with New Document or launch of program instead of keeping it on last selected from previous session. It does not make any sense to have selected SUBTRACT mode with new document.
    Another great thing would be to add small + and - sign at Selection Brush circle to quickly see what mode (ADD/SUBTRACT) is currently selected.
    Its just quality of life improvement to speed up and smooth workflow.
    Photoshop has something similar in center of brush :

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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Problem with macro   
    Hey Tschens,
    We've seen a few issues where a macro will stop working correctly when you restart the app. Your best bet is to attach it so we can take a peek at it. 
    You can only leave a step out by unchecking it—you can't rearrange macro steps at the moment. 
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    Rick G reacted to MEB in Bug? linear burn duplicate different to adjustment   
    Thanks all. Both cases reproduced (with and without masks). I'm passing this to the dev team to be looked at.
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    Rick G got a reaction from dmstraker in Bug? linear burn duplicate different to adjustment   
    Mine was just a flat picture with no other layers until I added a curves adjustment and set it to linear burn
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    Rick G reacted to Tschens in Problem with macro   
    Since I upgraded my beta from 1.6.5 to 1.7.0.x, I have a problem with a macro which I use to create a frame+copyright text around my pictures. The final 2 steps of the macro is a self-made "picture brush" with my copyright text. This picture brush doesnt work any more, it simply doesnt appear in my pics. I re-created the final 2 steps of the macro and it worked again, but after re-starting affinity it again doesnt work.
    Is this a known isue? I could provide the macro + picture brush, if needed.
    Btw: Is there a way to erase single steps within a macro or to re-arrange the order of the single steps of a macro to fine-tune it? Couldnt find this option so far. If the answer is no, please put that on a wish-list. :-)
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in [BUG]? Brush rotation   
    I think so—I'll query it. Thanks! 
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    Rick G got a reaction from verysame in AP do NOT accept brush stroke?   
    Chris - do not take this as being nasty but they ignore a LOT of requests ... some don't make sense of course but some are good and would speed up workflows. They get ignored but a faction of folks that want some oddball things that I call |toys" seem to have a direct line in and get their stuff implemented. That has more than a few discouraged
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Tools often "grab" entire graphic   
    Hi Rick,
    Mark knows what the cause is and the bug report has been updated. Hopefully we can see a fix for this during the 1.7 beta phase.
  24. Haha
    Rick G got a reaction from Alfred in Setup Failure   
    You guys can't DO that to me before coffee!!!

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    Rick G reacted to Patrick Connor in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    @DanielC & @Stevde W 
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums  
    DanielC I have merged your post into this relevant suggestions forum thread. No doubt if we can implement this in an efficient way the styles would also be brought in. For now the only work around is RTF export and import into APu.

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