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    WhiteX reacted to TonyB in Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.4   
    We are pleased to announce the Windows release of Affinity Photo, version 1.6.4
    The change-list is as follows:
    - All new shadows / highlights algorithm for Develop.
    - Develop clarity improvements.
    - Improved input smoothing for all tools.
    - Improved Perlin Noise filter.
    - Transparent TGA import support.
    - Many improvements to batch processing.
    - PSD, PDF import / export improvements.
    - Significant Photoshop plugin support improvements.
    - Fixed inability to export transparent PNG, TIFF, etc.
    - Fixed slow Lens Blur, Depth of Field blur issues.
    - Fixed Depth of Field blur progress / slowness issues.
    - Fixed sporadic hanging when opening many image files at once.
    - Restored ability of marquee tools to snap.
    - Fixed crashing bug when exporting certain large PSDs.
    - Added special case PSD import code for “SketchClub” PSD files (they should fix this!).
    - Fixed Text Styles panel to show the document defaults when no text is selected 
    - Changed Layers panel to add more distinction between clipped and nested layers 
    - Fixed document DPI showing a decimal place in some situations
    - Fixed reset of user workspace when new panels have been added
    - Fixed newly created Text Styles being applied twice to a text frame on creation
    - Fixed vector export (including PDF) taking a long time due to large clip areas
    - Fixed Fit/Shrink to printable does not fit to printer margins 
    - Fixed 2nd Print has a zero size document in printer dialog 
    - Fixed being unable to move the Greyness node in Layer Effects > Colour Overlay
    - Fixed colour node appearing on the Colour panel 
    - Fixed hit testing on floating window edges to make it easier to resize windows
    - Fixed closing a floating window through the taskbar closing the application (a side-effect of this change is that Alt+F4 on a floating window will now just close that window, not the app)
    - Fixed View Mode menu item incorrectly exposed in Affinity Photo Export Persona 
    - Fixed double clicking View Tool is not consistent between Personas 
    - Fixed crash when making a gradient document fill global 
    - Improved performance when History and Layers panel are visible
    - Fixed PDF Export for some documents
    - Added bottom right resize grip corner to floating document windows
    - Added Float, Float All, Dock and Dock All commands to Window menu
    - Fixed Adjustment panels appearing at an invalid location if the panel was closed on a monitor which is then subsequently unplugged
    - Fixed metadata not loading for unicode paths opened via drag and drop
    - Fixed failure to close down due to waiting for invalid files to finish opening
    - Fixed Text Styles panel to reflect the document defaults when no text is selected 
    - Fixed Layers panel to add more distinction between clipped and nested layers 
    - Fixed document DPI showing decimal places
    - Fixed Workspaces getting reset when new panels are added in updates
    - Fixed vector export of clips on rasterised items
    - Fixed Fit/Shrink to printable not fitting to printer margins 
    - Fixed second Print having a zero size document in printer dialog 
    - Fixed fonts being rejected if they had a space in their Postscript name
    - Fixed being unable to move the Greyness node in Layer Effects > Colour Overlay
    - Fixed Spacebar not changing cursor to hand when in Develop
    - Improved resizing of floating document windows
    - Fixed closing a floating window through the taskbar closes the app
    - Fixed Alignment Editor applying a second time when clicking away via a direct new selection
    - Changed 'Arrange' button text to be 'Alignment'
    - Fixed being unable to adjust custom wet edges spline 
    - Fixed sporadic hanging when opening many image files at once 
    - Fixed Pixelmator PSD text import
    - Attempt to support fonts with truncated type 4 tables (e.g. Serpentine)
    - Fixed text frame auto-resizing not working with a single character
    - Added support for fonts that substitute spaces, eg Nyala
    - Fixed Liquify Brush panel size slider limited to 1024px
    - Fixed brush selection is not retained after duplicating brush
    - Fixed changing brush tip is not always initially accepted 
    - Fixed inability to export transparent PNG, TIFF, etc
    - Fixed Fill Noise not applied when filling with Custom colour, Primary and Secondary colours etc  
    - Fixed Colour Chooser not correctly switching to match the selected colour 
    - Fixed tool shortcuts ignore modifier keys 
    - Fixed Text Styles showing wrong units for Justification options 
    - Fixed Tab Stop units not auto updating with document units 
    - Fixed Text Style dialog missing the [No Change] behaviour for the Tab Stop table 
    - Fixed drag and drop from IrfanView not accepting file items into the document as new layers
    - Fixed exporting multiple documents
    - Fixed when a colour is removed, the Opacity/Noise slider is not disabled 
    - Fixed floating windows starting off-screen when monitor is disconnected
    - Fixed layer folder icon not initially updating
    - Fixed floating windows appearing on the incorrect taskbar
    - Fixed text not being drawn after power duplicate
    - Fixed rare instances of being unable to select text
    - Fixed a couple of instances where the colour wheel wouldn't update properly
    - Fixed unable to select a second swatch for bevel and emboss highlight and shadows 
    - Use different icon for Arrange/Alignment
    - Fixed unusable transparent area left after cropping with New View 
    - Fixed parallel batch builds
    - Fixed Live Dust and Scratches filter slider resetting to zero when dragging
    - Fixed crash when moving live denoise filter in Layers panel
    - Fixed popup closing when dragging an export token
    - Extended Develop Clarity range (-100 to 100) 
    - Fixed Depth of Field Blur Vibrance property only allowing values of 0% or 100%
    - Improved loading of Canon EOS 6D Mark II files so they are less purple 
    - Fixed creating an analogous colour chord does not add the correct swatches 
    - Fixed Colour picker loupe not displaying on second monitor 
    - Fixed Panel groups do not revert size when dragged in and out of other groups 
    - Fixed Document Setup does not reflect or change current "Actual Size" Zoom for "Web" type documents 
    - Numerous other fixes and stability improvements.
    Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section
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    WhiteX reacted to fernandolins86 in Reset Bounding Box   
    I understand how this can be useful in those cases you mentioned, but even if this behavior is kept, it would be great to have a way to permanently reset the bounding box without having to do work-arounds with add/subtract shape or converting to curves. I would prefer to not have the extra step of resetting the bounding box evey time I need to change the object; I find it very disruptive to a visual composition workflow.
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    WhiteX reacted to QuietDesign in Reset Bounding Box   
    While I whole heartily appreciate a current accessibility of the bounding box to easily be able to go back and edit the shape (fantastic feature), a permanent reset or an actual toggle mode is a huge request. Please and Thank you.
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    WhiteX reacted to vitor in Reset Bounding Box   
    Put me down as one more that wants at least the option to make the reset permanent.
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    WhiteX reacted to abject39 in Reset Bounding Box   
    Super annoying that every time I press the reset selection box button, type a value into the transform panel and hit enter the box resets back to what it was. Then I have to hit the reset selection box again and type the next value I want into the transform panel and so on and so on. Super slow and counter productive.
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    WhiteX reacted to Bee and Nectar Design in Reset Bounding Box   
    I'm having issues with this function, too. 
    I understand that having the option to toggle between a rotated and a reset bounding box is a good one, but the issue I have is that when I reset the bounding box and then group the shape with another shape, the bounding box automatically resets to the rotated version. That makes it very difficult to accurately set the size of the grouped shape (which is bothersome when trying to unify the size of a set of software icons on a diagram, as I'm currently doing). 
    Some ability to permanently reset the bounding box would be helpful.
    That said, given that the 'intersect' workaround noted by others previously in the thread works nicely, it's probably not worth dropping a nuke in your dev roadmap just to accommodate this!
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    WhiteX reacted to pixeldroid in Reset Bounding Box   
    Another vote for a permanent option.  The boolean workaround is inconvenient - especially if there is a gradient fill or many objects.  Also, why implement something that requires a hack?
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    WhiteX got a reaction from kevinmcsherry in Flatten In Designer?   
    Hello JET,
    as far as I know Flatten means making one layer from several layers, regardless if it's raster or vector. I don't confuse the terms, I'd like to "expand" the design first, and "flatten" next. You can see my attachments and previous comments to understand why I want this. (In short, I just want to get transparent strokes cut out of multiple shapes without one hundred of boolean operations). Most of my questions were partially answered, but I still can't seem to find an answer how to get correct vector output when using layers in "Erase" mode. I really don't care how many layers I have, but flattening the layers was how I could burn the visible layers into one previously (in Illustrator). Affinity Designer seems to have a different workflow for preparing a design for delivery and printing.
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    WhiteX reacted to Sean P in Mangled Font Issue - PDF Export   
    It has been reported to development, but unfortunately there have been no updates from them as of yet.
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    WhiteX reacted to Sunset in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, I'm Hilary Hartigan, AKA sunset. I always said that when I retired I would buy a new (electric) piano. Yesterday hubby asked me which would I prefer, a piano or a Mac. Let's just say that the Mac will arrive in the next few days :) And, after working my way through Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1.  I am going to be a complete novice with the Mac.
    I'm a total fan of things Serif but I really need something new as 'I'm all scrapped out' (a CraftArtist expression) and I don't want to get left behind on a Windows-Shelf. This looks different and exciting and fresh. By trade I'm a part time lecturer (computing out in the community), a self employed publisher and designer (but looking to change tack), a family history researcher and recorder (nearly finished) and a lover of logic and order. I have a head overflowing with ideas  :D and tons of ambitions  :D . I hope that I can make a useful contribution  :)
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    WhiteX reacted to Mark Ingram in CPU load.   
    The reason for the 4th document being the problem is that you have 4 cores on your machine, I assume. Other people with CPUs with higher numbers of cores would need to open more documents before they spotted the problem. I have a fix available for this, but it's not been put into testing yet, but hopefully might make it into the 1.6.3 beta at some point.
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    WhiteX reacted to verysame in The new Shadows/Highlights rocks!   
    Love the work you guys did with the new algorithm!
    This is a photo I took in a foggy day:

    After some Shadows/Highlight and a combo of dehaze/curves:

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    WhiteX got a reaction from Mark Ingram in CPU load.   
    Same observations here, with 1-2 files open everything's normal, very little CPU load, but when I add more, Affinity Designer starts to do some serious work in the background (after the files were fully loaded, so I'm not talking about the CPU load of opening the files). It's very interesting because when I click though again on the opened files (as described by @arcador) the CPU load drops to normal. Stays on low CPU load most of the time, but if I open a new file, CPU jumps to +90% load, I'll need to click through the opened files again and everything gets back to normal. The newest Beta (1.6.093) seems to behave just like the last stable (1.6.089).
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Mark Ingram in CPU load.   
    This started to happen for me too after upgrading AD to 1.6.89 from latest stable 1.5.  Previous Betas worked just fine (1.6.86 and earlier), current betas do the same as the stable versions.
    Software idle with 7 files open, no processing or anything. Specs are in my sig.

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    WhiteX got a reaction from predick in Expand Stroke Vector Point Insanity.   
    Please work on this as soon as possible. It's a very irritating problem.
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    WhiteX reacted to evilclay in Zeplin.io integration/cooperation   
    Hi, now when you added art-boards (i cannot give my feedback yet in full, but it's GREAT it's now there) ..are you considering a cooperation with Zeplin (https://zeplin.io)? seems a lot of companies starting to include this in their workflow.
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    WhiteX reacted to Raskolnikov in Real time embedded document editing   
    I'm looking forward been able to do that with 3D perspective basic features applied on to any presentation. :)

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    WhiteX got a reaction from Corny in ¿HowTo: Convert between Art Text and Frame Text?   
    It would be great to have this feature soon :) It's very important for branding work. In most of the cases when I paste a text I would need the artistic type (logo text + tagline).
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Gary I in Affinty Photo - How many computers can I install it on?   
    Is it planned to sell both versions (win and mac) of your software on your site in the future? (Rather than using the mac app store).
    It would be great if we would not have to purchase two versions of the same software if we own a mac and a pc. 
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    WhiteX reacted to MattP in AutoTrace (convert raster image to vector)   
    We already have a full tracing engine that we used within the more recent drawPlus versions - it's actually pretty good, but there are a few flaws that actually add up to being enough of a problem that we were unhappy to include it at present. We'd rather include no tracing functionality at all until we have something we can be proud of - it's just the way that we like to work :) If we weren't happy, then within a few hours you'd see why and then you'd be unhappy too - and that's not what anybody wants...
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    WhiteX reacted to Richard S. in Newbie here, I have some questiens!   
    Just out of curiosity - why would you want a small image blown up to more than 100%, resulting in a pixellated image on screen?
    By having it zoomed in, you would not be able to see the results of any effects applied correctly, and would then have to zoom back out again.
    If you needed to make an exact selection, then I can understand zooming in, but to have it automatically zoom in seems unusual?
    Just my opinion though :)
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Fixx in HDR Panorama   
    Any news on creating HDR Panoramas? Or what's the preferred workflow for this?
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    WhiteX reacted to craftycurate in [Multi] Select fonts by typing the name   
    Little tweak for the Font dropdown - could the font name field be editable, to allow fonts to be searched for by typing their name? I use this a LOT in PS & AI.
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    WhiteX got a reaction from Bauke in [Multi] Select fonts by typing the name   
    Search would be very useful. Sometimes font names have prefixes and if you don't remember that exactly you won't find it by simply typing the font name.
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