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  1. Do you plan to add a magic wand tool to AD too?
  2. dok

    Bug: Expand Stroke has very low accuracy

    I really really really hope you guys will be able to fix this bug as soon as possible. It's essential to me to have perfect paths when I expand strokes because I do this every single day. My job involve processing a lot of paths and this is a core feature to me. Wish the best, thank you
  3. Thanks Jack, done this way is easy. My problem with this behaviour is that: - I just want AD to join those 2 selected nodes. - I don't want AD to join those unselected top nodes, making me have to click on "close curve", then break the curve again, because I want the top to stay open. My daily job involves fixing a lot of messed paths and overlapping shapes, clean them, create closed non intersecting paths with non overlapping points/nodes to and send them to my CNC machine. Sadly, really sadly for me, AD does not make this easy at all, 99% of the time I've not simple path like the attached example. There are some thing about manipulate paths that I like more in AD, but for what I do, Illustrator (while not perfect) is still way better. Makes me reach end result way faster.
  4. Coming from Illustrator, I still have hard time joining curves... that's why I still do almost every pathwork in Illustrator, simple efficient, work as espected. I created this simple attached example file, where AD, due to its workflow, can't join those two nodes at bottom.. I don't get why its made to work this way. edit: Found (remembered) that if I put those 2 nodes closer, those paths do join. Nice but this needs you to do another extra step. Join_example.afdesign
  5. I'm like one of those guys above who do path works for laser or milling CNC. I bought AD 1.5, and I almost regret this, it's my fault for not having tested the trial enough. There is no offset feature, expanding a stroke does not work, it's a mess These are commands-features that should be CORE in an illustration design software, damn, Inkscape has more tools to manipulate paths. There is no much to add to this topic, it's a shame these tools are missing, still, in Affinity Designer. I already made a thread about what I was missing when I bought AD, yet nothing changed since then.
  6. Dear AD developers team As a new customer using Affinity Designer, after using Illustrator from version 7, I miss some tools. I understand Affinity Designer is a young application and it can't have all the tools a software like Illustrator has. But I hope my request to be fullfilled. My needs: What I mostly do (did) with Illustrator, is create simple graphics, with a maximum of 3 colors. Most of the work consist of clean and create closed paths that I'll work later on a CNC. Here are some of my most used tools. The "Magic Wand" is very useful and it one of my most used tools. I've not been able to find it in AD, if it's there. I can live without the "Shape Builder Tools". Before Adobe introducing this tool, I used a combination of Divide, Magic Wand, Unite. Mostly to create a closed shape for each color. Other commands I use very often, quite for every work, are Average = to overlap two points Join = to join the two points into one The Cleanup tool Since I have to export my paths to CNC, I must be sure there are not hidden paths, Stray points or other things that are not closed paths. I've seen this feature requested already It's extremely useful to have a wide range of selection tools. Actually, seems like AD, when using the distribute command, use the Top-Left anchor as reference. Being able to use a Key Object would be way better Another things I'm missing: - Offset command - "mm" as unit for the Stroke panel, I just work in mm - Being able to set a Layer as template (for tracing works) Last thing, for now. I found no way in AD to quickly know if there is a hidden object somewhere. What I do with Illustrator is raw vector manipulation, I need these kind of tools for my daily work. I wish you could add such tools as soon as possible. Thank you.
  7. I just miss the Illustrator Smooth Tool too. It's crucial for my workflow.
  8. Hello, I'm for this too. Ok, Illustrator is older, but I hope to see this feature in AD as soon as possible.
  9. Hello Chris, thank you for reply I just played with the Pen tool and yes, I'm using the ctrl to move the point, but It's just that I'm used to how Illustrator works and I find this behaviour slightly better. Also, I've and old copy of Macromedia Freehand MX, and the pen tool works the same, so now I understand from where Illustrator got this good thing. For my work I mostly, and maybe only, need to manipulate paths, because at the end I give those path to a CNC machine, so the faster I am to manipulate and create my shapes, the better. EPS export is also important. I'll try my best to help Affinity Designer shine at path manipulating. Thanks again.
  10. Hello, thank you for developing Affinity Designer for Windows. I'm testing it, trying to replicate what I do in Illustrator. I've been able to install AD (Affinity Designer) with no problems on Windows 10 Pro, Dell XPS Studio 8100. Everything went smooth, I also installed it on a much newer machine. Crash and Bugs AD crashed twice while working with text. With Spelling "on" at some point I was not able to write the letter L, dunno why, disabled Spelling (after reading about it here on forum) and I was able to write L again, some tests later I got a crash, sent report. I tried to customize the UI, the Align tools particularly. I removed the Arrange button and added the extended Align tools, to that I added again the Arrange button so to not miss the distribute tools and, clicking on Arrange buttons, pop up everywhere. Tried to reset the toolbar but even more pupup came. Font list I don't know if this is a bug or not but, - In Illustrator, to select a font, for example "Helvetica", I open the font list and start typing the font name, then press Enter and the font is selected. - In AD I open the font list, typing Helv... I reach the Helvetica font but I've to select it with the mouse, if I press Enter the font does not get selected. Moving through panel fields. In Illustrator, for example if I want to move from W: to H: in the Transform panel, I press TAB, it's fast and I'm able to change both values without using the mouse. In AD if I'm on W: field, (transform panel) and I want to move to the H: field, if I press TAB, the Hide UI command is being trigged. Tried many keyboard combo but, actually I'm using the mouse to move through fields. Am I missing something ? What I'm missing - Pen tool: I miss being able to move the point "on fly". Spacebar while using the Pen tool in Illustrator - Curvature tools (Illustrator), Spiro path (Inkscape) - Vertical Text tool. - Text Glyph - Clipping Mask Sorry if I use Illustrator as example but, it's the software I would like to replace. ps: edits/more to come later.