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  1. Hi Got a strange result while doing some boolean operations (In other files too) I've attached the source file and a video showing what's going on. I do not have other files to test but, got the expected result when I reversed the substracting path. Hope this could help. Thank you. Desktop_2020_03.02_-_23_45_31_01.mp4 Boolean.afdesign
  2. Thank you, Studying those styles and playing with the blend modes, I've reached my goal
  3. Hi everyone I'm honestly bad at creating these kind of effects so, I'm asking you How could I create this effect, a translucect sort of transparent glowing cube ? I'm ok with creating the isometric cube, don't need particular perspective. I tried the Strange and Strange 2 styles but those works just for the edges. I will put it on a dark, surely black, background.
  4. Do you plan to add a magic wand tool to AD too?
  5. I really really really hope you guys will be able to fix this bug as soon as possible. It's essential to me to have perfect paths when I expand strokes because I do this every single day. My job involve processing a lot of paths and this is a core feature to me. Wish the best, thank you
  6. Thanks Jack, done this way is easy. My problem with this behaviour is that: - I just want AD to join those 2 selected nodes. - I don't want AD to join those unselected top nodes, making me have to click on "close curve", then break the curve again, because I want the top to stay open. My daily job involves fixing a lot of messed paths and overlapping shapes, clean them, create closed non intersecting paths with non overlapping points/nodes to and send them to my CNC machine. Sadly, really sadly for me, AD does not make this easy at all, 99% of the time I've not simple path lik
  7. Coming from Illustrator, I still have hard time joining curves... that's why I still do almost every pathwork in Illustrator, simple efficient, work as espected. I created this simple attached example file, where AD, due to its workflow, can't join those two nodes at bottom.. I don't get why its made to work this way. edit: Found (remembered) that if I put those 2 nodes closer, those paths do join. Nice but this needs you to do another extra step. Join_example.afdesign
  8. I'm like one of those guys above who do path works for laser or milling CNC. I bought AD 1.5, and I almost regret this, it's my fault for not having tested the trial enough. There is no offset feature, expanding a stroke does not work, it's a mess These are commands-features that should be CORE in an illustration design software, damn, Inkscape has more tools to manipulate paths. There is no much to add to this topic, it's a shame these tools are missing, still, in Affinity Designer. I already made a thread about what I was missing when I bought AD, yet n
  9. Dear AD developers team As a new customer using Affinity Designer, after using Illustrator from version 7, I miss some tools. I understand Affinity Designer is a young application and it can't have all the tools a software like Illustrator has. But I hope my request to be fullfilled. My needs: What I mostly do (did) with Illustrator, is create simple graphics, with a maximum of 3 colors. Most of the work consist of clean and create closed paths that I'll work later on a CNC. Here are some of my most used tools. The "Magic Wand" is very useful and it one of my most used tools
  10. I just miss the Illustrator Smooth Tool too. It's crucial for my workflow.
  11. Hello, I'm for this too. Ok, Illustrator is older, but I hope to see this feature in AD as soon as possible.
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