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  1. Even the show lines in points is now doing the same thing. For me right now affinity Designer is useless. Hope a fix can be found Early in the new year. Just tried to edit in Publisher, the same problem there.
  2. Thank You SrPx, after fooling around for a bit I realized I typed in 15px and got 62.5 px Affinity thinks i'm typing in 15pt and converting that to px. 62.5px is the same as 15pt and so on. Glad to here it has been reported and thank you and Gary P for a quick response
  3. Windows 11 desk top. Build any shape and try to put a 15px stroke around the shape and the stroke will default to 62.5px. Scale with object on or off, align, join, or cap, makes no difference.
  4. Hello MR Farrell. Exactly. so there is no such thing as a preset. Back in v1 when I made a preset it stayed the the way I made it. If I made a portrait preset it stayed that way regardless of what I made next. The only way I can see around this is to have two categories, one for portrait presets and another for landscapes presets. I don't think the whole category should change when I make a new preset. Yes you change portrait and landscape with the button, but if I build a preset as a portrait and then build another as a landscape, they all change to landscape. The presets are not set any longer all the portrait presets are now landscapes. I just do not understand changing the orientation of the entire category.
  5. When I make a preset in my presets category, the next preset I make will change the first. For ex. I make a preset at 1000px by 2000px it changes to a portrait profile, which is good. But if I make another preset at 2000px by 1000px it will set all other presets to landscape. To me if a preset is set it should stay set. Bring back the old v1 presets panel it is much more user friendly. This one is way over engineered and hard for us old folks to read.
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