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  1. @emko, sadly I’m not running Linux at the moment. I was really eager to try this out T-T But hopefully someone experimented like @Snapseed or @1stn00b will be able to do so
  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen his, but Windows MSI installers for V2 have been released!
  3. To be honest, I was expecting the exact same thing. I was really surprised to see we didn’t get any kind of special deal for being long-time customers
  4. @1stn00b is that something the Serif team is already working on? 😮
  5. For the sake of this thread and what we’re all doing here, I need to ask you to stop “explaining” yourself. You were rude, so let’s just apologize and continue with the matter at hand
  6. Come on, mate! You’ve been of great help so far, this kind of comments is completely unnecessary. You’re spitting on the face of the people who’s giving us a hand with all this WINE stuff
  7. Thanks a lot for putting so much effort on trying to help me out, mate After trying different things, I finally got it to work! The issue was with the Nvidia drivers I was running on. The X.Org Nouveau ones were causing the issue. Once I switched to the proprietary ones Designer as well as Photo started working, both on Intel Integrated Graphics as well as on my Nvidia GTX 1060. I experienced the sames glitches that everyone’s mentioned so far, but at least both apps are running now Btw, my Nvidia card is also being recognized by Affinity’s apps:
  8. Sadly that made no difference I even tried the new recipe you uploaded today, but the result was the same. The installations run smoothly, but nothing at all happens when I run the apps. I’m not sure if it could be because my laptop has an Nvidia graphics card or maybe because my system is running on Wayland.
  9. @1stn00b first of all, thank you very much for taking the time to create that little guide And now to the good stuff, I follow every step and the installation ran smoothly, but once I hit the play button for the installed Affinity Photo, nothing happened at all Which version of the installer did you use? 1.10.5 didn’t do it for me.
  10. Too bad that would scare you off. Remember this is not Photoshop, we’re talking about Affinity tools, which are way more considerate on your resources. And if you’re right and Gnome Boxes does not allow you to pass-through a GPU, then that means it was using my integrated graphics card, which worked perfectly fine in my case
  11. Last week I finally got completely fed up with Windows, mainly because once again they pushed updates down my throat that led to another infamous blue screen. So during the weekend I took the time to give Linux (Pop!_OS specifically) another chance without even looking back. The thing was that yesterday I was in need of access to Affinity’s tools, and so I decided to try the VM approach once again. This time I went with Boxes, which made the process incredibly easy (specially because of the express install it offers). I only needed to give the VM 8 GB of RAM (it probably would’ve worked with only 4) and I was good to go. I’m pretty new to Linux and VMs, so I’m not sure if Boxes too care of the graphic card side of the matter to make use of my Nvidia card, or if it simply stuck to the integrated one, but Designer as well as Photo worked perfectly fine without any issues whatsoever and quite fluently too. I was honestly very impressed
  12. If someone after 75 pages in this thread still doesn’t get that we’re trying to find a way to get Affinity products into Linux, well... THAT’S really sad. If you’ve got nothing constructive to contribute with, then I would suggest that you leave this thread and go talk privately with LondonRascal. Thank you! 😀
  13. I’ll definitely watch it later then, and thanks a lot for that! It was very clever move to attempt Having such a supportive company having interest in Affinity’s products could be the way
  14. There was a moment in time when Blender didn’t have that kind of sponsors either, but they’ve proved it is possible to achieve that. I don’t really understand what you meant by Serif not selling super expensive hardware and/or software. Blender is free, mate. Why did you jump to other companies when the comparison started with Blender?
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