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  1. I never said this was 'my' discussion. Re-read my comment if necessary. If you're up for having people trolling around instead of actually contributing to OUR discussion, then that's your problem, mate. Have a good day.
  2. Does it make you feel good trying to provoque other people? Do you get pleasure out of it? We don't really need any trolls around here. If you're not going to contribute to our discussion, I would ask you to refrain yourself from posting around here. Thanks.
  3. Now this is the most interesting and concrete proposal I've read so far
  4. I love to see that so many people is interested in having this actually happening Just like a lot of you have stated, the only thing keeping me from permanently switching to Linux is the lack of Affinity software availability. As soon as that happens, bye-bye Windows! I'm definitely cheering for this to become a reality
  5. I ended up reconstructing the curves with circles, but I would love not having to repeat this in the future. Thanks for your help, @Alfred
  6. I actually tried that, @Alfred Even at big sizes, the distortion still occurs. I guess it's not that easy to see when it's bigger, but I guess the problem stays exactly the same. It's a real pity they haven't fixed this Any word on this being worked out soon?
  7. I was working on a very simple design with the pen tool. I got to the point where I needed to expand the strokes of those paths, and I ended up getting a very unexpected result. Even though they are very simple shapes, the curves got distorted after being expanded. I tested this with Designer as well as the latest beta release. I've attached a couple of PNGs illustrating the issue and the file I was working on so you can take a better look at it. expand strokes.afdesign
  8. Why are the tool bar icons still not matching this new style? I would love to have the actual ones been replaced by the ones created for the iPad version of Designer.
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