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  1. Yes, happens here as well, although on occasion, the app will respond again after a minute or so.
  2. My computer has almost the same spec as yours (the difference is I have an i7) and I do not see this behavior.
  3. Yes, I can't get warped text to print as warped on my HP Smart Tank 7000 either. It just prints the text as the original artistic text.
  4. The help file mentions this: It would have been nice if these measurements were permanent, though.
  5. With the Contour Tool active, it says to press Alt to make a clone of the shape and apply the contour. But when I press Alt, I still end up with the one shape + contour. Am I misunderstanding this? I would've thought that this would eliminate the need to make a copy of the original shape, so I can have one color for the shape, and another for the contour.
  6. Have you tried the Fill Tool? It allows you to place stops and assign a different color to them.
  7. Hi, It seems I am not able to select a single word/multiple words with the mouse in paragraph texts. Doubleclicking selects all the text in the textbox, and click-drag does not work. Coincidentally, this does not work in Vectorstyler either, but it does work in LibreOffice. I had a Windows10 update the other day, and I'm not sure this has anything to do with this, but now CorelDraw won't load either (it complains about VGCore missing). Could this be related to this?
  8. My Wacom Cintiq does something similar (although not in Affinity). Everytime I save a file in that particular app, the IME pops up.
  9. Control+Enter converts the text to curves, and then you can use either the Fill Tool or use the Gold styles in the Styles Panel.
  10. So I'm not seeing the free stuff either in the welcome screen, and it doesn't matter if Windows Firewall is active or not. Can't you post a downloadlink in the forums?
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