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  1. I mean for the pen tool. When I don't have my tablet, I use my trackpad or mouse and just click to place my points. I've tried altering it, however, it doesn't do anything.
  2. *For The Draw Persona* Recently, I've seen my friend use a program that has a feature called force fade. The pen/brush tool will fade at the ends a certain percent depending on a small meter. I've been looking around the app on my mac, but I could only find size variance which depends on the speed/velocity of the user's stroke for the vector brush. I couldn't find anything that would fade the end of the line I'd made with the pen tool. I don't have any images at the moment, but I could get some screenshots from my friend as an example. Thanks for reading! Aie <3
  3. So I've been playing around with Affinity, and I love it, but one thing I noticed is that either there isn't a magic wand tool, or I've failed to notice it. It would be super helpful - if it isn't existent already - and it would make colour a ton easier! Thanks for reading ~ Aieryx <3
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