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    RobWu got a reaction from Michail in Affinity Publisher Public Free Beta Available NOW   

    But if you start the application there's a image link too in the popup window.

    And a question to the devs:
    I understand this is beta, but will the file format change before the final?
    I would like to start fiddling with this, but not have to redo all the work later on


    p.s. Watched the videos, love the app already
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    RobWu got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018   
    Congrats to all of you! Well deserved, for the Store app and desktop applications.

    Next year, another Ninja Cat for Affinity Publisher
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    RobWu got a reaction from Daniele Salvatore in Any news about Affinity Publisher for Windows?   
    Missed this one for some reason...

    I'll just wait a bit longer to see if, and when Publisher is emerging from the alpha depths. ;-)