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  1. Hi all, I haven't really had time to look into this due to time constraints on other work (sorry....), but is there any good IT related (pref. vector) artwork available for the Affinity apps? It would be nice to directly use stuff from a e.g. artwork/icon library instead of importing things. If there's no such thing yet, any tips, links etc. to useful artwork relating IT subjects - think artwork regarding pc, tablet, phone, internet, switches, routers, viruses, malware, hacking etc. imagery - and basic chart/graph/diagram stuff will be greatly appreciated! Anything to make slides more interesting to look at, but avoiding the more standard (cheesy) photo stuff you find on a Google search or at a stock site. So something that looks a bit more pleasing and professional, and make it possible to quickly start building up presentation material ;) Free or commercial work is not an issue. cheers all for any answers, rob
  2. Hi, never been there, but will have a look thanks!
  3. RobWu

    So UPSET! Publisher

    Not just people, but hospitals, businesses, ports, governments etc. etc. Cyber-attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, and scary imho. But that discussion is a subject of its own, and would not fit here
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    So UPSET! Publisher

    Well..... Having backups should be a no-brainer for everybody. But unfortunately this is not always the case. The backups, not the brain thing.... Still running a RAID based server with a rotating, double based, backup scheme. And some of the data is in the cloud as well. One can never be careful enough. Especially with ransomware attacks. Have your data on multiple places people!
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    So UPSET! Publisher

    Well... The beta comments are already made, so I won't do that. Or did I...? If your other documents -do- work just fine, it might be -this- document that has gone haywire somehow. Maybe a bad save? Or a embedded graphic that is causing the issue? There are some unknowns right now, without you doing some more testing on the file. Can you open up previous versions of the document, and see if the problem is there too? Never ever stick to one file over a project.... Save many versions and save often. Try to be a bit methodical in finding the issue. If this is a bug, it will help the peeps at Affinty fix it for the other users. Just shouting 'OMG BBQ I'M SO UPSET' doesn't really help anyone. good luck hunting rob
  6. Hi, Thanks for that! So for now it's manually replacing all (embedded) files..... That's a shame. It would be nice to have at least the ability to know and auto update the file(s). here's hoping on it being added to a future version of Designer. rob
  7. Hi, Sorry if this has come up before (did search the forum), but is it so that Designer cannot link files, but instead always embeds them? I'm working on a Designer file atm, with a bunch of Photoshop images placed in the document. I received changed Photoshop files (same name), but when I re-open the Designer file the originally placed images don't reflect the changes. There's also no way -as far as I can find- to refresh the images placed in the documents. Strange thing is that if I select a placed image, I can select a link or embed option with the 'Replace Image' button. At least for files like .jpg, .png etc. Not for the .psd files already in the document unfortunately. So.. Is this something Designer is not capable of? And is there something coming for this, as the Designer beta has something for this afaik. This is very much part of a basic workflow, and also the ability to finally go from linked to embedded should be part of this as well. cheers for any answers or tips! Rob Win 10 Pro 1809 - build 17763.348 Designer Photo
  8. Hoi G., Wees er zeker van dat de foto die je in wilt lezen in een formaat is die Photo 'snapt'. Je geeft niet aan welk bestandsformaat de foto is, waarmee deze gemaakt is, welke software je gebruikt om te exporteren of wat het bestandsformaat is na exporteren. En drag&drop werkt inderdaad altijd, maar normaal is het File>Open of Bestand>Openen, zoals in elk Windows programma. Oh.. En het forum is voornamelijk in het Engels. Scheelt een hoop extra reacties. En wees zo duidelijk mogelijk in je vragen, een paar extra zinnen uitleg maakt het voor anderen vaak een stuk duidelijker. 'Het werkt niet' is meestal niet zo duidelijk, we zitten nu eenmaal niet naast je. succes! rob
  9. Hi, Just a quick question about Designer's brushes, especially the artistic ones like the 'texturing' or 'hand lettering' series. If I create something, and export the design to e.g. PDF, the result of the brushes is much more low-res that the original. It looks very pixelated at the edges. Isn't the brush a vector file, or does this not convert into PDF? I also imported stuff into Illustrator, but it's the same there. I cannot send something out for print like this. Any tips on this? thanks! rob
  10. Ah, I see. So i have to find similar brushes, but in vector format to achieve this. It's a bit of a bummer though, as one cannot use these for print then.... How can you see it's a vector or pixelbased brush? cheers! rob
  11. Hi guys, Just a question after watching all the videos. Why is the workflow between the columns and tables different? I would expect the tables be treated the way columns are, but with a little bit of extra functionality. Now text and background colors works completely different from columns + text. For me it just feels odd compared to the rest of the workflow in AP.. rob
  12. It looks like a corrupt/invalid font problem inside Windows. This is one of the more relevant search results. It's for Visual Studio but explains what to look for: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2978135/visual-studio-setup-crashes-with-an-exception-after-the-splash-screen Also, be sure to run the latest .Net updates, as something is causing issues like this in older versions of .Net apparently. Hope it helps, rob
  13. Text doesn't look like that on my pc. You're sure you didn't turn off anything font related in the windows settings. Or driver settings?
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    Publisher > Ruler

    It should be the format you chose when creating the document, say mm. At least it is on my end. Easily checked by dragging out a new square from the topleft corner and comparing both values. rob
  15. Running it here on a bleeding edge Win10 RC5, no issues whatsoever. Did you try installing it with admin rights?
  16. Gotcha! Will keep the testing for... well... testing But it's great to see it finally " in the wild" so to speak rob
  17. Tom, https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/publisher/desktop/ But if you start the application there's a image link too in the popup window. And a question to the devs: I understand this is beta, but will the file format change before the final? I would like to start fiddling with this, but not have to redo all the work later on cheers! rob p.s. Watched the videos, love the app already
  18. RobWu

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Congrats to all of you! Well deserved, for the Store app and desktop applications. Next year, another Ninja Cat for Affinity Publisher
  19. Would love to see this beta show up earlier (like now....), and understand that changes or rough patches will show up during testing. I'm slowly finalizing a genealogy project, and would love to start with AP on creating a book for the family.
  20. Thanks for the quick reply. Moving apps to the MS Store will also take away a lot of questions I get from friends. Especially installs and updates ;-) If there's one thing that the Apple/Google/MS Stores has brought us, is that it makes in/uninstalling applications easier for people. Not to mention safer.... (unless Google apps...) rob
  21. Not a bug report, as I don't know where to post this question. But with MS upping it's game for (win10) UWP apps (see Windows 10S), I was wondering if Affinity is looking into this. It would expose the applications onto a wider audience, despite the fact MS is taking a cut ;-) cheers! rob
  22. Missed this one for some reason... I'll just wait a bit longer to see if, and when Publisher is emerging from the alpha depths. ;-) rob
  23. Just to get this thing started again after a month or so...... ;) Any more news on this? I probably already know the answer, but hey... A guy can ask! :P Also, what are the thoughts on importing old PagePlus (or InDesign) files into Publisher when it materializes? I'm about to start with creating an big "family tree" book, and looking to keep my options open on this. I do understand this probably falls under the "we won't tell yet due to the competition" too... ;) cheers! rob
  24. Hi Guys, I'm having some issues with the brush imports in AD First: the "box set - handlettering 1+2" brushes are the same file? The brushes (and filesize) are indentical as far as I can see. Second: Of the "DAUB essentials" brushes, only the "DAUB-Inkers" show up in my dropdown menu after installation. The other 4 will not show up, no matter what.... Is this a user error, or maybe a issue with the brushes/import/versioning? cheers! rob p.s. the DAUB vector brush v2 imports just fine.
  25. Hi Neil, I must admit changing persona's didn't cross my mind haha! But it fix my 'missing' brushes. ;) cheers! rob