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  1. There is not. However last night I realized that Affinity Photo was not the only empty folder. I've since disabled and re-enabled iCloud Drive entirely, which didn't help — and in fact then failed to populate even macOS Desktop and Documents. I have now completely signed out of iCloud, letting it delete everything it had already downloaded, and signed back in. I'll report back.
  2. I just set up a new Mac and enable iCloud Drive, as I always have. All of my apps that use iCloud Drive are getting data no problem — but Affinity Photo is not. It's showing an empty folder on iCloud Drive, and if I save something new to it, it gets stuck uploading (it never progresses past 0k uploaded). I've disabled and re-enabled Affinity Photo in the iCloud documents settings, and rebooted with it on and off. I've tried adding content to the folder by saving to it or just dragging into it, but it never syncs. And most importantly, the data that's already in there (which shows up on other Macs, and on iCloud.com) just won't show up on the new Mac. No other apps seems to have this problem — it's just Affinity Photo! Any ideas? -Joseph
  3. Fair enough. I specific command "clear document history" would be welcome though, as that's explicit and not a workaround. And fewer steps. But yes, this works too!
  4. I love the "save history with document" feature. But it certainly can balloon a file's size. How do you clear it? Just turn it off and back on? Or is there a more direct way?
  5. I'm coming from Photoshop, and haven't figured out how to replicate something in Affinity Photos yet. When I'm editing text blocks, I will often select a word or phrase in the block (so not the entire block) and need to adjust the size incrementally. In Photoshop, I would select the words, click on the font size field, and use the up/down arrows to adjust the size one point at a time. I can do all this in Affinity Photos, however the difference is that in Photoshop, I'd see the text change on screen with every key press. In AP, I don't see the text change size until I click away or hit return. To make it more cumbersome, if that wasn't the right size, I have to re-click in the size menu to activate it again. I know that I can simply scroll through the font size and it'll update in realtime as I do that, but that is in huge increments… I need to go one point at a time. I see the same behavior in leading, kerning… basically all text controls. Am I missing something? Thanks! -Joseph
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