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    emmrecs01 reacted to Alfred in Affinity Photo Beta expired   
    The second sentence needs the second "you" removed. It should say "... or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing." Alternatively, if you really want to say that the user rather than the activity may be adversely affected, try rewording it to "... or for any other activity that may adversely affect you if the application fails." 
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from EriasuH in Digital Artist and Affinity Photo   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    I would suggest you download and install the trial version for whichever OS you have.  Just remember you have only 10 days from the first time you first open it to test it before the trial expires.
    In terms of brushes etc. there are a number installed with the program but you can also download many others, the majority of which are free!  Have a look at the Resources section of the forum https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/ and also this web page http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/resources/
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Plugins That Work With Affinity Photo   
    Keith, by doing this aren't you allowing the extremely bad behaviour of ONE poster to colour your opinions of the whole forum?  Hasn't he then "won"?
    Perhaps Callum should have intervened earlier; I wish he had but the situation now is that we are where we are.  I, for one, have very much valued a number of your posts for their insight and humour; I, for one, would be very sorry to see you leave.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Callum in Won't be switching from Photoshop   
    Hi All,
    I would first like to welcome Groupy, CDXP and JMM to the forums and say that this is not typically how new users are received on the forum. I am sorry to see this thread has descended into people arguing amongst themselves. I am going to lock this thread to prevent any further bad comments I apologise to any new users that may have wanted help and posted in this thread and encourage you to make a new thread or private message me regarding your issue.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Affinity Photo Will Not Export In Any Other File But Affinity File (Windows 10)   
    Too embarrassed to return?!! ;)
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from anon1 in When are we likely to see an Affinity Beta of the Pageplus replacement?   
    You've been given the official Serif answer to questions about the release date of Affinity Publisher.  However, PagePlus will continue to fully function for some time yet and Serif have stated that they are likely to release a patch if a future change to Windows renders the program unusable.
    However, the question of "backwards compatibility" is rather more fraught, if you mean whether PP files will open in the new APub; on the basis that Designer cannot open DrawPlus files natively, nor Photo with PhotoPlus files, it seems unlikely that Publisher will be able to open .ppp files.  Almost certainly the route to access PP files in APub will be to export from PP as pdf, as it is for DP to AD.  Clearly, Photo can open standard image files like jpg so "backwards compatibility" is, perhaps, less of an issue (unless you have a large number of images stored in .spp format).
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from nezumi in DPP Support   
    @psiclone, where, in that quote, does it specifically state that drawplus .dpp files can be imported to Affinity Designer?
    You initially asked about dpp files but then seemed to broaden your comments to include other software/file formats.  Why?
    Following a rebuild of my computer hardware I reinstalled all my serif apps, with the exception, initially, of DrawPlus because I rarely used it.  When I later realised I would like to have access to the few dpp files I have I reinstalled DPX5 (the latest version I own) opened any of those dpp files, exported them as pdf and then opened them for editing in AD.  To me, that qualifies as (relatively) "painless".
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    emmrecs01 reacted to jer in DrawPlus drawings compatibility in Affinity Designer   
    @MikeW... I wish you had posted it. :angry:  MEB, you are one classy guy!
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MikeW in DrawPlus drawings compatibility in Affinity Designer   
    MEB, your reply was far more considerate than the response I didn't post...
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from LyricsGirl in Runs very slow on my windows pc   
    Which Affinity product, Designer or Photo?
    Can you post a file that you have been working on that causes your computer to freeze?  When you write about "making bigger editing" can you tell us exactly what you are doing, step by step?
    If others can reproduce the problem that you are experiencing it might be possible for the developers to say why it is happening.  On the other hand, it could be something unique to your computer, especially since you say that your laptop works "just smooth".
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Alfred in "Photo" is not a product name   
    Agreed, if we're talking about general use, but if you refer to "Photo" or "Designer" when posting to these Affinity Forums the meaning should be pretty clear. Similarly it's usually clear from the context that AD is an abbreviation of Affinity Designer rather than Anno Domini, in much the same way as contextual clues will tell you whether MI means "Michigan" or "myocardial infarction".
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MEB in Beta ..   
    Hi DarkClown and others,
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and we certainly don't mind users express them in the forums as long as we all respect each other while doing so. I believe at this point everyone already made their points clear, so I'm closing this thread as I think there's nothing more to add.
    Regarding the issues with the Windows version, we are aware that some users are having problems with it. As stated before the dev team is quite small and is doing their best to fix all reported issues and improve the performance of the program.
    We did have a Beta phase for Affinity apps on Windows where we corrected/fixed most critical issues/problems that were reported at the time the best we could before the release, but due to the huge Windows userbase and infinite number of hardware and software configurations out there, a considerable number of new issues/conflicts/problems were reported after Affinity's release. Since then we have been fixing bugs and solving those issues and are still doing so as they are reported.
    This is somewhat expected as it's the first time the Windows code is running on a high number of hardware configs beyond the beta test phase. Things should get better as we stabilise the code and fix/look at these new reports. This takes time - specially for a relatively small team - but there's no other way to do it other than releasing the code in the wild (we must do it at some point), facing the new issues reported and work to move the application through this first/initial phase until it starts to stabilize. The Mac version is more mature because we started this same process two years ago. So please bear with us while we work on it. 
    For those participating in the forums it may look there's a large number of users having issues but remember there's no other place where they can report them. There's certainly more that are not experiencing any issues at all. 
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from RobertZop in Image when viewed in plugins is rotated   
    https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28190-google-viveza-2-doesnt-work-with-affinity-photo/ , the third post in that thread makes reference to something I am seeing with several plugins:
    Specifically, that the image displayed in the plugin screen, if the original was taken in Portrait mode, will display landscape, i.e the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
    This happens with the PhotoWiz plugins I have and also with Topaz (all I have), NeatImage, all constituents of the free NIK collection, MV's Wire Worm and AKVIS Nature Art.
    I think this was not a problem in the initial beta release, though I may not have had opportunity to test all my available plugins with a Portrait format image.
    Running latest available version of beta,
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Madame in Color Tab   
    Duplicate of https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/36788-color-tab/
    DonS, if you post the same thing twice it becomes very difficult for responders to keep track of what others have said and can lead to the annoyance of "but I've already answered that!".
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from superhawk in Recommended peripherals for Affinity Designer such as large trackpads   
    Perhaps not exactly what you asked for but https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35450-windows-keyboard-shortcut-cheatsheet/?p=174387 gives links to pdf files for keyboard shortcuts for both Photo and Designer, along with a template to allow you to create your own version, I think.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to R C-R in DrawPlus & Affinity Compatibility   
    The staff have explained why this is necessary multiple times. It is because each app has features & functions that the other one does not support; thus there is no way to import a document using them that preserves them. This is not uncommon among vector drawing apps, which is part of the reason interchange formats like SVG & especially PDF exist -- each has a standardized set of specifications for what they support & how that should be formatted.
    The P in PDF stands for "portable," a reference to the portability of files formatted in this format between apps.
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Lai in Image when viewed in plugins is rotated   
    Lai, thank you for this, which does, indeed, resolve this problem.
    However, hopefully the devs will eventually ensure that such an additional step becomes unnecessary!
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Lai in Image when viewed in plugins is rotated   
    Here is a temporary workaround that should work for most photos:
    - Under Layers panel, right click on the image layer that is to be edited with plugin
    - Select Rasterise...
    - Launch plugin
    The image should be in correct orientation now
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    emmrecs01 reacted to fernandolins86 in What exactly is Vector?   
    The split screen is available on Windows too (comma key). Also, if you focus on any side of the split and change the view mode at the top toolbar it will keep it that way. So you can do Vector / Pixels or Pixels / Outlines or Vector / Retina Pixels... you get the idea.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to MattP in New versions or updates?   
    Thanks for everybody's input on this one :) Just to reiterate, version 2 will be a new version, not an update to version 1 - all updates are free and this means within the version you have purchased - this is, as has been pointed out, 100% standard practice for software for the last 20+ years. With regards to upgrade pricing for version 2, well, who knows?... the reality is that our focus is utterly on version 1 and making it into the product we all want it to be. We have not written a single line towards version 2 at this point and I don't imagine that will change for a long time. We set out with the intention of creating fully-featured, professional level software that was fast and fun to use, and we set a price that we thought would be fair so that we could sell it to lots of people and they would all be happy - we intend to keep adding features until it reaches a mature level that we are happy with, then we will start to write version 2...
    If we don't put enough into version 2 to make it an attractive purchase at whatever price we may set, then that is our problem - and we will pay the penalty for it, but that's a long time away before we need to even think about it... ;)
    Incidentally, perhaps somewhat differently to other software companies, the people involved in writing this software actually use it and enjoy it - and we've also all bought it with our own money as soon as it went on sale. We want the same experience as our customers and we have the same expectations. If we did something that wasn't in the customer's best interests then we'd also be letting ourselves down - and I certainly don't want that...
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    emmrecs01 reacted to melanie7 in Dream Skies   
    I tried to download and open the zip file of Dream Skies but my computer said it was not an Affinity Photo file.  What application did you use to open and add this file to Affinity Photo on a Mac?  Or is it not for a Mac?
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from David in Budget Graphics Display Tablet or Wacom for AD & AP   
    David, I very recently bought a HUION 610Pro when Amazon were running a special deal.  I have absolutely no cause to regret the decision to buy; it works perfectly for me in both Photo and Designer, using Win 10.
    Perhaps I need to add that I am no expert with either the programmes or the tablet!
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    emmrecs01 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in APW 1.5.1 update will not install   
    Just to finally update this thread, the uninstall and reinstall worked.  I now have a fully-functioning APW 1.5.1.   :)
    Should anyone else encounter this problem, in addition to the folders I listed in a previous post, I copied the Affinity Photo folder from Program Data and also the complete Affinity Photo program folder.  It seems these latter two  may not have been necessary; simply restoring the data from the AppData/Affinity/Photo folder has returned my install to what I wanted, i.e. any extras/changes to 1.5.0 are now restored to 1.5.1.
    Just one other thing to note: I use Revo Uninstaller Pro to monitor new program installs so was able to use it to fully remove ALL previous data connected with APW.  It certainly found a number of folders and registry entries which the app's own uninstaller failed to remove.
    A happy bunny!! :D  :D
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    emmrecs01 reacted to Fotero in Colour Profiles In Affinity Designer And Photo   
    I don't know is my answer matches your question.  I think the display calibration is for you to see the "real" color, brightness and contrast of the file you are processing. So, you are watching the file as it really is.  Formerly when I was processing a photo but it was too dark, I just increased the brightness of the monitor.  Basically I was faking because the monitor brightness and the real brightness of the file are two different things.
    The printer calibration is to adjust for the variations in the paper, ink combination particular to a given printer.  You need both.
    As far as the edit -> preferences. It is NOT refereeing  to the display profile but to the color space. If you are using Windows 10, the Operating system is already taking care of that.  If you go to Display Setting in Windows 10, find Display Setting ->Advance->color management. Once there find and select the flavor (in this case, your custom color profile). Windows 10 will use this for all programs, not only for Photo. When you turn-off the computer, Windows 10 will automatically select this profile.
    I was using, up to 3 days ago, a Dell U2410 which is pre-calibrated monitor.  Very inexpensive,  but it is a real photo monitor which is 98% compliant with the sRGB specs.  This is an old monitor that I bought about 5 years ago. Superb and does not need the x-rite munki. Alas, it dies as I was installing a new computer. I need to shell out 286.00 dollars for the new model. This new version is cheaper that the U2410 but more modern.  Also, this time around, I am going to connect it to the computer using and HDMI cable for the sake of clarity and fine detail.
    You don't say what computer or OS are you using.  If you are using Windows 8.1.  This is a mess. Windows 10 is more in line with color management.  If you are using Windows 7, it worked for me.  Unfortunately is too old.
    Finally, If I insulted you with this simple answer, please, forgive me. And, if you have any other question, do not hesitate to post it.
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    emmrecs01 reacted to mac_heibu in Colour Profiles In Affinity Designer And Photo   
    Never set a document to your monitor profile!
    The monitor profile compensates the divergences of your individual monitor’s colours from the expected colours. Baking this profile into your document means, that no other monitor can display your document correctly, and – more crucial – every colour conversion, for example for printing purposes will be wrong!
    That means:
    • Your image has a sRGB profile
    • Colormanagement exactly knows the numerical divergences of the sRGB colours to your monitor’s colours and corrects the actual colour rendering according to your monitor’s shortcomings. The image itself remains untouched, as it should be.