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    h_d reacted to GarryP in Meta: removing old attachments   
    Just glad to be of assitance.
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    h_d got a reaction from jmwellborn in Meta: removing old attachments   
    I'd better boost my reputation 
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    h_d reacted to walt.farrell in Meta: removing old attachments   
    If R C-R's hints don't help, I would suggest trying a different browser.
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    h_d reacted to R C-R in Meta: removing old attachments   
    FWIW, I am running Safari on macOS 10.14 on a 27" iMac. I can see the checkboxes but if I reduce the width of the browser window enough, the checkboxes jump to the left, partially overwriting the attachment name:

    You seem to have a different issue but I wonder if you use View > Zoom Out in Safari to fit more into the window the checkboxes will appear for you.
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    h_d got a reaction from jmwellborn in Polish language pack   
    I'm sure it varies from country to country - it's a matter of custom and practice, not of absolute right and wrong. And we do sometimes see hyphenated left-aligned text in the UK. But as an old-school print sub-editor it sets my teeth on edge. Except of course in special cases like 'antidisestablishmentarianism' and 'Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch'  Mind you, if you're being really strict, proper nouns shouldn't be hyphenated even in justified text.
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    h_d got a reaction from jmwellborn in Inserting text on an image   
    @Jim1964 are you able to give an example of what you want to achieve and upload it to the forum? A screen grab from a website or a photo of a magazine page or book cover? At the moment it's quite hard to visualise what you're looking for.
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    h_d reacted to carl123 in Meta: removing old attachments   
    Check with the Affinty staff first, they may allocate you more space
    If you delete attachments that are relevant and useful to the thread it could make those threads useless to other people in the future
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    h_d reacted to walt.farrell in Meta: removing old attachments   
    If you go to My Attachments you can select the attachments using the checkboxes on the right, and once you have one or more selected, you'll see a button at the bottom of the page to delete them:

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    h_d got a reaction from jmwellborn in Bushes download   
    It's worth it!
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    h_d reacted to Fixx in Polish language pack   
    In proper EU languages hyphenation should apply also to left align text! Normal hyphenation controls adjust how much hyphenation is applied and of course it is possible set them so that no hyphenation is visible (unless you use words like "suurtehokolmivaihekilowattituntimittari").
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    h_d reacted to R C-R in Apple Photos round-tripping   
    Apple Photos marks it as 'edited.' Beyond that, it is considerably more complicate than it might seem. For all the gory details you can refer to the Tidbits article The Ins and Outs of Non-destructive Editing in Photos for Mac and iOS, written by the guy who led the team that developed the engine for the Mac version of Apple Photos.
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    h_d got a reaction from walt.farrell in HOW TO ADD REFERENCE IMAGE   
    Window -> Separated Mode:

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    h_d got a reaction from William Overington in Where is Panel Preferences for the Swatches panel please?   
    View menu - Studio - Swatches: 

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    h_d reacted to Callum in From PDF to JPEG   
    When I tried it here it exported each page as an individual JPG, this was using Publisher mind.
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    h_d got a reaction from walt.farrell in Info Panel dimensions blank   
    The Info panel doesn't display image dimensions - they're in the Transform panel. The Help documentation gives a description of what the Info panel does - it's mainly to do with colour sampling.
    If you set and then move a target, you'll see the H, W, D and A values update in the Info panel:

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    h_d reacted to mikerofoto in Color cast   
    -duplicate your layer
    -filter / blur / average
    -invert the layer
    -blend mode to overlay
    can’t remember where I got that but it work.
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    h_d reacted to James Ritson in Raw editing problem with Panasonic RW2   
    Hi all, I believe this was identified and fixed when the beta was first available, I was getting it with my Sony ARW files. I believe it was a mixup with the input colour profile—check out the next beta when it's available and hopefully the issue will be sorted. I'll double check with the developer that the fix was implemented for multiple camera formats and not exclusively for Sony raw files.
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    h_d reacted to Chris B in FFT Denoise filter crashes Beta   
    Hey h_d,
    We had a report of this issue earlier on today so I've logged it with the developers. 
    I only got it the one time and metal compute doesn't seem to affect it. 
    Thanks for letting us know  
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    h_d got a reaction from Chris B in FFT Denoise filter crashes Beta   
    I run FFT Denoise Filter (on a .jpg), drag the brush around, click Apply and Affinity Photo Beta crashes immediately, with no crash report. Re-launching the Beta re-opens the image that I was editing.
    macOS 10.15 on a 2019 15" Retina display MacBook Pro.
    Performance prefs below:

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    h_d got a reaction from Chris B in Affinity Develop extension - raw editing   
    Hi @Chris B
    The original is attached. 
    As far as I can tell, this only.affects Panasonic .rw2 files taken with a previous camera (a Panasonic GX7). When I open them using the Affinity Develop extension, the content is initially so dark that it's almost invisible. I have to boost exposure and then reduce saturation to get an acceptable image. At this point, the Shadows slider has no visible effect on the image.
    This video shows what happens before I get to the stage shown in my original video :

    Screen Recording 2020-01-23 at 16.13.11.mov It may be that the extreme adjustments I'm having to make in the first place are knocking back the shadows so much that the slider doesn't affect them.
    I see the same thing (a very dark image that needs heavy adjustment) if I use the Edit in Affinity Photo extension to open it, or if I export the original image from Apple Photos and open it in Affinity Photo from the Finder.
    It only seems to affect .rw2 files that were taken on the old Panasonic GX7, and only to affect those that have been opened (or exported) from Photos. I've attached one image (the bee) that has been through Apple Photos, and another from the GX7 (a poppy) that never went into Photos but has been sitting around in a Finder folder.
    I've since sold the GX7 and upgraded to a GX9. And images taken with the new camera don't have this issue at all. 
    Hope this helps - happy to provide more info if I can.
    Panasonic GX7 exported from Apple Photos.rw2
    Panasonic GX7 Non-Apple Photos image.RW2
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    h_d reacted to Chris B in Issues with Location panel   
    It's hard to read on my 27" 5k iMac too... We should be able to sort this.
    Oops, I'll let dev know about this too—thanks!
    I think that's the case here. I can easily query it though.
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    h_d got a reaction from Chris B in Issues with Location panel   
    Affinity Photo Beta
    macOS 10.15
    Couple of interface issues with the Location panel in Develop mode:
    On my screen (15" MacBook Pro Retina), Latitude and Longitude are impossible to read in both light and dark modes:     
    (Light mode shows up better in the screen grabs than in the application .)
    The History button referred to in the Help documentation is missing. (Also the panel doesn't set GPS Altitude, but I guess that may not be possible from a 2D map?)
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    h_d got a reaction from Chris B in Metadata panel - EXIF tab: UI glitch   
    Minor detail this one...
    In the EXIF tab of the new Metadata studio panel, the fields are out of alignment. It's most obvious when the UI font size is set to Default, as here:

    But it's also noticeable when the font size is set to Large.
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    h_d got a reaction from IPv6 in Brush stroke modifiers   
    In the Help documentation page "Painting Brush Strokes" - online and macOS Help file - the modifier key for changing flow is given as "press the ⌘ key then a number key":

    In fact the modifier to change flow is the ^(ctrl) key together with a number (not sequentially, as possibly implied by "then"). ⌘ with a number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9) modifies the view magnification. 
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    h_d got a reaction from IPv6 in Inconsistent marching ants   
    When I create a selection that stretches to the full width of any image, the appearance of the marching ants is erratic. Depending on the zoom, they march or disappear from one edge or the image or another. This often makes it difficult to know what is selected and what isn't.
    Movie below. macOS 10.15, Affinity Photo

    Screen Recording 2020-01-18 at 18.10.14.mov Cheers, H
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