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  1. I am trying to make an illusion on a photo and would like to have some suggestions on how to achieve the effect. I want to simulate a slice/knife cut on a photograph. Then I want to be able to place a separate image or an object in the slice to look like it's emerging out of the slice. The slice can be uniform or un-uniform and can appear as jagged, curved, or straight, etc. One way to describe what I am trying to achieve is to use the example of: a letter pulled halfway out of an envelope.
  2. I can't figure out how to increase/decrease the border line size of Artistic Text.
  3. I'm not sure why I merged visible. I was posting to see if I had done things correctly - or - necessary. Ultimately what I was doing was attempting to complete what I worked on and then simply export it as a PNG. Maybe some of the steps I did were not necessary. That's what I'm trying to find out so that I do not make the same unnecessary steps with future documents.
  4. Have I proceeded correctly below? For some reason I feel I did not - EVEN THOUGH - I still achieved my goal of a usable PNG file. Started with document.afphoto Added pixel layer through which I did some clone work Then right clicked the pixel clone layer and left clicked Merge Visible File > Export > PNG > Bilinear > Selection Without Background > Export Was that the correct procedure in step 3 and 4? If I have done wrong, what should I have done and why?
  5. Thanks. I searched and found various threads. Will study. By the way - how does one accomplish the @Dekade in your reply?
  6. Thanks Walt. I really do apologize to the forum. This is the 3rd or 4th time that something has been right in front of me before I posted a new topic. Dang. I can't tell you how many times I clicked on View and then clicked on the expand arrow. I was always expecting to see something to the right expand and then after your reply noticed it expanding to the left. Unbelievable. I have got to learn to slow down! Additionally, I've been using the "Dark" UI Style. I love the way the screen looks. Maybe it's screwing me up. I think I'll try the "Light" UI Style for awhile. Anyway, thanks again. And also . . . for the 64bit clarity.
  7. Is there a keyboard shortcut in Windows (v10 64bit) to recenter the document in the open window?
  8. That's the direction I want to go for sure. Now I'll watch the video and see if I can duplicate the process onto the object chosen for the texture.
  9. I want to be able to add them, darken them, lighten them, color adjust, etc. where I feel needed as I create the item of focus in the chosen layer.
  10. Thanks. How would I then work the different areas that result in wrinkles, creases, folds, and shading from shadows/sun/etc.?
  11. Part 1 - I would like to know some ideas on how to go about creating a realistic denim look/texture like the fabric on blue jeans. I am finding it difficult because of how denim varies in shading throughout a swatch of denim. Part 2 - I then want to place this texture onto a layer on a section of a photo. Would I better off applying the look/texture in AP or should I bring the photo into AD? Should I do the addition as a raster or as a vector for the best results?
  12. Sorry about that firstdefence - I was on XP-Pen's website and just now noticed your products are XP's. Now I feel dumb.
  13. Hi firstdefence. It seems as though you might be leaning toward Artist products since you have two of them. Is that the case? Additionally, could you elaborate on the XP-Pen product line? I have seen that they are releasing a Deco Pro Medium on July 10th. It interests me and it seems to have a few people really liking it. Also if you had to pick one of the three pens you mentioned above which one would it be, and why? And finally, which one of the pens do you feel is performing the best in Affinity Photo/Designer, and why? AD and AF are the only apps I will be really using a pen; henceforth, that is why I'm trying to get some feedback on performance relative only to Affinity.
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