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  1. Thank you very much both, I have just two other small questions: - If I modify a PDF export preset (for example I change the setting for the compression) will it revert to defaults when I create a new project? - I have opened an Indesign file (IDML format), that's all ok, but the page margins are of the Indesign color (purple) and not of the Affinity Publisher color (black), is it ok and normal? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I usually create PDF files with Affinity Publisher for Windows, these files are usually made up of text, imported SVG and PDF files. There are no images, the file will be then shared both digitally and printed (at home). I usually opt for the first preset, "PDF (for print)". Is it ok? In addition, is there a way to put metadata into the file when exporting? (I mean author and title of PDF). Thank you!
  3. Hi Walt, it solved the problem. I just deleted the license file (which was the old one) and it asked for a new one once I started again the program. There was also a "Common" folder in Program Data but it was made up of empty folders and I left it there Also I believe that the new installation would have overwritten any remnants of the old one, except the license file. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I recently bought 1 license for each of your products for Windows (Photo, Designer and Publisher). The PC on which I installed the programs was previously used by another person who had his own Affinity Publisher license, who uninstalled the software more than one year ago. I also deleted the affinity folder in appdata/roaming before installing the programs. The "problem" is that, after installing Photo and Designer, the authorization wizard asked for the product key, for Designer it asked only for logging into my Affinity account and not for the product key. Then I installed all additional contents and also if I go to my account all 3 programs show in the authorized software tab. But I was wondering if if there is a way to check on which serial key Affinity Publisher has been authorized. I installed first Designer and it asked for product key/email; then installed Publisher and it asked just to log in into my account; finally I installed Photo and it asked for product key/email. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you very much! Just a last question, to add points I usually double click, what is the shortcut to add points?
  6. Hi, thank you very much, I understood how to work on several curves at the same time thanks to your suggestion and I was able to bend the lines with the procedure I described in the previous post + your advice. But if I try to bend the line, even single, with your procedure the 4 points do not appear on the line and I get the attached result, why? I am using the nodes tool with transformation mode enabled.
  7. Hello, I am totally new to the world of affinity designer and I am using the trial version. I was able to transform the first image into the second creating the points double clicking, selecting the points, then selecting 'convert to uniform' and finally bending the lines. Everything is ok, but I had to do it one line at a time, is there a way to bend the two lines at the same time? Thank you very much!
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