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    loukash got a reaction from StevenR in AP 1.7.0 crashes on Mountain Lion   
    I'm happy to report that the App Store version 1.7.1 now runs on Mountain Lion again. Thanks!
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    loukash reacted to Dema in Feature Request: Affinity PHOTO, resize document   
    It would be convenient when changing the document size automatically recalculate the size (for non pixel units) <-> DPI as in Photoshop when "Resample" is disabled:   The dialog might look something like this:

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    loukash reacted to Grayhem in Vector 'Filters' and 'effects'   
    A feature that still gives Illustrator a slight edge over AF is the vector 'filters' and 'effects' - things that change the appearance of the vector paths [ which can then be 'expanded' into curves if need be.]

    For instance there is a simple 'roughen' effect [or filter] that can be applied to the vector shapes in illustrator

    Another example is the powerful feature of the 'transform' effect. see image

    Any thoughts?
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    loukash reacted to Peregrin in Roughen Curves   
    I know I've suggested a similar feature, but all this talk of smoothing curves brought this up in my mind; in addition to a tool to smooth a curve, Affinity Designer should also have the opposite.  I am of course referring to Midpoint Displacement, which would allow illustrators to make non-uniform curves more easily than having to draw each node individually.

    Being able to smooth curves is indeed important, but as it is, it's really hard to produce a line that doesn't look uniform, and a roughening tool to add pseudorandom midpoint displacement would make illustrating much less time-consuming.

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