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    Husbandman reacted to walt.farrell in Straight Single Quotes   
    I've noticed that, too. I'm not sure anyone has reported that as a bug.
    The only workaround is to hit Ctrl+Z immediately after typing a ' which will "undo" the auto-correction.
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Old Bruce in Save Develop Setting with File   
    Without the ability to save the develop settings with the RAW file makes Affinity Photo nearly worthless for professional use. The user can spend a long time adjusting the develop setting and may not even be satisfied with the results and wants to come back to it later. Or a client may want a tweak to the adjustments. It appears now you have to commit to the settings or start all over. I know a profile can be saved but that is to difficult when working with many files.
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Seneca in Table Editing   
    All I can do is create a table. I cannot change the size of the columns or rows. Cannot add or delete. The instruction says "Hover over an existing row or column and click on the arrow icon to display the following options" There is no arrow icon. 
    I am on a Mac. Version
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Jowday in Setting Default Font in Designer   
    Is there a way to change the default font Arial to another font? I have a font our company uses all the time and it would be nice to open a new document and that font is already selected.
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Rich313 in Locking Guides   
    Designer still does not have these I was sure by this time Publisher would. In my opinion, the guides are worthless if they cannot be locked because it is so easy to move them. Is this really that hard to program into the software?
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    Husbandman reacted to Jim_A in Find & Replace with nothing / Soft return / Bullets   
    - Find / Replace is broken at the moment (can't paste some invisible characters; can't replace with nothing; magnifying glass under Find is missing in Mac version, etc). I'm going to wait for a later beta release before I use it.
    - I think I had to manually add the soft return shortcut as shift-return by going to Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Text (popup) > Insert > Line Break. (see screenshot)
    - Bulleted lists are best set up as a style. Create a new style, then select the Bullets and Numbering tab. The distance between the bullet and text can be altered using the Tabstop value. (see screenshot)

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    Husbandman got a reaction from SillyWalk in Find & Replace with nothing / Soft return / Bullets   
    First of all, I think it is a great application. What I have used so far is really nice. Great Job!
    I needed to replace a bullet character with nothing. I could not get find and replace to do that. It wanted a character in the replace box. I wanted to do a soft return on a hanging indent/bullet and it just created a new paragraph line. I am using a Mac and usually shift return gives a soft return. I cannot figure out how to reduce or increase the distance from the bullet to the first character.
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    Husbandman reacted to leshido in Affinity Designer - Resize container without changing content   
    Not sure if that's what you mean, but at the top bar you have a checkbox labeled "Lock Children". Checking it with the parent rectangle selected should allow you to scale it without causing transformation to any element within it.
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    Husbandman reacted to maskwrestler in Find and Replace Text   
    If an app offers text, there should be a find and replace text option.  If you haven't notice; it's the year of 2018.
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    Husbandman got a reaction from maskwrestler in Find and Replace Text   
    Find and Replace text is found in every piece of software I have ever used. This is like forgetting to include undo. You should be embarrassed to not have added this by now. Put Publisher on hold and fix what you are selling.
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    Husbandman reacted to Sean P in JPEG Export Stuck ...... HELP!!!   
    In addition to what Oval has said you really shouldn't be making a 52x24ft banner at 300 dpi. That is a pixel size of 189,720 x 88,560; JPG only supports up to 65,535 × 65,535 pixels so what you are trying to do is physically impossible for that file format.

    I would also suggest you properly speak to your printers about your needs as 300dpi is only needed for items that are inspected up close (as in photographs or pictures in books). Images that are to be viewed from a distance can be as low as 72dpi!
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    Husbandman reacted to petriknz in Find and Replace Text   
    I'm shocked at the basic features missing from Affinity software, this is a classic example. First mentioned 2014, now it's 2018 and still not added nor is there any sign of Publisher, Beta or otherwise.
    Also simple bullets and numbered lists isn't available. Hopefully I don't find too many more basic functions missing as I am really starting to regret my decision to swap from Adobe to Affinity at this point in time.
    To top of the misery I need to purchase everything twice to cover myself both on Windows and Mac.
    It's been a real disappointment so far.
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    Husbandman reacted to v_kyr in Layer across multiple artboards   
    Make the logos associated (synced) symbols and place them on the artboards, then whenever you hide one of them via a click on any artboard in the layers panel it also hides on the other artboards where the same associated symbol is used. This way you can toggle the two logos on/off on several artboards at once (with just one layer panel click).
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Alfred in How to expand an object   
    Thanks that worked great.
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    Husbandman reacted to Alfred in How to expand an object   
    When you 'Convert to Curves' a text layer, the result is a group. You need to ungroup the group before you can 'Expand Stroke'.
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    Husbandman got a reaction from Fixx in Force Line Break   
    One of the things I love about Designer is it stand way of doing things, but this one is totally off, because every program I have used, Mac or PC has used shift-return. Anyway it is there.
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    Husbandman reacted to PixelPest in Overlay 3D image in view as seen on Promo Video   
    Unfortunately (and unfair) this can´t be done in AD only. See here:https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25846-packaging3d-mockups
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    Husbandman got a reaction from nohnigeMumhn73 in Overlay 3D image in view as seen on Promo Video   
    On the promo video, it shows artwork being designed in one window and it being overlayed on a shoe that is 3D. I have tried to find how this is done. Any suggestions?
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    Husbandman reacted to Dave Harris in Force Line Break   
    Control-Return, or Edit => Insert Character => Line Break.
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