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  1. Maybe this work for you: DashedLineErase.afphoto
  2. He starts in Pen node - but clicks&hold alt key to change it on the fly to Polygon mode as he goes.
  3. Have you checked out this video? https://vimeo.com/192092495 Cheers
  4. Maybe you can do something with artboards&Symbols: Good night. Cheers P.
  5. The "Transform" tab doesn´t help you along?
  6. For longer text it will work as well - even during typing:
  7. Never heard of? https://www.gimp.org
  8. That is something I´m used to use GIMP for: Convert selection to Path->save to SVG. Love it.
  9. Or doubleclick on its icon in the Layers panel. Cheers
  10. That´s a normal behaviour afaik. If you want to snap to that path you can align the stroke to the inside or you take another parametric shape like a donut: Cheers
  11. "ai" is a closed source file format. Have you tried PDF or EPS instead? I thought Rhino can read SVG - seems not the case. Cheers
  12. You can group the shapes and use it as a mask for any content if that´s what you want:
  13. Mmmh - maybe try this: Sunny.afdesign Cheers
  14. Bear with me will you? I was reading the email notification and didn´t noticed you´re editing your post - that´s the reason for my reply: