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  1. Selecting the bottom point, break curve, drag select the now 2 points and delete will do as well. But why not using the Segment Tool instead?
  2. As for drawing shapes onto one layer there´s an option for the Pen Tool:
  3. Another very convenient thing Serif simply ignore is the macOS wide file path displayable at the window header via ctrl-click I can´t live without:
  4. I believe it´s this here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nsfontmanager
  5. As per Aug. 17th 2021 this question goes directly to Serif why not using the regarding Apple API. I'm now working with a "favourite " list, which means to put new fonts onto that list - sucks less than scrolling a bazillion Notos.
  6. Sorry for the confusion - I cropped that snap a bit too tight; it's actually the font menu of Pixelmator Pro as a reference how the Noto madness got tamed when using/implement macOS features.
  7. Well - "… that's what happens when you create your own font management instead of the one provided by macOS." That was the answer of an Apple evangelist in their support forums. While some applications that follow their guidelines only show a total of 5 Noto fonts due to the support of multiple languages, these fonts don't show up at all in Apple's own apps because of the language settings in System-Preferences.
  8. I've shown that several times. Not on my Mac right now - but I can link to a Gif I once made, which shows the result: Maintain Path length left is the original Path and on the right it's placed as single pattern along a path which you can alter and the pattern will follow accordingly. If there's anything else regarding Inkscape let me know.
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