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  1. Have you been through these 2 tutorials already? Sky replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMuDrINI2mg Refining selection: https://vimeo.com/375908308 (the reflected color of the water doesn´t match the actual sky which looks weird - just saying)
  2. Just 2 weeks my friend - or not during deadlines at least like I trapped in last time. Or are you the first to update your macOS?
  3. As for that, I've been healed of automatic updates on macOS since the disaster with version 1.8, so I'm waiting 2 weeks until the intrepid ones have written and published all their reports. 😬
  4. Why workaround? Do we have to double click to insert a new node with release of 1.8.4? (and not sure why he wants to break the path as it has Pressure enabled and will start over at that place)
  5. Mmmh - tested with different settings - and even with mm/cm/m and ° set to zero I have an exact spacing. Maybe a file with history saving enabled will shade into some light: EllipseOnFullCircle.afdesign
  6. I don´t take AD as a CAD suite with a missing "C" - but even for graphic/UI/web design you need at least px as a size that matters in rounded corners. Just saying. 😉
  7. Ah - I see. But why these settings are just percental and not metric or imperial or other values escapes me as I´m constantly need this for "technically" drawing purposes.
  8. Yes, it is for me as I have not come across that feature in 3 decades I´m making vector drawings... and as we know "basic" should imply "easy-to-implement". 😉
  9. In which SVG editor except AI (can´t proof it) is this a "basic" feature?
  10. I know - that´s the reason I asked. Then it might be out of interest the brush gets not mirrored and just needs to run "backwards" - so to speak.
  11. Just in case you want a more robust and easy way to draw this shape in a matter of seconds you can try this:
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