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  1. PixelPest


    I believe there's a scientific paper on why it doesn't work while others just do it:
  2. PixelPest


    Yes - but this was by accident. SO then it´s just snapping to bounding box and middle of bounding box:
  3. PixelPest


    You can establish Guides with the Node tool - so you will see the points - but I find the behaviour rather inconsistent:
  4. You need to pull it out of the trash to get the More Info: I don´t get why you trashed it at all as you pay for it and it seems hard to find and if something go wrong how to restore the app then?
  5. Did you trash the new DMG after installing? If not the Download-link can be retrieved via Info box->further Information-> Source
  6. Is this the version you´re talking about? https://www.painterartist.com/en/support/updates/?topNav=en#ptr-2019
  7. I thought Painter2019 isn´t compatible with Catalina at all - just up to 10.13 (HighSierra): https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035988073
  8. I wished I know what you´re aiming for but I have no clue. Maybe I´m just lost in translation. One last try for me:
  9. That is what I asked you already.
  10. Why not try it yourself? And "enabling Transform origin" isn´t working for you? I have no clue what you´re aiming for. Cheers
  11. Point transform tool don´t work for you?
  12. When Corel acquired GravitDesigner which was free for years, they turn it into a Pro version by taking some features from the still available free version, added to a "Pro-verson" and go subscription; so 99$ is 1 year for that version (only works when connected to the internet).
  13. I already know that neither quadratic/cubic-Bézier-Curves/splines nor NURBS can describe perfect circles with 4 anchor points for instance. But all I´m hearing is that you´re saying what works since its invention in the 1960ties and used in computer graphics and for bazillions of TrueType/Postscript/Type1/2/3/OpenType fonts, in CAD/CAM, vector-graphic editors etc will not work in an Affinity.app. If that is true I´m waisting my time here. I often need partial circles for animation purpose as splines: and all I want for partial circles now. (Aside 9 other things AD can´t do for me but Inkscape will; Inkscape user since 2004. Responsive and listening developer; bugs are fixed within a day if not an hour in my experience. Adjustable/rotatable/lockable ruler/guides, real tangents, interpolation between splines for guilloché-like pattern, path offsets, Spiro curves, Envelope/Lattice-Deformation, Cloning by formula, Pattern along Path, Mirror Symmetry, Dimensions+measure Paths, Bend, quick+reliable auto-tracer, (for complex selection-to-SVG I use GIMP) Access to XML structure.) All the best. P. 6 Examples from Intaglio, Inkscape, Gravit Designer, LibreOffice/Draw, EazyDraw, FreeHand
  14. You are kidding aren't you? It has been available since my early days as a Freehand.alpha tester more than 30 years ago and no other vector app I have in my portfolio is missing this feature.

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