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  1. And did you read my post? I can tell already by the file size that there´s something wrong with it. BTW it´s almost 80k nodes. Just for the record. Oh - and I'm getting tired of how long we've been put off regarding more robust svg output.
  2. Mmmh - that is strange; I tested before suggesting. Mandala.svg
  3. I just was trying to find the equivalent tool like in GIMP. The Selection Brush tool should offer also the "Refine" button. Is it there?
  4. I don´t have the issue neither in Inkscape or Intaglio. The underlying maths needs more love as stated and reviewed all over this forum. Cheers
  5. Click on "Refine" to get to the additional options. Cheers
  6. When there´s not the slightest overlapping no "cutting" will happen. Here´s to an easier more robust/reliable way: And here´s a quicker way with 2 squares: 1. draw square 2. double and round corners - bake corners 3. select both and call Boolean subtract then Divide right after - 4 corner parts: Cheers
  7. Affinity Photo: Flood selection tool comes to mind:
  8. I don´t get the picture - maybe like so?
  9. Not sure if this helps - but overflowing text is marked with a "crossed" red eye: Cheers
  10. Then maybe a simple gaussian blur layer effect will do: ... and there are 4 types of gradients - not just linear. Cheers
  11. Try export SVG (for web). It will plot curves per pixel resolution it seems. Cheers
  12. It´s in Affinity Photo. Cheers
  13. AD uses bounding boxes or points to snap - no tangential aligning support afaik - when there´s no point you can use the "point transform tool" to generate one: Maybe this helps. Cheers