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  1. How do you add Hyperlinks in Affinity Designer? I´m just using it in Affinity Publisher so far.
  2. I´d go with the Layer Effect=3D: But there´s no "Long Shadow" feature - just the standard "Outer Shadow" in Affinity Designer/Photo which will make the design seems to float above the surface.
  3. Couldn't you just upload a simple SVG exported from Affinity Designer (maybe incl the AD file accordingly) which doesn't preview on your system for us to check?
  4. I believe the "Difference" Blend mode works better than "Negation" for the "SLICE" objects when you measure the color values. You can turn off the "Gradient Map Adjustment" to see how the Rectangle looks without.
  5. Just a wild guess: is there enough space on the target drive? And saving as Affinity file works?
  6. You could try linear gradients on fill and a reversed on stroke. Saved with history. Funny file title typo included: DiabonallyGradientFill.afdesign
  7. Same experience here with OTF+TTF. Seems a bug a to me as other SVG editors don´t have a problem with a conversion to curves plus adding strokes etc. Appears with Contour tool, Expand Stroke, export to PDF with Text-to-path set up. Stroke placements other then "Centre" are non SVG-conform features and will be converted into color filled shapes incl. mentioned issues.
  8. Not 100% sure. Could be GothamExtraNarrow - but pretty sure just a clone by all the noise it´s producing.
  9. Seems the whole font is a mess. Pretty sure you´ll find double nodes or too close nodes in these spots.
  10. I have no idea where it came from nor where it will go. I, on the other hand, would stay in vector as long as possible.
  11. Sure it has "nice" details: but these are vector based as with any outline font. If you want this "blurry" look add Layer Effects->GaussianBlur to it.
  12. Ich habs nur so "visuell" deutlich angelegt - das kannst ändern wie Du es brauchst. Ich kenne die Spezifikationen nicht.
  13. I didn´t understand - unless it´s a raster image already - then of course my suggestion don´t make sense.
  14. Is this probably a copyrighted file? Just asking. "%%For: (Shelley Carter) ()"
  15. If it´s still a font annd you want it in vector I´d go: 1. Convert to curves 2. select glyph and go Layer->Geometry->Separate curves 3. Deselect inner part and hit backspace to delete remaining parts:
  16. I don´t get where the issue is - as with N.P.M. the Point Transform Tool is all it needs imho:
  17. Das Chaos (bedingt durch die "Herstellung" der Form - mach mal Geometry->Separate Curves) findet sich in SVG+PDF Export wieder - und "Align Stroke=Outside" ist nicht SVG-konform und wird den Export nicht überleben.
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