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  1. Nice looking Job. Well done.
  2. How Awesome. Thanks for the hard work.
  3. bumz


    Very nice, thank you
  4. I see what you are looking at, the focus is off. But again, without knowing the processes that where done, it is hard to give any feedback or corrective actions. Looking at your pics at 100% & 200%, I see that the histograms are completely different, kind of indicating some process took place. This could be something in either PS or Affinity that is automatic on import. Just some thoughts.
  5. bumz

    200 Vector Gradients

    Awesome, thank you
  6. bumz

    Xmas texture styles 1+2

    Thank you, these are great!!!
  7. I have the same issue. Running the App Store version of Affinity Photo on the beta of iOS 11. Can not load my photo from dropbox. I can open dropbox within Affinity Photo and the photo downloads, but it does not import into Affinity.
  8. Thank you for the video & macro. Very Nice application within Affinity Photo.
  9. bumz

    Nik Collection Tutorials

    How awesome, thanks
  10. bumz

    Luminosity Masks

    Thank you for the work on these. I will give them a try.
  11. Nice .... well done. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more videos from you.
  12. It means that your image has been modified.
  13. Also make sure the layer is not locked.